Fonio, African SupergrainFonio, African Supergrain748252310699Serve just like rice or couscous. It's great when tossed with chopped fruit, grape tomatoes, herbs, citrus, olive oil, and a little minced onion. When you buy fonio, you're helping some of the world's most vulnerable people make a living from their scarce resources.10 oz resealable pouch
Love this stuff - by Tried it on a whim one day and now I love it! Super easy to cook, fluffy like couscous but nuttier flavor, grains are small similar to quinoa. Easy to store. Can make as lunch/dinner as well as breakfast cereal.
Fun new grain - by Tried for first time and loved. Cooks up fast. Nutty flavor.
Sandy - by It’s definitely a different consistency to get used to. The taste is good, but it’s a bit like eating sand.
Interesting - by Glad I bought it to try. It kind of has a dusty flavor on its own, so I started frying it up with veggies and seasoning, then I thought it was really tasty. I’d like to try a breakfast porridge recipe. The grains are tiny, like cream of wheat.
New Favorite - by Fonio is delicious, super easy to make, and I love HOW MUCH it makes. This is a small package, but when you consider it’s four parts liquid to one part fonio, you get a lot in the end. I love the consistency. It’s kind of like malt o meal except it never clumps at all and of course it’s gluten free. This is a new favorite staple of ours!

Fonio, African Supergrain

10 oz resealable pouch
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