California Extra Virgin Avocado OilCalifornia Extra Virgin Avocado Oil856769006087PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is the first ever avocado oil made from 100% California premium avocados, freshly picked and immediately pressed for the highest quality and richest flavor. Why Extra Virgin Avocado Oil? Extra Virgin means the oil undergoes minimal processing to keep flavor and aroma molecules intact for a nutrient-dense, healthful oil. You can literally see this superfood’s nutrients reflected in its emerald green color! It’s a healthful addition to all your favorite culinary creations.8.5 oz bottle
Spoiled before exp date - by Very strong unpleasant flavor, not the neutral flavor expected, a year before exp date
Question... - by Is it just me or does avocado oil taste awful?! It was so strong an overpowering in aroma that I didn't bother adding the veggies to the pan and wiped it clean, twice. Disclaimer: In all fairness, I did not read or research what temp it should, if any, be heated to.
Best avocado oil - by Best tasting avocado oil on the market. Has a light green color. Great finishing oil, even better on salads. So delicious.
Very strong old avocado taste - by I loved the sound of sun kissed California avocados, but this tastes like the sort of sun kissed avocado that sat outside in the dumpster for a few days. I will not buy again and was tempted to ask for refund!
Excellent - by Very good
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Primal Kitchen

California Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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