Organic Everyday Dal - Green Split Peas + Spinach + CoconutOrganic Everyday Dal - Green Split Peas + Spinach + Coconut891756000457Maya Kaimal's Everyday Dals are inspired by the lentil dishes cooked in a variety of ways by Indians worldwide. They've been given a fresh twist through the use of Maya's favorite mouth-watering ingredients. Everyday Dals can be eaten on their own or with your favorite food. They can be poured over steamed rice or quinoa and topped with yogurt and herbs. Serve them as part of a meal with veggies, chicken, fish or anything. This thick green split pea dal is enriched with spinach and coconut and seasoned with cumin and brown mustard seeds. It's an update of Maya Kaimal's very own South Indian family's recipe.10 oz pouch
work go to - by this is the perfect thing to stash in my desk for a delicious lunch at work. The flavor is good and I feel good about the ingredients
Great lunchable - by Not overpowering and very easy to heat and eat. It’s a go with
Great for Lunches - by I love getting these pouches for weekday lunches. So easy but tastes complex and with an applesauce pouch or granola bar, I’m full through the afternoon. Tastes great! My only complaint is that it isn’t the prettiest food ever, but everything else about it is excellent.
great - by I love this
Very yummy! - by Creamy and yummy!
Maya Kaimal
Maya Kaimal

Organic Everyday Dal - Green Split Peas + Spinach + Coconut

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