Classic Sours Deli Style Pickle SpearsClassic Sours Deli Style Pickle Spears184706000226We all puckered up to simple, classic flavor of deli spears as kids. Now we can revisit the delicious past with these crunchy, all-natural pickles... minus artificial ingredients.24 oz jar
Ricks picks - by Good alternative to fresh.
A good low-sodium pickle! - by I have high blood pressure so I am always on the lookout for foods that are low sodium but still taste great. These pickles are definitely a win for taste! Obviously they are not the same as regular salt pickles but they come pretty close.
Very sour - by These were good and were definitely sour!
Not a fan - by The taste wasn’t what I was expecting. Very garlicky, needed more vinegar. I thought these would taste like the pickles you can get out of the barrel at the deli
Listen to all the bad reviews - by These were on sale and I thought how bad can they really be? They really are the worst pickles I have ever tasted. All I taste is garlic, but not fresh garlic, it's like that preserved minced garlic they sell at the grocery store that tastes like preservatives. They taste nothing like a true classic sour pickle, stay away!
Rick's Picks
Rick's Picks

Classic Sours Deli Style Pickle Spears

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