Coffee Face Scrub, CitrusCoffee Face Scrub, Citrus5060571720177UpCircle Beauty makes it easy to moisturize dry skin. Coffee Face Scrub is formulated with rosehip, sweet orange, and lemon essential oils (plus nourishing shea butter) to gently buff away dry cells for a glowing complexion.3.5 fl oz jar
Messy - by This was messy runny and the smell was really strong, the grind was quite large and very abrasive, not what I was looking for
Love the product but not the packaging - by I love this scrub. It is intense, so buy with caution, but I really like intense facial scrubs. I really hate the tube though. It gets all crumpled up which makes it hard to squeeze and the last one I bought completely split on the end. Otherwise I would rate this 5 stars
Not for combination or oily skin! - by I wanted to love this product. Great exfoliator but leaves oily residue which causes me to break out. I guess I was thrown off by "coffee" and "citrus" which are good for oily skin.
Won't buy again - by is literally scratchy coffee grounds that stain the shower and hurt my face. And it leaves a waxy residue, I have to wash my face after with liquid cleanser. It also doesn't feel luxurious, it feels and smells like I am cleaning with coffee waste. Move on!
Not worth it - by I do not like leaving negative reviews but I was so disappointed with this product that I would like others to have fair warning before buying as I wish I had. I like the concept of this product but it really needs to go back to the drawing board. When I opened it for the first time, a stream of coffee colored water spilled out all over my tube. Okay, maybe that was just from shipping I thought but no it continued the next two times that I tried the produce leaving watery coffee juice all over my tub. Seriously..thickeners are easy to add to products so why didn't they consider adding on? So that was disappointing but after using the product which is specifically indicated as a face scrub, I was left with a waxy oily thick residue on my face. While it smelled pleasant I had to then use soap to get it all off my face. Maybe this product separated in between its travels from factory to my house and the water and oil ended up at the top..I have no idea but I won't waste my money on this product again.
UpCircle Beauty
UpCircle Beauty

Coffee Face Scrub, Citrus

3.5 fl oz jar$5.71/fl oz