Organic Refried Black BeansOrganic Refried Black Beans671635705235Our organic refried black beans are a great plant-based protein source for any diet. Made from just black beans, water, sunflower oil, and sea salt—our refried beans are never fried, instead they’re soaked overnight, lightly cooked, and then blended. Bonus: the ready-to-use microwavable pouch makes adding them to your favorite dishes easy!10 oz pouch
More flavor - by they were alright but lacked some flavor. Either they need more flavor or there needs to be on the package that you need to add your own spices.
Not great standalone - by These aren’t great as the main star (beans n rice n salsa) but are better in quesadillas or dishes with many things (my quesadillas had peppers, onion, kale, goat cheese, avocado, etc). Maybe good for camping
Good in a pinch - by Great for a quick taco when you're pressed on time. Not as good as making ourselves though (obviously).
Good - by Good
No can so they win - by I don't buy canned products so these are great especially when travelling!
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Refried Black Beans

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