Wax Strips, Face & Bikini

16 ct box

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16 ct box

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Wax Strips for Face & Bikini: a mess-free, express hair remover that's ready to use. Zip away unwanted hair on your upper lip, jaw, cheeks & bikini line instantly - keeping skin smooth up to 6 weeks. Small wax strips sized right for the upper lip or small areas around the bikini line. Includes a vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair.
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About This Brand

Simple beginnings: Sugar cooks in the home kitchen of Azar Moayeri, a chemical engineer with an Iranian heritage, as she formulates Canada's first All Natural hair removal product. Her kids package the products while watching Scooby-Doo & Happy Days and later join Mom and Dad selling products to the local North Shore stores. To this day, Parissa remains a family affair, albeit an "extended family" that includes 18 fabulous employees. We all share a strong commitment to our local community and our loyal customers to produce high quality, Natural products with Socially Responsible ingredients and practices. Over the last 30 years, Parissa has expanded internationally, yet still continues to manufacture, package and ship products from our production facility nestled between the Coastline and Mountains of the North Shore. Today, we have come to be known as the At-Home Hair Removal Experts. We invite you to join us to spread the smooth skin gospel.
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Wax: glyceryl rosinate, ricinus communis oil, cera alba. Azulene oil: isopropyl myristate, tocopheryl acetate, azulene, menthol.

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Reviews For Wax Strips, Face & Bikini

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Excellent alternative in dire situations

I had no choice but to remove chin and upperlip hair at home since I was immobile and couldn't get it waxed at the salon. These strips were easy to use and served the purpose excellently! I didn't even need to use too many strips - just 1 for both my chin and upperlip which both have thick hairs and at the time a lot of growth! I would use this as an alternative any day!

- Smitha

Wax strips on Face

This product is easy to use and not as messy as using actual wax melted in the microwave. Unfortunately, when I use it on my upper lip, the strip causes irritation on my lips that takes about a week to clear up. I have very sensitive skin that may be reacting to the contact of the plastic strip.

- Nancy

Thumbs down

Didn't work...the product is good and tacky but it did not pull out my beard-like hair on the chin or mustache area...maybe it will work if you have the thin blonde-looking hair on your face...

- Geralyn

Works well

I have purchased these twice and have overall been happy with them. They do not remove all of the hair, but do get the majority, then I can pluck the rest. Red bumps subside after a couple days and hair does not start to grow back for at least a couple weeks.

- Kelci

Did not work for me

I really thought these would work. I usually go and get my eyebrows waxed. I've tried over the counter wax and it was a waste of my time and money and sanity! I thought this would be different. Not so. Maybe I am doing things wrong.. Also, it was very very hard to find the "English" version of the instructions. There were so many foreign instructions on there and they were all tiny. I will say that the after oil is wonderful! I loved that. It was very soothing - even though I couldn't wax completely. My skin was still sore because of the tugging and that serum was amazing and cooling. I will take with me when I go and get them waxed professionally! So, I guess it wasn't a total loss for me..

- April

Best Non-Heated Wax Product I've Had

This is a good product. When you consider that you don't have to heat wax and worry about that risk factor, this does an amazing job. I use my hair blower dryer just a bit to heat up the strips. I've also heated it in my palms. I'm not real hairy but I have to go over the area more than once. So do the professional waxers so live with it. Good product fantastic price!

- Shirley Day

Works well

Easy to use, no microwave or burns. Will definitely order again.

- Sarah

Work Great

These wax strips work wonderfully and are offered at a great price. I’ve used this brand before and it doesn’t irritate the skin and removes the hair very well. My only complaint is with the packaging. It's way too much box for the product inside which isn't very sustainable. You could put the wax strips in a box a third of the size and probably still have a little room.

- Alessandra

Great Value

Very easy to use, and I experienced only a minor bit of irritation. The oil soothed that area, felt great overall, and even removed the small bits of wax that stayed on my skin where I didn't remove the strip quickly enough. Unfortunately, the wax wasn't able to remove more than two hairs from my bikini line -definitely not the product for people looking to remove thick hair.

- Melissa


These wax strips work better than any others I've used at removing hair. I just have one complaint and that is I have this small, red bump on my upper lip that I have had for weeks after waxing. It's going away slowly, but I have been nervous to use them again, since. I'm sure that this could have happened with any other waxing method, but my first time getting a bump was with this product. I probably just didn't follow directions properly, and hopefully it doesn't happen again.

- Karli


These are awesome! Very easy to use and even cut into smaller sections of needed. Worked very well, quick and not messy. Plus they give you plenty of the oil which is a plus!

- Sarah

Salon quality

You can spend a lot of money getting a wax job these days, but Parissa makes it easy and affordable. The strips have some kind of coating, which makes them soft and do the job without a lot of pain or irritation. The strips are see through so there's no issue figuring out where to place them to ensure that you remove all the hair. Parissa also provides an oil that you apply to the area to prevent skin rashes or blemishes.

- J@Hoang

Love this, easy to use

I love these wax strips, because they're not difficult to use, they're not as painful as most wax strips I've used before, and they're made with all-natural ingredients. The strips have a wax coating, which makes removing hair really easy. This saves me from having to go to the salon and get an expensive wax job, and using the strips lasts about a month, which saves me money.

- C. O'Neal


I don't get as much irritation as I did when using other products.

- Danielle

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