Mint ToothpicksMint Toothpicks637792501004These Tea Tree Therapy Mint Toothpicks are made from birchwood infused with Tea Tree Oil and other natural extracts. Tea Tree Oil's natural antiseptic properties help freshen the breath and kill bacteria that causes plaque and tartar. Their long lasting flavor can be an aid to those giving up smoking and snacking. Approximately 100 toothpicks are included.100 count per box
Great - by Great
Also contains cinnamon - by I thought I was safe since they are mint. I couldn't find an image of the entire label and when I recieved them I discovered it contains one of my allergens. I was so disappointed.
Upscaled and Minty Perfect - by These picks are just the best in delivering fresh breath whenever needed, and they're heavy-duty to get any food particles out between your teeth. Even if you don't like tea tree, these will not disappoint you with a soft and sweet minty taste.
It Says Mint But... - by My husband really likes to have a nice minty toothpick, however the cinnamon that is also included in the list of ingredients overtakes the flavor completely. The weird thing is, the label's main focus is mint (with tea tree and other natural extracts). However, it's a bit misleading since the flavor of mint is a bit lost to the other extracts, even though it's the first (main) ingredient. Bummer. Guess I need to go back to making my own.
Great value - by Will buy again.
Tea Tree Therapy
Tea Tree Therapy

Mint Toothpicks

100 count per box
Minimum 2 units per purchase
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