Plant-Based Red Enchiladas with Beyond Meat®Plant-Based Red Enchiladas with Beyond Meat®671635747402To make our gluten-free & plant-based red enchiladas we stuff tender corn tortillas with plant-Beyond Meat®, dairy-free cheddar & a medley of roasted bell peppers, sweet corn, and zucchini before coating in a smoky chipotle sauce. Microwave in 4 min.10 oz box
DELICIOUS - by I’ve ordered these so many times and will keep ordering! So yummy, good portion size and the sauce is amazing
Enjoyed these enchiladas - by These were pretty good with my first order of Thrive Market Plant-Based Meals with Beyond meat. One my second order, they were included on the packing slip but not in the box. That has happened 2 out of 2 times when ordering the 10 pack. Thrive c/s will make it right but waiting 20 or more minutes each time for a c/s rep makes it tedious.
Yummy - by Wish there were veggies in it but overall very delicious
Yummiest - by My son is a vegetarian and really likes these. He says they’re the best of the Thrive frozen meals.
red enchiladas - by I prefer the red enchiladas over the green, they both have great flavors, but this one's my favorite of the 2.
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Plant-Based Red Enchiladas with Beyond Meat®

10 oz box
Minimum 2 units per purchase