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100 pc bottle

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100 pc bottle

Why You’ll Love It

All peppermint chewing gum is the same, right? Wrong. Peelu Peppermint Gum is made with two unique ingredients that make it better than the rest: xylitol and peelu fibers. Xylitol has become a popular ingredient in oral care products, because unlike sugar, it doesn't cause tooth decay. The natural peelu fibers also provide for good oral health, as they help keep teeth clean and white. The peelu tree has been a source of dental health for over 1,000 years. Now, you can get the same benefits by chewing the "toothbrush" gum! Try a piece or two especially after a meal or snack.
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About This Brand

For well over 25 years, Peelu USA has produced the highest-quality natural oral hygiene products to help people maintain healthy gums and teeth without chemicals or abrasives. We pioneered the development of dental health products like fluoride-free toothpaste, dental fibers, tooth powder, whitening toothpaste and, of course, our famous Peelu gum. Our naturally healthy chewing gums are sugar free, aspartame free, and are sweetened with dentist-recommended xylitol. The active ingredient in all of our products is fibers from the ancient Peelu tree, which has been used for generations to maintain good oral health. As we move into a new decade with exciting new products and flavors, Peelu USA is proud to carry on the natural dental health tradition using the tools Mother Nature has provided. About the Peelu Tree: The Peelu Tree is known by many names throughout the world: Salvadora persica arak, miswak and siwak. Whichever name you prefer, the twigs and fibers of this Middle...
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Isomalt, gum base, xylitol, natural peppermint flavor, calcium stearate, rebaudioside A (from stevia leaf), peelu fiber, carnauba wax.

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Serving Size 1 Piece (1.35 grams) Servings Per Container 100

Amount Per Serving

Calories 0 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0
Sodium 0mg 0
Total Carbohydrate <1g <1%

Reviews For Peppermint Gum

Based on 32 Reviews


love this gum

- mark


This gum is delic! It's minty taste leaves a clean feeling and my kids love it too!

- Katie

God for you chweing gum?

The flavor dissipates rather quickly, but that's OK Texture is good. May or may not reorder, but I'm satisfied.

- mary

peelu gum

Love the gun and the price makes it better.

- carol ro erts

Best flavor, but...

First of all, this was my second type of natural gum to try; my first was simply gum. In terms of flavor, peelu has that minty blast I've come to expect from chewing gum, and the flavor lasts a decently long time. I found chewing one piece at a time was sufficient, and the texture was ok. Kind of the like those flat packs of gum you pop the piece through foil? A crunchy coating, then a little softer than a stick of gum. There were two big factors for me, that decided me against buying this gum again. First, the packaging- do you know the looks you get when you haul a big vitamin-sized bottle out of your purse and start passing around and popping the contents with your children? :p not good ones! Also, the "pill bottle" makes for allot of noise (think trying to get a piece of gum during a church service or at the movie theater!!) Second, the ingredient list didn't impress me the way simply gum's did. The peelu is a little low on the list, and I'm just not real sure how I feel about xylitol. In summary, I won't order this gum again, even though the flavor was good and the price was reasonable. I really appreciate that thrive has so many options available for so many different things, so we can all find the one that works for us personally!

- Angela

My go-to gum

This is my favorite 'better for you' gum. Crunchy exterior but after a few chews it breaks down like 'normal' gum and the flavor lasts a decent amount of time.

- Julia

good gum

nice gum, good flavour

- Gabrielle


'By gum' this is the healthiest and most lasting flavor chewing gum ever. By Gum!!! Buy Peelu Peppermint Gum!! It is the most refreshing gum for an all day lasting chew.. Personally, I chew no other. It's been my chew for years. I love it! I keep a supply in my guest bathroom. Guests love it! So happy I can get it from ThriveMarket ;)

- Sandra

Good flavor, but short-lived

Like the flavor very much, but the texture is a little "hard" and I find that I only chew it for a minute or two before spitting it out. That said, just that short time is enough to get rid of the stale taste in my mouth when I can't get to a bathroom to brush my teeth.

- Maureen


Love this gum! Not too sweet, just the right amount of peppermint! Really freshens your breath!

- Milena

Finally, A Long Lasting Chew

I have tried many brands of "healthy gum" over the last 3 years trying to avoid aspartame, artificial sweeteners, and other toxic ingredients. Most gums lose their flavor quickly and get stiffer as you chew them. Peelu peppermint gum stayed softer and continued to have flavor for the long haul. I definitely will try the other flavors and recommend this brand to others wanting a healthier chewing gum.

- Kimberlee

Love this gum!

I wanted to find a gum that I could share with my kiddos. The flavor is great and lasts a long time.

- Katie

Good Gum

I don't usually chew gum, but I thought I'd start chewing gum with xylitol to keep mouth bacteria at bay. I like it. It's good gum. Starts with a crunchy shell, like mentos but not as thick, turns to medium-soft gum that doesn't stick to my teeth and retains its minty flavor for a long time. One piece is a good size and does the trick, so need for two at a time.

- Gabriella

Great Gum!

I was trying to get away from all the artificial sweeteners that are in gum, and I came across this. It's wonderful! I've tried various other brands of natural gum and found the flavor doesn't last long or the gum gets hard. Not so with this gum! It's great. I chew it all day long. And the price is unbeatable, too!

- Jennifer

Love this gum!

I love this peppermint gum. I would hate to live without it. The flavor lasts a long time.

- Jackay

Peel gum

Chew this gum all day long! Great for gums and teeth.

- Elaine Gordon

Great tasting gum

I really really like this gum, it has a lot of long lasting flavor

- Pam

Not bad.

Pretty good, just wish it lasted a little longer.

- Jeffrey

One is all you need

These are perfect for after lunch or dinner. One piece is perfect. Freshen your mouth and help with digestion without all the artificial nonsense.

- D.R.

Better than regular chewing gum!

I'm a gum addict. So when I decided to eat better and more natural I was really worried about my precious gum. Found this on Thrive and decided I needed to try it. Instant LOVE! It's got great Peppermint flavor and lasts a long time! And for 100 in a bottle the $7 price is pretty darn good!

- Angela S

Love this gum!

I switched to this gum and love it! I had been a Trident user and I don't like the fact they use aspartame and many other chemical ingredients.

- Don

Flavor that lasts

I love the fresh, long lasting flavor of this gum. The texture stays nice and pliable, and one piece is the perfect size, unlike other brands where 2 or more are needed.

- Bobbi

Love it

I wasn't sure what to expect from this gum, but it tastes great, and it lasts long enough to satisfy. I'm happy to chew without the dyes and sweeteners of mainstream gum brands.

- Maria

Great gum

This is the best chewing gum that I have tried that contains Xylitol. It does not disintegrate while chewing.

- Phyllis


I like the way this gum continues to be chewy for a long time. I don't have any trouble with it sticking to my teeth or dental work. I recommend it to anyone who likes chewing gum.

- mona

Love the Flavor

I really like the flavor of the peppermint gum. The flavor last a long time also.

- Stephanie

Family favorite

We also chew Pur gum in our house, but Peelu is quickly becoming a favorite. The gum is nice and soft for chewing and the peppermint flavor is pleasant & refreshing without being overwhelming.

- Lizz.B

Best natural gum

I had been chewing Spry until I found Peelu on Thrive Market, and Peelu is now my go-to for a couple reasons! The flavor lasts longer, and the gum tablets are bigger (you only need one at a time, whereas with Spry I'd need two). Peppermint has a pleasant strong flavor. I like to keep a bottle of Peelu at work to chew gum after a meal, when I can't brush/floss right away. This bottle of 100 also lasts a long time!

- Lindsay

Peelu peppermint gum

Love this gum-great flavor that last a long time

- katherine

Great gum!

I was looking for a gum without aspartame that holds up well when chewed, and this is it! I've tried other brands and this is minty, fresh, soft and lasts longer than 2 minutes. My kids also enjoy it, and I feel good about giving it to them without the harmful aspartame chemical or added sugar.

- Scott

Best natural gum I've tried!

Doesn't loose it's flavor like other natural gums, the peppermint is just the right strength and really refreshing. Completely switching to this gum!

- Thrive User

great taste!

Good tasting gum, fresh and long lasting flavor. Only problem is, it sticks to my dental work.

- Brenda

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