Organic Freeze Dried RaspberriesOrganic Freeze Dried Raspberries812907011153With nothing else but love, these organic crunchy and ohhh so sweet freeze-dried raspberries have kept all their nutritional benefits. We have selected the ripest and tastiest raspberries to bring you this healthy and delicious snack. At home or on the go, Natures All Foods freeze-dried raspberries are perfect as an office snack, added to your favorite cereals, or in your kids lunchbox.1.3 oz pouch
Yummy - by Very tart and great in cereal
Great addition to Breakfast - by This is perfect to add into granola or oatmeal in the morning. New favorite!
Too tart & off texture when rehydrated - by These Natierra Organic Freeze Dried Raspberries were too tart, texture was crisp like a chip, and did not rehydrate well in milk or water as freeze dried fruit should. We recently enjoyed organic raspberries from Whole Foods and rehydrated FD'd strawberries in coconut milk. My search for organic freeze dried fruits led me to Natierra on Thrive Market & I enrolled as a new member for this purchase. My family did not enjoy these and ended up using the raspberries in our standard plain oatmeal/kale/flax/fresh pear/raisins (all organic) topped with cooked egg just so the package did not go to waste. It was still so tart- and we consume very little added sugars... just fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, and drink mainly water/plain cow/unsweetened alternative milks (coffee for adults). This bag would be enjoyable as a snack for those who like expensive tart fruit-flavored puffs/chips, not eating fresh fruit (which may be the company's intent). Will not purchase this item again.
Gone in a day! - by Wow. I was very impressed by this snack. I would buy these in bulk if I could. These raspberries are also my daughter’s favorite aside from the strawberries. She ate the whole bag in a few hours. I tried putting them away in the pantry and she stood by it crying for more until I caved! I emphasis healthy eating and snacking in my house and I love knowing she is having a Whole Foods snack opposed to another void of nutritional value. I felt good having her snack on these. I also love that they are freeze dried because fresh raspberries do not last long in the fridge and it’s great to have some on hand to toss in my yogurt, granola or take them on the go. As far as taste goes, they are more on the tart side than sweet and had a puff consistency. My mistake was not ordering more than one bag! Will purchase again once back in stock!
Rasp - by They’re good, a little on the tart side
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Organic Freeze Dried Raspberries

1.3 oz pouch$4.45/oz
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