Pasture-Raised Whole Spatchcock ChickenPasture-Raised Whole Spatchcock Chicken671635746115A spatchcock chicken is flattened with the backbone removed, which means it cooks up less time than a traditional uncut bird. This special heritage breed is raised humanely without growth hormones or antibiotics. Chef's Tip: How to Cook a Spatchcok ChickenApprox 3.5 lbs
A little on the small side. - by Seems less than 3.5 lbs.
chicken - by was really good
Hard to find Pasture raised - by I’ve found it almost impossible to find pasture raised chicken in the stores and until Thrive, had settled for organic—would much prefer that the chickens live outside and are raised in pasture as they should be.
Good value - by Good value for a pasture raised chicken
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Pasture-Raised Whole Spatchcock Chicken

Thrive Market
Approx 3.5 lbs
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