Pear, Carrot & Beet Baby Food PouchesPear, Carrot & Beet Baby Food Pouches00815367010315Peter Rabbit fruit and veggie pouches are like smoothies for kids, but in fun packaging that won’t let them in on the secret that they’re eating something good for them. Each BPA-free pouch blends a mix of 100% organic pear, carrot, and beet puree and has no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It’s resealable and great for on-the-go too!10 pouches (4.4 oz each)
Very good - by These were super good, the beet flavor wasn’t too strong. I like taking these with me to a swim meet. I can take sips between events and I never get stomach aches or feel stuffed while I swim.
A favorite - by I used to take these as a snack to grad school classes. Now my toddler and I both have them for snack. They are convenient, yummy and somewhat healthy. I just wish there were some all veggie versions. It’s also an expensive snack.
Great - by Great flavor. My kids loved these. I even snagged a couple for myself :)
Kids - by Kids love them!
Very Good and Smooth Texture! - by Don't let the fruit/veggie combinations fool you. These are perfect for on-th-go and for my sensitive digestive system.
Pumpkin Tree Organics
Pumpkin Tree Organics

Pear, Carrot & Beet Baby Food Pouches

10 pouches (4.4 oz each)$1.80/pouch
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