Milk Chocolate 42% Bar, Pretzel ToffeeMilk Chocolate 42% Bar, Pretzel Toffee858010005689Pretzel? Yummy. Toffee? Also tasty. And together in dark milk chocolate with 42% cocoa they are even better! A crunchy pretzel and a sweet toffee crunch: we have a new favorite!6.35 oz bar
Love - by These are so good. It’s hard to stop eating it.
Love everything about this - by I'm so glad I've discovered these candy bars! They are so thick and chunky in your mouth and they break up into such cool triangles, one circle, and one rectangle. So fun. Great texture and mouthfeel. Especially this variety with the pretzels and toffee. But they are all good. The flavor is delicious. I haven't yet met a bar of Tony's that I don't love.
Kids are converts - by “Best chocolate ever, mom!”
My new favorite chocolate bar - by I love all of Tony's chocolate bars, but this has got to be my very favorite. Sweet and salty goodness!
Addicting - by My boyfriend and I have to be careful we don’t eat it in one sitting. It’s delicious
Tony's Chocolonely
Tony's Chocolonely

Milk Chocolate 42% Bar, Pretzel Toffee

6.35 oz bar$0.71/oz
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