Magnesium Oil Night SprayMagnesium Oil Night Spray645951360133Rest easy and give your body extra restorative sleep with a few sprays of Life-Flo Magnesium Oil Night Spray before bed. With a pure source of magnesium from the Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands, this ancient mineral absorbs easily and has been seen to help calm the body and soothe aching, tired muscles and joints. With added lavender oil.8 oz spray bottle
Relaxing and unwinding - by This is the perfect muscle relaxer after an Epsom salt bath. Smell is light, but so soothing.
Sticky but great - by This does leave a weird sticky residue on your skin and I didn't love using it as a spray at all, but I found an excellent use for it mixed with sea salt and used as a body scrub! Using it this way made my skin so soft and muscles relaxed. I would buy it again for this use if it didn't come in a plastic bottle.
Great Magnesium spray. Works fast on Charlie horses and s... - by I had a shin splint in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, I had earlier in the day received my order with this in it. Four or five sprays and rubbed it in and it worked! Was able to return to sleep.
Burns n Stings my Skin - by This product is super concentrated and it burns and stings my skin. It's not the good kind of tingle from most pain relieving products. It's a painful burning sensation and it hurts. So far it's only happened when I put it on my neck area. Not the other parts of my body. Needless to say I won't be using it on my neck which needs it the most. I'll only be using from below the neck. I wouldn't recommend this product and would like to return it.
Stings! - by Causes a burning sensation on my skin. I’ve tried multiple times and have to wash it off every time

Magnesium Oil Night Spray

8 oz spray bottle$1.60/oz