Mini Containers, 3-PackMini Containers, 3-Pack853768002041The easiest, most environmentally safe way to store food! These 2.5 oz. BPA-free, leak-proof, stainless steel containers work great for packing lunches, storing leftovers, or prepping for travel. Store everything from dips, olives, and nuts, to condiments and salad dressing—all while saving trash from our ever-growing landfills. Please note, extreme temperature changes might cause lids to crack. U Konserve recommends keeping lids out of the freezer. Includes three round containers, each measuring 2” X 1.5”.Three 2.5 oz containers
Perfect Spice Containers - by As someone looking to use less plastic, I've started buying loose spices from my local coop. These have a tight-seal and are the perfect size for holding them.
They don’t open! - by I purchased these direct from the company and they do not open… so frustrating.
Impossible to Open - by These are terrible! They're impossible to open. A real bummer because I truly love my larger U Konserve storage containers with silicone lids!
Similar problems.... - by .... they don’t open!! Too bad, they’re gonna get tossed.
Impossible to open - by These were a great idea but they are impossible to open. The lid is stuck on so tight, so I’ll probably just end up trashing these as they’re unusable. I would highly NOT recommend these.
U Konserve
U Konserve

Mini Containers, 3-Pack

Three 2.5 oz containers$7.00/oz
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