Pili Nut Butter, Keto ClassicPili Nut Butter, Keto Classic857703008204Here's a sustainable nut butter perfect for your keto-friendly pantry. Pili Hunters uses fair trade pili nuts, coconut butter, and extra virgin coconut oil to create its creamy spread, which contains no preservatives or added sugar.8 oz jar
DELICIOUS - by When we want to splurge, this is what we get. It’s phenomenal.
magical stuff - by The first time I tried this stuff, I thought to myself "this is kind of bland - nothing special." It was reminiscent of raw macadamia nut butter to me. But in the following days, I found myself craving it. I can't explain it. Anyway this stuff is addicting I love it.
Keto and tasty - by I know it’s super expensive, so I don’t buy it often. Bottom line I’ve been doing keto forever and I need options. Instead of an expensive meal out, I buy this as a treat. Yummy and it fills me when I have cravings for carbs!
Excellent for keto - by I love pili nuts. High fat, low carb. This is an easy option for a quick snack. The chocolate is very good as well
Mild to sweet - by This was pleasant and mild. I enjoyed baking with it to make flourless brownies. Highly recommend.
Pili Hunters
Pili Hunters

Pili Nut Butter, Keto Classic

8 oz jar$1.62/oz
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