Albacore TunaAlbacore Tuna829696001043You'll only find one ingredient in each can: fresh albacore tuna. It’s free of added salt, oil, water, and fillers, which provides a pure, fresh taste, just like catching the fish from the ocean yourself. Before being hand-packed, Wild Planet cooks each tuna steak only once to retain the natural juices rich in omega-3 fish oils.4 cans (5 oz each)
canned tuna in water - by lean protein
I’ll only buy this - by The “other stuff” you probably ate growing up is complete mush compared to this tuna!
Great Buy - by Really nice tuna and great price
So good - by Tasty and knowing that it’s wild caught is reassuring.
Great deal for wild-caught tuna! - by Wife and I try to buy this brand when we can. None of the local stores have it, and when we do find it, it is in single cans, which are marked up. This is great tuna at a great price!
Wild Planet
Wild Planet

Albacore Tuna

4 cans (5 oz each)
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