Drinking ChocolateDrinking Chocolate843076000235Indulge your chocolate cravings with Lakanto Sugar-Free, Probiotic Drinking Chocolate. Our specialty cocoa exhibits unique color and flavor characteristics that come from the world's finest cocoa beans. Our blend is sweetened to perfection with LAKANTO Monk Fruit Sweetener, enhanced with natural vanilla flavors, and fortified with probiotics for a well-balanced and smooth drinking chocolate.10 oz pouch
Not chocolatey enough - by The monkfruit is very strong and is the dominant flavor, so it doesn’t really taste like hot chocolate to me. I mixed it with some cacao powder I had bought from thrive and that helped make it more chocolatey.
I enjoyed it - by I liked it in my almond milk, my daughter didn't really like it.
Love it!!! - by This makes the best chocolate milk ever! And even better it’s low carb just mix it with almond milk !
Sweet but… - by It’s very sweet but it doesn’t taste like “hot chocolate” it doesn’t taste like chocolate at all.
Mixes okay, tastes GREAT. - by You have to really put in the work to get this to blend well, but if you're willing to stir a heck of a lot, it tastes like straight up bad-for-you-but-delicious chocolate milk.

Drinking Chocolate

10 oz pouch
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