Grass Fed Beef Bone BrothGrass Fed Beef Bone Broth869820000405Primalvore's Collagen Peptide Boosted Bone Broth Supplement was created specifically for Dogs and their needs. Their joint health mobility formula bone broth for dogs will put a pet in your pup's step.12 fl oz pouch
Poor Labeling - by I, as well as a few others as seen in the reviews, had mistakenly purchased this product thinking it was for humans. There should be clear indication on the packaging and the title that states it is for pets. I searched "Beef Bone Broth" and this was one of the top results, nothing mentioned about for dogs in the title, and the labeling isn't clear unless you really take time to read it. I will be sure to look more carefully when ordering products in the future, but would appreciate more clear labeling when products are for pets. Maybe separating Pet products from the normal search, so they aren't mixed in with the rest of the products for humans.
For dogs? Oops - by I too mistakingly bought for our pet-free household from typing in "organic gluten free beef broth" in the search bar. I'm sure it's tasty for a dog. Just now need to locate one…
My dogs favorite - by I add this to my dog's kibble, making a beef gravy he loves!
The dogs were happy - by I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t notice that this is intended for dogs. My friends’ pups were super happy for dinner that day, I am told.
Primlvore grass fed bone broth - by I like it very much , very good

Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth

12 fl oz pouch$0.61/fl oz