Longevity Blend, Cacao and ReishiLongevity Blend, Cacao and Reishi811961021986Known as the “mushroom of immortality,” reishi mushroom is an adaptogen—a type of superfood that may help balance your body’s energy, stress response, immunity, and other systems. Cacao+ Longevity Blend is a delicious mix of organic, minimally processed cacao and medicinal reishi mushroom powder, and an ideal 1:1 swap for unsweetened cocoa powder.8 oz pouch
LOVE! Great addition to my coffee - by I add a teaspoon to my morning coffee, along with Lion’s Mane and it has done amazing things for my mental clarity and energy. Highly recommend!
A nice addition - by I add this to my morning smoothies. It is a great addition to my morning routine. We all need a little boost to our immune systems.
Pantry Staple - by I love adding this to smoothies or making a healthy hot chocolate .
Love the combo - by Using it in smoothies and coffee alternate
There’s better cacao out there - by Just meh
Navitas Organics
Navitas Organics

Longevity Blend, Cacao and Reishi

8 oz pouch$1.37/oz
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