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Why You’ll Love It

Primal Pit Stick is an organic, all-natural deodorant that actually works! Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor and organic arrowroot powder helps you to feel dry while allowing you to still sweat and release toxins. These powders are mixed in a base of moisture-rich and anti-microbial organic coconut oil and organic shea butter to soothe skin. Hand-crafted to ensure that every stick only contains the finest organic products. Contains no aluminum, parabens, toxic chemicals, or fragrance.
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About This Brand

While deodorant does help alleviate body odors, it often rubs off through the day and can result in stained clothes and minimal protection. In addition, most deodorants are made with chemicals that are soaked into the skin and can have negative effects on the body over time. Amy Cazin, the founder of Primal Pit Paste, was weary of the questionable chemical additives in deodorant. She thought, there must be a better way to find prevent these odors without the use of harmful chemicals. From that point she set out to create a safe and natural deodorant that she could feel good about using, and give to her family. How Deodorant works The way deodorant works is a mystery to many but in a nutshell it’s actually quite simple to understand. First, sweat is naturally odorless and is surprisingly not the problem. Sweating detoxifies your body and while it may feel unpleasant, it’s a good thing. When bacteria mixes with sweat it creates body odor, and applying deodorant to your...
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Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E derived from 100% Sunflowers.

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Reviews For Natural Deodorant Stick, Lavender

Based on 86 Reviews

The best!

I have tried natural deodorants before and this brand is the best I e ever used! Smells great and I don't have to reapply during the day. I swear a lot when i workout and it holds up even after I've worked all day! Doesn't clog pores either! I usually buy 2 at a time so I always have a backup and never run out! You won't be disappointed

- Rachel eakin

Get it!

So glad I finally switched to aluminum-free deo! It was weird the first day because the scent was so different from what I was using before, but I'm used to it now and will not go back! This is the first natural brand I've tried and I am sticking with it for sure! I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't bother me at all :)

- Alison Rheaume


It's natural and it works!

- MW

Really works!

After switching to using a "natural" deodorant I was frustrated that many did not work -- until I tried Primal Pit Paste. It's awesome and really works.

- Michelle

Best natural deo

I highly recommend this product. I've used it for about 2 years and it reliably works for about a day. Other natural deodorants didn't work at all on me, I work in a really "huggy" place so a deodorant that just kind of works won't cut it. I work out quite a bit too and it makes it through a long run just fine. Great product ppp!

- Holly

The ONLY Deo :)

This deodorant is truly the best ever! I have tried so many different brands that just don't work. I have even made my own, but the ratio of baking soda always broke me out! I have been using this deo for over a year now and it is perfect :) I did have a small adjustment period where the lymph nodes in my armpit were swollen for about a week (apparently this can be a detox from chemical deo) but after that, good as gold! I have always used the lavender, but I'm sure the other scents are just as amazing :)

- Stephanie


I love this deodorant! I love that it is all natural ingredients and NO chemicals. My mind is at ease when I use this, knowing that I'm not putting any bad ingredients on my skin. And it smells wonderful. It also does a great job eliminating B.O. LOVE. THIS. STUFF.

- Emma Flude

Excellent Product

I have been using traditional deodorant for years but trying natural ones in between. I have never found anything I liked until now. Pit Paste is better that traditional deodorant. It leaves me with a light lavender scent at first and then absolutely no body odor until my next shower (sometimes 24+ hours later). I'm in Florida and went to Disney World for 12 hours the other day and had no ordor and very little sweat. I'm so impressed by this product. It does go on a little weird but you get used to it very quickly. You don't need much either....2 swipes on each underarm and you're done. Love it and will be buying more!

- Jessie

best natural deodorant!

I've tried several natural deodorants- this is the best by far! It works and the scent is lovely. The unscented is nice too but the lavender is my favorite.

- Whitney

Success, at Last!

After using the typical, nasty antiperspirants for years, I made the switch to natural deodorants. Then came the trial and error phase. I've worked my way through 7-9 brands until I came across the Primal Paste. I'm absolutely loving it! Great scent that stays with me all day. The Thrive price is typically fantastic! (Yay, Thrive!)
The only drawback could be the hard, sticky consistency of the product. That's ok, with a little warmth from the skin, that is quickly overcome. I'm loving this product!

- Carrie

It works-period.

After wearing creepy anti perspirant deodorant for years I finally decided to switch. I've tried a few different natural versions and this brand is the best. I am deeply afraid of smelling bad, and this keeps my paranoia at bay!

- Elizabeth Corsini

It works!

I love this deodorant! It smells great and it works!!!! I have had reactions with other brands, no problem with this one!

- Laura

Family Not A Fan

Unfortunately, this does not react well with my family's skin. We all break out with a red rash. It's unfortunate because most everyone I've spoken to has had great success. Guess we just need to keep looking for the right product.

- Cindy


Finally, I found a natural deodorant that actually works. It is a little thick and sticky but once that sensation is gone (after a few seconds) it works super well ALL DAY!
I never thought I would be passionate about a deodorant. But this stuff works and smells great!

- Haley


This is not only all natural but it WORKS!! And it even works better than commercial deodorants! smells better too!! I WILL NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE!!

- Colleen Curtis

Pit Paste Is Perfect

Not too scented, roll on, very effective on humid florida pits. Requires more dabbing than smearing as it is not very oily but works fine.

- Barbara


I've tried all the natural deodorants on the market and this one lasts more than 24 hours! Amazing stuff!!!! Trust me on this- you won't regret it. Also, this scent is lavender heaven if you like that EO- just an FYI...

- Elizabeth

shocked and amazed

As a Fitness Professional, I sweat a lot and couldn't not believe that this product allowed me to not be offensive to the general public. I have tried SO many other Natural products. This is brilliant!

- Lauren

shocked and amazed

I was shocked an amazed about how good this product works. I have already recommended it to others. As a fitness professional, we sweat a lot. This has held out for an entire day with out feeling offensive to the general public

- Lauren L

Really works!

I love this deodorant- it's one of the few natural options that I've tried with real results. I've been using natural deodorants for about two years now and this is my favorite. As a former sweaty and stinky girl, I'm happy to say that I sweat so much less and rarely smell at all. I feel so much healthier using this stuff! Give it a try!

- Kelli


I was very hesitant to try a natural deodorant because I was worried about wetness on my clothing. I wouldn't want wet arms at a meeting. I tried this because of the reviews and I have researched many. I am grateful that I am not having any allergic reaction and it is working extremely well, no complaints here. Along with a busy 8-12 hr. day at work I also walk my dog in the evenings 3-5 miles and it does it's job. I was worried about the scent being too strong because I have a very strong sense of smell but that hasn't been a problem either. I bought this and the Crystal to try at the same time but I haven't tried it yet because I like this one so well. Happy customer here!

- Denise

Great Natural Product!

Since ditching chemical products, I had yet to find a good deodorant/antiperspirant that stood up to the Florida heat and humidity. Pit Paste has a nice subtle scent and once it activates with your natural body heat, absorbs nicely into your pits. It doesn't leave white streaks on your clothes. I've run 3 miles and never noticed a hint of body odor (though nothing can stop the perspiration in Florida heat), at least I don't smell!

- Lauren

A natural deodorant that works for me!

I read a review by a woman who stated that she finally found a deodorant that worked so well her husband didn't tell her she stunk...... honestly. So, I gave it a try. I must say that I have had the same result. A natural deodorant that keeps me from having B.O. In the hot, humid south. That's pretty impressive. I occasionally reapply when I'm outside a lot. But overall, I'm very happy and will continue to use and tell my friends about it.

- J N

It works

This works for me. I'm not a stay in the office type. I deliver mail and work out side also mowing lawns.

- Lori

Great Product!

I love this deodorant! I don't have to worry about bad ingredients, and the scent is wonderful!

- Kelley

Favorite Natural Deodorant Ever!!

Long lasting and great smell. I usually cant tolerate LAVENDER, however this scent is not to strong.

The pasta makes me feel protected throughout the day. Out of all the natural deodorants I have tried this is #1.

- Maikeyza

My favorite

One of the best deodorants, it really works. I wish they had it in the lemongrass fragrance

- Adriana


I've tried oodles of natural deos and this is by far the very best ever! I wear it all day and never stink! Apply in the am for all day wear. Unlike other natural deos that need to be re-applied. Love it!!

- Wendy

This is okay

I bought one for me and one for my daughter. I think it's a bit on the sticky/slimy side. Seems to work fine, but I don't love to feeling of it on my pits.

- Carolyn

This is the best....

I switched to natural deodorants over a year ago. I was perfectly happy with the brand that I had been using, it wasn't as "good" as the aluminium brands but you have to give up some effectiveness to go natural right? WRONG. I realized almost immediately that this stuff was for keeps. With my old brand, if I was lucky I could make it through an entire day without having to long as at the end of that day I was with my family. This stuff I would have no issues letting strangers smell my pit the next MORNING even. Even working out I don't worry about smells. You still sweat, but you definitely sweat less and feel it less and regardless, there is no funky BO smell along with that sweat. I would have LOVED to have know about this back when I was in my "detox" phase of switching over to natural deodorants. Sadly I only have 2 thumbs with which to give this product a thumbs up. TRY IT!

- Naomi

Takes a little getting used to

I recently purchased this deodorant and I love it! It took a couple of days to get used to it because it doesn't like on like my normal, chemical filled deodorant. You definitely want to let it sit on your pit for a second to heat it up before rubbing it on, but once you do that I'm sure you'll love it!

- Karrie

This really works!

I've tried several natural deoderants and none of them worked. This is the best! It really works!

- Sue

Great stuff

Finally, an all natural deo that actually works! It took some time to get used to being damp, but I am a smelly woman and there is no sign of stink ALL day.

- Jennifer

I love this stuff!! My skin tends to be extra sensitive after shaving and using most deodorants would burn my underarms, but this stuff is great. I love the lavender scent.

- Kimberly

Believe the hype!

This stuff is awesome! I've worn it while doing yard work and construction outside in hot weather all day and never a stink! :-) It works excellent! Best natural deodorant I've found, and I've probably tried 7, 8 or more!

- Catherine

Lovely Scent

I'm loving this natural deodorant - the scent is so wonderful! This is my first natural deodorant and I will not go back.

- Emily

Amazing but...

So I loved this deodorant! I bike to and from work and I never needed to reapply! That's 8 miles of working out and I never had to reapply! And it smells so good. However, it's been about 4-5 months using it and I noticed my underarms were getting dark and almost leathery! :(!!! I stopped using it and a week later, I'm back to normal. I read online that it is due to my body's reaction to baking soda, which is the #1 ingredient in this...

- Rosa

The BEST Natural Deodorant

By Far the best natural deodorant out there. The Lavender scent is not overpowering but just enough to be pleasant. It may take a few days to get use to the thick consistency but a little goes a long way!
I love this product.

- Diana


Probably the only natural deodorant that works well for me...

- Kim Howse

Just ok

If applied by night it will give you somewhat better odor protection

- Maria

Not great

My favorite natural deodorant was discontinued. I'm trying to find something to replace it. This is one of the best I've tried, but still not great.

- Jeanie

Much better than I expected...

I was pleasantly surprised with the Primal Pit Paste. It went on easily and did an excellent job in keeping me fresh & dry. I got the Lavender scent which is very subtle, like I wanted. I'll definitely purchase this again when needed.

- Barbara

Just what I was looking for

Over the past year, I have systematically eased into cruelty free products as the old ones were used up. I've had a hard time finding a good deodorant because quite frankly, I sweat a LOT. I've never noticed that antiperspirant actually kept me perspiring but I used it anyway and it has always seemed to leave a residual scent in my clothes, even after washing. This works great and it does NOT leave a smell in my clothes. I am very happy with this product and will be buying it again.

- Beverly


Just want to say, that this stuff is the BOMB! I've tried many natural deodorants but this by far is the best! I don't smell after workouts, and it doesn't smell funky by the end of a day like lots of them do. Highly recommend! I'm here ordering my fourth one!

- Chyra

FINALLY something that works!!!!!

I have been searching for something like this for three years. I have tried at least ten different products All the other safer deodorants I have used just don't work very long. I would have to keep reapplying them for the best protection-which is a real pain. Plus deodorants don't do anything to combat perspiration like this does. This stuff works all day long. It has a pleasant but not overpowering scent that you really only smell when you put it on. I didn't like it at first because applying it was difficult but then I discovered the trick to it. The instructions say to hold it against your skin to warm it but I have found that ten seconds of my hairdryer gets it softened enough to glide on with no trouble. You won't regret trying this stuff!!!!!

- Shannon


I tried this for a month. It did a reasonable job of keeping me odor-free, but after about 2 weeks I really struggled because it made my pits really itchy. Every time I used it. Not even just after shaving.

- Sydney

I really wanted to love it.

I really wanted to love it but it gave me a horrible rash!

- Jessica

No sweat

Love the stuff!

- Cathy

Smells amazing, not sold on the performance

I'm always looking for an alternative to the chemical-filled deodorants I use and was happy to find this one to test. While it smells amazing and I would be happy to smell like lavender all day, I don't feel confident in it covering up nervous sweat. The sticky feeling the paste leaves is also a bit uncomfortable, but that part I could get over.

- Emma-Lee


I have tried numerous natural deodrants & primal paste is the absolute BEST!

- Ellen Franty

Lavender Primal Pit Paste

Smells great, lasts, and first product that doesn't quit before I do!

- Thrive User

Pretty good

I don't like the lavender fragrance but it does seem to work ok. I do have to reapply but that's normal for me because I'm toxic! Lol

- Lisa

Best I've ever tried!

I have tried countless natural deodorants in an effort to find one that didn't have aluminum or harmful ingredients AND didn't leave me feeling sticky or smelly. When I put this one on for the first time, I thought I was going to be disappointed because it went on with that same pasty, sticky feeling I have experienced with other natural deodorants. BUT... within 2 minutes or so, it had dried and left a nice lavender scent. I knew that only time would tell if it was actually a winner though. Usually, even with commercial deodorants, I can smell a slight odor as the day wears on. At the end of the day, 10+ hours after application, I did a sniff test and... nothing! No smell whatsoever! In fact, my pits smelled like I had just gotten out of the shower and were still dry to the touch! Amazing! I'll be stocking up!

- C


As others have said, this deodorant does what it says. On the surface, it's a great product. But if you're sensitive to the amount of baking soda in it, it might cause irritation (there's a whole spiel about it on the manufacturer's website). Unfortunately for me, after about a week and a half of ecstatic use, my armpits turned beet red and were irritated. I've tried coming back to it a few different times over the past year only to have it do the same. It's a shame because the deodorant really does work!

- C

The only natural deodorant that works

I have tried every "natural" deodorant out there. They start out working well, and then stop working after the first few weeks. But Pit Paste has been consistently working for me. I've used it for over a year now and it's still working! Love it!

- Jennifer

Fully Converted to Natural Deos!

I was curious to try this out. Since I got it as a sample, I didn't have anything to lose. I've tried a few other natural deos, but to no avail. I started using the Thai Salt Crystals around the same time, which worked decently, but now I pair it with this deodorant, and I never smell! :)

- Ann

Best natural deodorant

I have tried many many natural alternatives with little luck . This one is stands alone !
Smells great, goes on easily ,doesn't cause irritation , and keeps BO away !! I can literally go to bed and not have to reapply in the morning Id still smell natural no funky stuff at the end of the 2nd day !

- lindsey

It works!!

This natural deodorant works great! I tried several different kinds of natural deodorants and this is the only one so far that actually works as well as the conventional kinds that contain aluminum (even during work outs!).
It goes on easily and does not get on your clothes. I love it!

- Amanda

Two thumbs up

I use this even while working out and doing Crossfit and it leaves me with no body odor at all. I've even got my husband to agree to switch to it from his standard deodorant!

- A in Indiana


After many years of using the name brand clinical strength deodorant I was so worried about switching to natural. I tried to make my own deodorant with a few different recipes, but they either didn't work, or made my skin break out in a rash. I tried 3 different "natural deodorants" and had the same results. I've been using Primal Pit Paste for two weeks now and am so pleased to report: no rashes, and stink free, even after a 30 minute run the morning after I applied the deodorant! :)

- Jessica


Great product!!! I've tried a lot of other natural deodorants and none have worked as well. I am a very athletic person and Primal Pit can keep up with me. The lavender small is pleasant and it is easy to use. I would highly recommend trying this product.

- Chelsea

Bad reaction

I've tried a bunch of different natural deodorants in the past year, and was initially really excited about this one because it was the first one to truly keep me smelling fresh all day. However, about a week after I started using it, I had a terrible reaction, which is disappointing since this is an organic, natural alternative to regular deodorant. It caused enormous, painful zits to form in my armpits - we're talking about 12 enormous zits per armpit. Gross, I know, but just want to be up front in case this helps save anyone else from the discomfort I experienced. I wouldn't have given it more than one star except it did help zap bad odor. Unfortunately, though, I will be throwing this out and returning to my non-natural Secret deodorant, as this experience scarred me enough to scare me away from the natural alternatives.

- Laura

Awesome for natural deodorant

I'm one of those lucky people that sweats a bunch. With natural deodorant, you will sweat - blocking your perspiration is not the point. You also might have to wash up every morning if you're wearing natural deodorant and susceptible to B.O. That being said, I've moved on to other natural products, and I find myself missing this pit-stick. It didn't darken my skin, it kept me smelling fresh through most of the day, and it applied easily but didn't go on wet. I intend to buy it again soon!

- Angie

Best deodorant ever!

I love everything about this product and brand. I know when I use it I am not putting any harmful chemicals on my body...AND it smells great! I've tried most of the scents and Lavender is by far my favorite!

- Lindsey


I really REALLY wanted to love this product. The ingredients list can't be beat. Unfortunately, though, I am too sweaty of a person and this formula just did not keep me dry all day or even smelling fresh.

- Megan

Lavendar pit stick

Too sticky and not very effective

- Jessica

Primal Pit Paste - fun name, good product.

Easy to use, no tell tale staining, pleasant smell, great ingredients, works very well!

I've been making my own deodorant, but if I need a travel stick, I'd buy this. There's also an unscented one if you prefer that.

- Gift from Thrive is a keeper!

Difficult to apply

I can honestly say that this deodorant does work! I've tried others that didn't keep the B-O in check, but this one does. The problem I have with it is that it's super thick and difficult- even painful to apply.

- Carissa

Not the Best Deoderant

At first, I liked this Primal Pit Paste. But since I have sensitive skin it irritated my skin and left me with a weird body odor. It worked well at keeping me from sweating, but it's not good for sensitive skin.

- Erin

So Far So Good

Cannot believe how well this deodorant works! I have been through many "natural" deodorants to attempt to hopefully find something that works and this combination of ingredients does the job. Definitely worth the extra money over conventional!

- Nikki

great product

I got this as a free add on to my order or I never would have tried it. I have problems with excessive sweating and body odor. I've never used a product (regardless of how "strong") that works better than this one and does not have the harmful ingredients. I'm sold. This is the only product I will use now!!

- Tammy


I love the way it feels and smells : ) I will for sure get more in the future.

- Alejandra

Great deodorant!

It works much better than I thought it would! Love the short ingredient list.

- Faith

Works great!

I have tried numerous natural deodorant products over the past 10+ years. This product really works for a full 24 hours. Very satisfied!!

- Carrie

Great Product

I'm really impressed with this product. Smells great. Performs for a good 12 hours. And doesn't leave those annoying white marks on my clothes. Will definitely purchase again but I'm interested to see how it can hold its own during a New Orleans summer...

- Alison

Natural and odor free!

I got this for my boyfriend who has really strong body odor. This worked better for him than the arm&hammer one he regularly uses, and another brand they sell on Thrive. It also smells amazing! I love that he finally found a deodorant without any chemicals!

- Inna

Finally a natural deodorant that works

I am always hesitant to try new natural deodorants. This one works great! Like 24 hours great. Plus it hasn't given me a rash like some do.

- Lorraine

Great Protection

I have been using natural deodorants for quite some time. Many times, I don't get the lasting protection that I desire, but this is not the case with Primal Pit Stick. It lasts all day and has a nice lavender scent. You do have to warm it up a bit to glide on more easily, but well worth it for the protection. Will buy again.

- Ana


I have been searching for a deodorant just like this for quite some time. It does what it says it does and I love it!

- Dawn

Primal paste deodarant

Haven't used yet, we usually buy stones and they last a long time. Looking forward to other options like this one for the future.

- Susan j

A true natural deodorant

It's been two days sine my delivery arrived and like a child I couldn't wait to shower up and try this product. So far, I love the product and haven't had any irritations. The smell is fantastic and it applies very easy.

- C Robinson

Natural solution

I've tried a ton of natural deodorants including Toms of Maines, Natures Gate, pure baking soda, and more, but this is the only one that seems to have worked. I don't sweat a whole lot, but none of the rest of the natural solutions seemed to do much for me. This has! I do have to reapply at least once a day, but keeps me from having any sort of scent.

- Katie Wilson

Warm it up 1st

Definitely read the instructions on this before the first use. I've been really trying to figure out how to best apply it, and it hadn't worked. I read the instructions that say to warm it up in your armpit before use, and it goes on SO much more smoothly now. That's my own fault, but I just wanted to let everyone else know!

- dswanson37234

Best Natural Deodorant

I am so thrilled that they are carrying PPP!!! I have been using the lavender for the past year. I generally have to apply twice a day but I like it better than any other natural deodorants I've tried (and I've tried at least 8!). Definitely give a PPP stick a try!

- Rachel

Wanted to Love

This stuff works great! Kept any bad B.O. away. However, it ruined my clothes. I am not sure what ingredient in it caused it but the under arms of my shirts now have really dark oil like stains. I have never had a problem with other natural deodorants and these are not sweat stains. This product worked great but ruined a few shirts of mine.

- Anne

Non aluminum deodorant that works!

I have tried many natural deodorants and this is the only one that actually works.

- susan

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