Organic Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate BarOrganic Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate Bar856072004435Perfectly unrefined 80% dark stone ground organic chocolate with a crave-worthy combo of fresh roasted almonds and a sprinkle of sea salt. Amaze Bars take stone ground chocolate to another dimension by pairing incredible flavor experiences with minimally processed, bold dark chocolate.2.5 oz bar.
Yummy - by This is really good chocolate!
Yummy! - by We call this "party chocolate" at my house. We're usually 90% or higher chocolate eaters but this one is a fun change of pace now and then. My usual chocolate is quite smooth but I love the stone ground texture of Taza.
Delicious - by Delicious
Nope - by Not a tasty product at all; I was so disappointed.
Literally the Worst Vegan Chocolate Ever Made - by This literally, and I mean that “literally” very literally, is like someone took chalk dust and mixed it with a little bit of cocoa powder then mixed that together with a weak binding agent juuust strong enough for it to hold its form in the packaging, only to immediately return to dust at the first touch of lips or fingers. The flavor somehow manages to be both bland and nasty - again, like chalk mixed with just a bit of cocoa powder. I try to not write negative reviews because I want fledgling brands to succeed, especially when it comes to the incredibly small market for vegan chocolate but you’d honestly have a better time just scooping spoonfuls of coco powder into your mouth, less chalk dust that way.
Taza Chocolate
Taza Chocolate

Organic Sea Salt & Almond Chocolate Bar

2.5 oz bar.$1.60/oz
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