Activated Superfood Cereal, Blueberry BlastActivated Superfood Cereal, Blueberry Blast813700020007Wake up to something new! Every bite of Living Intentions' Blueberry Blast Superfood Cereal contains blueberries, sweet currants and the superfood goodness of exotic berries like acai, maqui, and elderberry. Enjoy with your favorite milk, sprinkled on yogurt, in smoothies or on oatmeal.9 oz pouch
Healthy granola - by If you're into the more healthy of the granolas this one is good.
I mix it with other oats I had - by It was really good ! I tried it for the first time a few days ago and notice that it does have ingredients that are very soothing for people with sensitive tummys.
So good! - by I really love this cereal
Very good - by Great ingredients, and not too much sugar! I won’t buy it all the time because of the cost, but it’s something I would buy again to splurge.
Love this - by This is an incredible add in for smoothie bowls works great as granola
Living Intentions
Living Intentions

Activated Superfood Cereal, Blueberry Blast

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