Organic ChivesOrganic Chives671635704313A centuries-old herb, chives are a member of the onion family, and a go-to ingredient in French cooking. Our organic chives have a mild, savory onion flavor. Use chives to punch up egg salad and dips, or to add a sprinkling of color to baked potatoes.0.21 oz packet
FOMAP onion replacement - by I use these in place of onions in recipes with no digestive issues
generous amount - by we throw these in everything. eggs, soups, etc. use as garnish, or as an ingredient--nice & green, pretty for garnish, flavorful for adding as an ingredient!
Yum - by Every year I replace all my spices ,I never really had or used dried chives I always used fresh ,so to widen my spice selection I brought this and so far hubby has used in lots of cooking and all tasted like he used fresh ,will keep on hand .
Great price and organic ❤ - by Need these for low fodmap kitchen. Great product, flavor and price.
Chives - by Great value
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Organic Chives

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