Bone Broth Meal, Beef Pot RoastBone Broth Meal, Beef Pot Roast850000411180Gourmet flavors in a convenient pouch—that's the idea behind Serenity Kids. This brand sources its ingredients from family farms and makes crave-worthy dishes that'll awaken your child's palate.6 pouches (3.5 oz each)
Kid likes it - by Much thicker than usual pouches, kid really likes
Nope - by Kids didn't like it but our dogs sure did.
great company - by my toddler loved all of the other flavors from this brand when she was a baby but would not eat this. I was bummed because it has great ingredients and nutrition
Serenity Kids, Bone Broth Meal, Beef Pot Roast - by Tried this on several toddlers. Would not eat!
fabulous - by love the ingredients and the company! my 2yo will still eat this when he is feeling bad and doesnt want regular food. But hes used to the flavor because hes been eating it since about 7mo old.
Serenity Kids
Serenity Kids

Bone Broth Meal, Beef Pot Roast

6 pouches (3.5 oz each)$6.85/oz
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