Seasoning Pouch, AdoboSeasoning Pouch, Adobo016745137369One of Primal Palate's favorite spice blends, Adobo is versatile, and brings all sorts of dishes to life. Try it on grilled meats and sautéed vegetables. Each bag holds 3 bottles’ worth of the blend, making it the perfect way to stay stocked up on the blends you use the most.7.8 oz resealable bag
Great seasoning - by I love this seasoning. It's perfect for breakfast eggs, on rice, greens, avocado, pretty much anything!
Delicious - by Literally the best adobo seasoning out there!! We stock up on bags of this!
The BOMB - by Listen, I have such a picky husband when it comes to chicken. He is all about the red meat, pasta and beer man. However, i am trying to get him to eat healthier... With this seasoning, i can place it on chicken, fish, shrimp on the grill, and OMG does it taste DEVINE. and its a WIN WIN for me, since hubby the chicken and shrimp... SUCCESS!
good on everything - by This is a versatile all purpose seasoned salt. It’s great on roasted veggies, in dressings, wherever.
Very versatile - by This is a delightful seasoning that complements many dishes. I put it in almost anything that isn't sweet! Gives a "body" without overwhelming a dish.
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Seasoning Pouch, Adobo

7.8 oz resealable bag$2.31/oz
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