Unstrained Honey

16 oz jar

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16 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Really Raw Unstrained Honey takes honey straight from the hive to the jar. It’s not heated and cooled, nor does Really Raw filter out the honeycomb or pollen like most conventional brands do. Raw honey is great to use as a natural sweetener since it has fewer carbs than sugar, and is less likely to cause blood sugar spikes or sugar crashes. See More
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About This Brand

A few decades ago, we heard about a beekeeper who lived in upstate New York. This beekeeper presented his honey in its most natural form; raw and unstrained. It was solid and creamy; not liquid. It had bits of pollen and honeycomb in it, and it was delicious. Our family loved it. Our friends and their friends loved it, and we found we were needing larger quantities of this unique, wild-looking honey to give to our ever-widening circle of enthusiastic friends.
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Raw honey containing pollen, propolis, and honeycomb.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 Tbsp. (21 g) Servings Per Container about 22

Amount Per Serving

Calories 70 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 6%
Sugars 17g
Protein 0g

Why You’ll Love Unstrained Honey

Wondering what the buzz is over honey? Throughout human history people have delighted in the sustenance and healing properties of the sweet nectar. In fact, there is evidence that suggests that humans first started keeping bees for honey production 8,000 years ago, enjoying not only the sugary taste but also all the benefits that came from the inherent vitamins and enzymes.

Really Raw Unstrained Honey takes it back to that time, before the days of heavily processed foods, with an organic variety of the sweetener that is naturally manufactured by bees, leaving all the advantageous properties intact.

In particular, “raw” and “unstrained” refers to a type of honey that is straight from the hive to the jar. It’s not heated and cooled, nor does it separate out the honeycomb or pollen that is normally filtered from most traditional options sold today. Instead, inside unstrained honey you will find “cappings” that contain these crunchy bits and propolis (a glue-like substance that is used as resin for the hive), which can be chewed like gum.

This type of honey is well known for its immune-boosting and healing properties and is also low carb, making it suitable for those adhering to the Paleo diet or trying to watch sugar intake.

How honey is formed and collected

Bees live in complex structures called hives. Every beehive is home to three types of the insect:

  • A solitary queen bee, who lays up to two thousand eggs a day.
  • A varying number of male drone bees, whose job it is to fertilize the queen bee.
  • Anywhere from 20,000-40,000 female worker bees.

Honey is usually made by a type of worker bee called a forager bee. These forager bees collect nectar from nearby flowering plants, and when they return to the hive, they regurgitate and reingest the nectar multiple times. Through this process and natural evaporation, the bees form honey, which is placed in the cell walls of the hive—or, the honeycomb. These hexagonal wax structures are built by the bees themselves with their eight wax-producing glands.

In domesticated hives, the honeycomb is formed on the walls of a frame. When it comes time to harvest, beekeepers remove the frame from the hive to gather and extract the honey.

Honey is often categorized by which type of flowers the bees have used to collect the nectar. There are three main types:

  • Blended or polyfloral honey: This refers to multiple strains of honey derived from two or more floral sources differing in color, density, flavor, or geographic location.

  • Monofloral honey: Honey that is made solely from the nectar of one type of flower. Therefore, this type of honey produces a distinct flavor, color, and consistency.

  • Honeydew honey: A type of honey that is made by bees who feed on honeydew or other fruits instead of gathering nectar from flowers.

Benefits of raw honey

Really Raw Unstrained Honey contains all the natural properties of the hive that are usually removed from commercially available forms. Upon opening a jar, you will notice a ‘cap’ on the top layer, which contains some of the most beneficial elements of honey: propolis, pollen, vitamins, and enzymes. Underneath the cap, raw honey sits in all its glory, and is characterized by a cloudy or milky appearance that ranges in color from light yellow to dark brown.

Raw honey provides a number of health benefits:

  • A great source of antioxidants. Unprocessed honey contains phenolic compounds, which help humans by combating free radicals associated with cell death, aging, and cancers.

  • A helpful healer. Raw honey is a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent. It also contains hydrogen peroxide, which is an antiseptic. When a cold strikes, many people use honey dissolved in tea to soothe and comfort a sore throat.

  • A digestive relief. Ingestion of honey may delay gastroenteritis and ulcers, two painful and potentially dangerous conditions. In addition, raw honey contains natural bacteria that is beneficial for digestive health.

Cooking with honey

Honey naturally sweetens food but has less carbs than sugar, meaning it’s less likely to cause blood sugar spikes or sugar crashes when used in moderation. Most often used in tea, coffee, and smoothies, here are some other unique ways you can cook with Really Raw Unstrained Honey:

Honey Macerated Strawberries with Yogurt

Soak your fresh strawberries in a bed of honey, mint, ginger, and cardamom to draw out their natural juices and make an even sweeter treat. Enjoy the berries solo or pair with a bowl of yogurt for a refreshing breakfast or dessert.

Honey-Wheat Bread

Good-for-you bread is easy to make at home with this painless recipe. Just use honey, milk, white wheat flour, active yeast, olive oil, and sea salt, and with a few kitchen tools you’ll have a loaf in no time. Just wait until you smell it!

Roasted Honey Mustard Salmon

Even salmon can benefit from a dash of sweetness. Classy up your dinner with these glazed fillets accompanied by roasted beets and fennel.

The beauty of honey

With its healing properties, honey can also be used in a variety of ways to benefit your skin and hair.

  • Moisturize. Here’s a simple way to improve tired-looking skin: Spread a tablespoon of honey onto clean and dry skin, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

  • Exfoliate. If you notice some rough patches, mix a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, rub onto dry skin and rinse with water. The gentle exfoliation will remove dead cells and reveal a fresh face.

  • Clear up acne scars. Honey is a great natural trick for acne. Its natural antibacterial properties will dry up active breakouts. Apply to affected areas once a day, let sit, and rinse with water. Some have also noticed lightening and softening of scar tissue when honey is regularly applied.

  • Treat your hair. Add a little honey (about a dime size) to your shampoo for a boost of moisture. Honey’s naturally-occurring hydrogen peroxide can also help lighten hair color if you want a sun-kissed glow.

Reviews For Unstrained Honey

Based on 253 Reviews

Yummy honey!

I got this as a free product and wow was I surprised! I have never bought raw honey before. It's sooooo much better than regular store bought in the bear kind honey. Will definitely buy again.

- Carey

Really Raw Honey

I absolutely love this stuff. I have tried others from various stores and this, by far, is my favorite.

- Renee

Raw Honey

The fragrance of flowers upon opening the jar is the invitation to pure joy from pure food. The bits of honeycomb present on top of the creamy honey are so delicious only to be upstaged by the sweetness of the honey. Please do treat yourself and/or family if you can bear haha to share this wonderful honey.

- Thora


This honey is incredibly smooth and consistently delicious. There is a thin top layer of what looks like wax and maybe pollen, but I scrape it off and save it as a chewy treat. The honey itself is amazing!

- Robin

Great real honey

This is the real deal! The taste gets getting used to however the health benefits far out way the new taste. The propelis is chewy and fun to chew on. The only downfall is that my jar has several Pieces of actual bee in it through out but that doesn't bother me but just a warning. I will definitly be repurchasing

- Brittany Weedman

The most satisfying

This is by far the best tasting honey I have ever tried. The fact that it is unprocessed in any way makes it even better.

- Amith Vallabhaeni

raw honey

love this have bought several jars

- mark

Great for Face Washing!

I warmed this up to soften it a bit, and its the perfect consistency for a paste that i use to wash my face. It's been great so far, and the propolis and pollen enhance the experience!

- J.A.

great sweetener

Love ther versatility of this honey, tastes great

- Megan

Marvelous Taste

I will never buy my honey at the grocery store again! This is the most delicious honey. You feel like the Queen Bee!

- Tawnia

Raw Honey

This is amazing! The top has an amazing honeycomb mix and the honey is thick and melts in your mouth. I will buy it again!

- Susan


We tried this honey because we got it as a gift. Oh my goodness! It is absolutely divine. I swear, to me it tastes like the bees were let loose on a field of roses. We're used to our local raw unfiltered orange blossom honey but this is something else. I just ordered 3 more jars. If I get fat I will blame you, LOL. ;)

- Anna

Really Raw Honey

Really Raw Honey is like discovering a honey that you don't need to thin the flavor with peanut butter etc. It is fabulous right out of the jar. Makes a great addition to cereal and toast. For me, it was like discovering the taste of real honey for the first time.

- toni

Smells and tastes like flowers

This is truly raw honey...it is the way nature intended it to be. We love eating it plain or adding it to smoothies. It does taste different than processed honey and may take some getting used to. Not for us, we have ordered two more since our first jar. Thanks for having such amazing products.

- Pam


This honey is so good that I'm considering giving some to family for Christmas. I use it everyday. With the easy screw on lid, the ants can't get to it. I scoop some out for tea and it is much easier to use than the runny honey. Much less messy and much more delicious. Sometimes I will just have a spoonful for dessert. It really does have a unique flavor. Delicious treat!


Simply Great

Strong taste on its own but never overpowers when in coffee or used for cooking. Makes a great nut butter and honey sandwich. I never really liked honey because it was always too sweet. Bought this for my boyfriend and decided to try it. Love this. The over powering sweetness factor is not there like in commercial honey. Will be ordering more.

- Bree

True Honey

product is exactly as described, has all the health benefits our Creator intended.

- Victoria

Oh honey!

Wow, this honey is amazing! On first opening the glass jar, I was taken aback by the pungent smell. However, I found the taste to be delicious. I usually add honey to my tea and this honey does add a bit of waxiness to my cup due to the pollen and wax but I don't mind because the taste is worth it. I find that I needed to add more than usual to make my tea sweet. However, it is just perfect when paired with organic vanilla yogurt, so delicious. Alas, it is perfect on its own as well if you want to go ahead and dig in with a spoon. I love this honey! Also, I happened upon a podcast about honey and learned about the different flavors or such as buckwheat, citrus blossoms, and wildflowers. So I smelled the honey again and indeed realized that the "pungent smell" had a sort of wildflower note to it. It sounds ridiculous but I swear I smell a bouquet!

- Von

Unstrained Honey the best for your Coffee and Tea!

I have tried Nature's Nate Raw Honey, and Rice Family Local Florida Raw Honey; but to me the Raw Unstrained Honey that you folks sells is the best of all. I cannot describe how satisfied I am! I am honest and sincere about the taste, the quality for the price is absolutely amazing. I will purchase more of this Honey in the near coming days. I have Pure and Simple 80 oz. Honey, and some Rice Family Local Florida honey left, but once consumed, I will go back to purchase this incredible and amazing Honey. From the Honey Man, this one is the best ever! Best regards from PAFB, FL!

- Jose G. Miranda

Best Honey Ever!!

I just received this honey yesterday and I absolutely love it. I love the texture and the little bits that are in it. I could eat the whole jar by the spoonful! I will be a lifelong customer.

- Amanda

Im obssesed with honey

I've eaten raw honeys, organic rainforest honey, honey in the comb an this is by far the best. Really it's the best thing I've tasted on this planet.

- Anna Ligas

I eat this with a spoon and have no shame

That's actually pretty much my whole review. I got a jar free, and have spent the last week finding reasons to add honey to my meals. It's just that good.

- Alisha Tomsen

Really Raw Honey

I was so excited to get my first Thrive package today because I wanted to try the really raw honey and boy it didn't disappoint! I love it! The smell is something to get use to since regular honey smells more sweet but I find this honey is not quite as sweet as the clear honey for some reason. I don't use sugar or honey much but I bake A LOT and not sure if this would be good to use in anything I bake because of the wax in it. That I did not expect but never the less I am going to put it in my protein shakes and whatever else I can experiment with. So in general it is fair to say that I will be ordering some since this jar was free and I am going to send some to my friend so she can try it. Thanks.

- Lori

Unstrained Honey

This is real good stuff! I love it. I gave some to family members, so you might have some new customers soon.

Thank you,
Bilal Yasin El-Amin

- Bilal Yasin

Yummy, but not for tea

Delicious honey, but not great for using in tea. You may think you managed not to get any piece of wax on your spoon, but you'll find differently once you go to drink your tea and find bit of it floating on top.

- Rebecca

Unstrained honey

Best honey I've ever had!

- Bruce

Really raw honey

The best honey I've ever had.I love the consistency . When i need a sweet fix I go for the honey,It's good for you and the smell is so great. definitely will a repeat customer and already told friends and family how good it is.

- maurita

The best there is

In the past year, since my 2 Back Surgeries at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Richmond Va, I have started living a Healthier lifestyle. I searched several sites and am glad to say that once trying this amazing Honey, I was hooked. Many do not understand the VAST difference between 'REAL' Honey and the Grocery Stores "real" Honey. The difference is night and day. While the stores take all the natural ingredients the Bees give out to produce a clear golden Honey as they think consumers will not buy a milky Honey, they ruin all the benefits of Honey. When you see in the store, "raw", "unfiltered", "pure" Honey, they are merely lying as there are no requirements for them to tell the truth. Not only is Really Raw Honey full of all the medicinal properties the Bees produce, they do nothing at all to ruin all the amazing healthy benefits. YOU CAN NOT GET REAL, UNFILTERED(THEY STILL STRAIN), UNHEATED(WHICH KILLS ALL NATURAL ENZYMES) HONEY. No matter the claim. If you honestly want a Real Honey, this is the one. It has a Rich Robust taste. Many people wonder about the leavings on top. They are nothing but pure Honey at its best. This will be the only honey I will buy for the rest of my life. My 22 years serving OUR Great Nation also has not gone unnoticed by Thrive. I will not go further into that but to say they back Veterans, Poor, Single Parent families etc that need this but can't afford the price of a membership. Thank you Thrive for proving you do care about each and every customer.

- joshua

Unstrained Honey

This honey has a much better flavor than store bought honey. I'm sure it's healthier too. I'm glad I tried this product! I recommend this Unstrained Honey to all my friends and all honey lovers!!

- Kathy Briese

Really GOOD Honey

This is the best honey ever!! Straght from the honeycomb with all the bits of pollen, comb, and whatever else!!! I LOVE THE BITS!!!!!

- Holly

A favorite

Love this honey and all its little bits and pieces (honeycomb, pollen and propolis). I use this on toast, in tea, for baking and as a facial scrub/mask/wash.

- Jennifer

Great product!

I didn't think I would like this the first time I tried it, but my family and I eat it up!

- Ms. FAC

Homestyle, Old Fashioned, Unstrained Honey

One of the best honey's I have ever tasted. So nice to be able to order this. I will definitely order again.

- Debbie

Loved the honey

Easy to eat......yummy

- Diana

Really Raw Honey

The best and only one I use.

- Debbie Nava

a favorite

This is definitely one of our favorite honey products. We love the top layer which has some of the comb and propolis. It's crunchy. The honey itself has a really great taste, very caramel like. It feels therapeutic to eat this honey. We love it and its definitely a staple for us.

- Heather

Best Ever

This Really Raw honey is as good a honey as I've ever had. It was perfect! Scrumptious flavor, wonderful bits
of the comb that collect at the top of the jar for one to be able to chew on, and nice thick consistency. I found it was delicious enough to just eat by the spoonful. It was also comforting to know I was satisfying my sweet cravings in such a healthy way. It is FABULOUS!!!

- Robin


I love this honey, but the unstrained part is weird for me.

- Michelle

The best!

Hands down the best honey I have ever had- I eat it by the spoonful straight out of the jar!


Raw honey

We really like it! Would recommend for eating and applying to superficial wounds.

- Barbra

Awesome Honey

This is a flavorful Honey. I used it with Jason's Almond Butter on an English muffin. Great mid-morning snack.

- Demetrio

To die for!

This is replacing all my candy habits. A little scoop a day is very satisfying, not to mention healthy!

- MS

I wasn't a fan of honey until I found this

I'm 56 years old and was never a fan of honey. Traditional pasturized honey always irritated my throat and tasted artificial to me. Then I discovered raw honey...(queue angels singing). What a difference! In addition to using it in my tea or on my plain yogurt or in smoothies, I also use it as a substitute in recipes...try using it as a substitute for corn syrup in a pecan pie. I have tried a few brands of raw honey and this one is the best. Don't be afraid of the "cappings" or bits of honeycomb on the top. They add a great texture to whatever you're eating. Enjoy!

- Pamela

Has "all of the parts" and is unstrained.

Has "all of the parts" and is unstrained, which is GOOD because I am going to us this for homemade skincare formulas and I WANT the wax, pollen and propolis!

- Patricia

Great product

I made a zucchini bread last night and tried the recipe with the untrained honey instead of the regular organic honey that I used, what a difference it made in the recipe. My family ate almost the entire loaf. Loved it, I highly recommend, will definitely be buying. Thank you Thrive Market for turning me on to this product.

- Maria

Excellent product,

It tastes great and most of all is organic

- Theresa

It bees the best!

Never had such awesome honey.
Thanks to the Beekeepers taking such care of their bees. With love.

- Carol

Really Raw Unstrained Honey

It's not that bad once you take the settlement off of the top of the honey inside the jar, if you don't that settlement is like wax and you will not like it in your tea or anything else. It is just as sweet. The taste is different but not bad. It's a little stinky. I will stick to the raw honey that is cleaned up.

- Donald

Tried and liked very much

It was very good. Great on toasted bagels. Nothing like regular brown bottle honey. Although I may shill use that other sometimes for cooking/sweetening.

- James Taylor STL MO



- Pradyumna



- Luda

Really Raw Honey

A staple in my kitchen. When I need a quick shot of energy this is my favorite 'go to'. A small spoonful is all it takes to give me the edge I need at times :)

- Ellen

Raw honey

WOW. I never tried raw honey before. It's the best!!

- Molly Loveday


I had never had honey like this before and it was sure a treat! The taste is mild and smooth and the extra bits are fun to chew on. I originally got this hoping to use it for tea, but the wax and other bits in it made it distracting to drink. Definitely good on toast though.

- Tricia

Not for me

I suppose you have to develop a taste for it. It smells very pungent, almost nauseating and it tastes like it smells. I'm sorry the free jar was wasted on me and I'm sorry I didn't like it. I prefer my regional honey from Texas.

- n2shooz

Best tasting honey

This product tastes so delicious that it can be eaten straight from the jar. I have tried other brands of raw honey and this is by far the best. Try mixing with raw almond butter and spreading it on apple slices. Superb!!

- Donna

Absolutely Delicious!

I'm not a big honey person myself but i thought I'd give this a try and I'm glad I did! This is the best honey I've ever had it was so good. I love how it comes in a glass jar I am ordering this again.

- Madison


Love that it is raw and comes in a glass container.

- Shelly


We keep ordering this as we think it's the best!

- Shannon

really raw honey

This honey is great, love the bits and the flavor.

- joseph


This came as a free gift with my order... I am coming back for more! This is by far the best honey I have ever had!! It is a MUST TRY! Thank you so much. = )

- Cammie

Have Used This Honey for Years

Have used the unstrained Really Raw Honey along with Wedderspoon Raw Manuka and an absolutely delicious local wildflower honey for years. All three are our go to honeys. We use them as sweeteners and for their antibiotic and immune support properties. Very pleased Thrive carries these honeys (except the local honey, of course.) Has helped reduced the grocery bill.

- Eileen


Delicious, high-quality honey! I use this honey as sweetener for my morning coffee and sometimes I just eat it straight out of the jar. I will be ordering this for a long time to come.

- Drew

Best Honey I've Ever Eaten!

Thank you, Thrive Market . . . what a wonderful treat! The finest quality and absolutely DELICIOUS!

- Lora

Good product and price

I haven't purchased raw honey before. I have taken propolis supplements and I appreciate having it in my honey. This honey tastes great and I use it to replace sugar. I didn't care for the smell, so I gave 4 stars.

- Royal

Best Honey Ever!

So delicious! I will definitely order again.

- Alexandra

It is what it says it is

Well, there is no doubt as to the truth of the name here. You could definitely judge this book by its cover. When I opened it my boyfriend asked "are there actual bee parts in there too!" because of the amount of bee "gunk" The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star review is because the honey isn't very strong. I've had "true" honey have a stronger flavor. Otherwise, this is delicious. Definitely one to put on sandwiches though and not in your teas, unless you want some "texture" lol

- Amie


This raw honey is about as raw as it gets, complete with sweet bits of honeycomb. I highly recommend this honey. It can be lightly melted for liquid applications.

- Dave


It has bee's wings and stuff on the top since it's not strained, but it is tasty! My husband and I use it for my milk tea in the morning. We tried lots of different honey, and this is one of our favorite. I'm ordering the third jar!

- R M

Really Raw Honey

My order qualified for a free jar of this yummy honey. I ordered 2 jars in addition to the one free jar, but the free jar was broken when it arrived with the order and didn't seem edible, so to be on the safe side, threw it away. The other two jars were intact and am enjoying this incredibly good honey!

- Dianne


Very good - authentic and tasty. Wish a little less wax on top, but otherwise awesome.

- louwanda558

Unfiltered isn't for everyone

Definitely not my cup of tea. I don't like the texture. I've even tried straining my coffee afterwards and it doesn't get the grit out completely.. I'll need another strainer I guess. I can understand the claimed health benefits, but this isn't for me. I'll stick to filtered local raw honey

- Laura

My favorite honey!

I love this stuff. After reading the description when I first decided to buy it, I thought the little bits of pollen n stuff were going to be all throughout the honey, but they are only on the top layer. It is much better that way, otherwise it would limit what I could use it for, but I like the top layer too!

- Felicia


This does take some getting used to. The pieces in it are probably mind over matter an so this will take awhile. It also has a different flavor

- Mary Sieben

Raw Honey

A very good Product. I enjoy it everyday.

- Lawrence Peters


I am so glad I made this purchase! The honey has a distinct and indescribable flavor! Delicious! I love that this company explaines the honey process, flavors, and gives health benefits as well as some recipes. I will definitely purchase again!

- Katie M.

Love it

This is my favorite honey for taste!

- Beverly


OMG!!!! this is what Ive waited years for!! I LOVE LOVE the taste.. and all the healthy little bits in there to boot! THIS just may be the destroyer of my seasonal allergies too... YAY!!!

- Cheryl

real honey

I like your real honey.

- Arkady

Loved it!

I like all honey, but was very impressed by this, the little bits of pollen on top was something I have never tasted, they say u can chew it like gum but I didn't care for it. The best stuff is underneath!

- Ashley


I'd never had any raw honey before buying this and it won't be my last. Great flavor and good size jar that will last me a while. I keep it at the office to eat with lunch or for a snack with almond butter. Yummy!

- Ginny


When I opened this I wasn't too sure about it. I pushed the bits aside and got some honey on a spoon. It is very, very thick. I was scared but OMG it tastes like honey flavored frosting. It is so freaking delicious. Best honey I have ever tasted!

- Michelle

Smells awful

I bought this honey for my husband who is always on the hunt for the purest raw honey he can find. He used it once but couldn't get past the smell. It smells awful. I have to hold my breath every time I open the jar. I thought once I used the cap of pollen/beeswax/ect on top the smell would disipate but it didn't. I still use the honey because I feel like it's healthy for me, but I don't find the taste to be any better than other raw honeys I've tried. If you can get past the smell I'm sure the honey is good for you.

- Angel


This honey is so good. I love that there are little crystallized pieces in it.

- Leah

Very Good Honey

The taste is excellent.

- Jerry

Best Honey I have ever tasted.

12:09 PM and I am eating raw honey. That is how good it is.

- Anh

Real Raw Wild Honey

Love it. Not too sweet. Has everything in it that bees make that's good for ya.

- Barbara

The best honey I have ever tasted!

I use this honey on a coconut Paleo wrap with the almond butter, all of which come from Thrive market. This is my go-to snack when I am having a sugar craving. Really delicious. I do have a slightly hard time restraining myself from eating this honey by the spoonful.

- Maria

Yum yum!!

This is the best honey ever!! Can not say enough good about it! Just loved it!!

- Joyce

Great STRONG Honey

This is for serious raw honey lovers. It is strong flavored. I usually use it in chamomile tea, or just eat a teaspoon. It lasts long too.

- Wendy

Didn't like it

I've had raw honey before and liked the taste, so this sounded pretty good. I like that it's completely raw, natural, no additives, etc. But I can't get over the texture. When I drink hot tea or coffee I don't want to have to chew bits in between. Very waxy. Maybe I can use it for something else.

- Lisa

The Best!

After purchasing-and eating-a lot of brands/flavor of honey, Really Raw Honey is by far my favorite honey (still continue buy/eat different brands/types). i not only eat it but use it on wounds and for eye irritation. I enjoy opening a new jar and indulging in the narrow layer of pollen, propolis, and wax particles. As an adventurer, this honey is my go to for quick energy or wound repair. I usually keep 10 jars on hand but my 3 grown daughter like to "shop" in my pantry. A jar of RRH is their favorite freebie.

- Mo'ui


tasted gross. not sweet like honey. smelled like someone who has not showered in a week. yuck. it says it does not get rotten but i swear this was.

- Laura

One and Only

This is the best honey I've ever had. It tastes and smells as real honey should. Superb. It comes in a soft solid that's consistency of peanut butter. Although, it is capped off with honeycomb and bees wax which does not go well in my teas. I recommend eating the beeswax like one would gum.

- Lananh


After reading other reviews I decided to try this honey. I didn't think it would be all that different or amazing, and I was wrong! This honey is unbelievably delicious and amazing! I will never purchase regular honey again, ever!

- Sharron

Raw Honey

Great product love it order it often

- Denise

Best honey ever

Love this honey. I was disappointed when I couldn't find it locally anymore but now I can order it from thrive! Perfect

- Renee

Best honey ever

I love this and will always have a jar on hand. For something rough throat, sweet cravings, and everything else I can think of

- Susan

This is delicious!

We love everything about this honey!
Not only is it one of the smoothest, best tasting honey we have ever had, we love learning how well cared for the bees that make it are! We are completely sold on this honey, and now have to buy 2 jars at a time!

- Diana

Unstrained Honey

I love honey and this was a huge hit for me and my kids! Thank you so much for the free jar!!

- Briana

Really Raw unstrained honey

I love this really raw honey, and my grandson as well. He'll ask for a snack; which is usually a piece of toast with real butter and really raw honey on it. That's his favorite snack. The price is right as well.

- Rosalie


I am not a "honey" person, but I wanted to use it for medicinal purposes. I find this honey pleasant to eat and even enjoy all the unfoltered ingredients! Seems to be helping my allergies!

- Natalie

Hands down the best raw honey

I received this yesterday and could not wait to open it. It smelled wonderful. It is thick and creamy with little bits in it. The flavor is amazing, and tastes like the flowers that are used by the bees. I am beyond impressed and will continue to purchase this.

- amberlynde

home maker

best honey have ever eaten, will order again

- Jacquee

home maker

Best honey have ever use.

- Jacquee

Best Honey Ever

This stuff is so amazing. I used it last night to make an Asian stir fry yummy!

- Shantel


Haven't used yet, but will soon.

- Cyndi

Raw Honey

This raw honey, mixed with coconut oil and a little salt is instant sleep! I also use this as a sweetner in my coffee.

- Judi

Medicinal purposes

Very few people still use honey for healing. There are products for sale that are called medihoney, which are refined and cut down and contain almost no beneficial properties. Really Raw has natural antibiotics and healing properties for wounds and sores. I didn't believe it either till I tried it.

- Thrive User


I think that your unstained Honey is an excellent product.
I also think that the way your program is set up is unique, where
you pay a membership fee of $60.00 a year and you are able to
sell your product at a big discount. You also give s/h free


Great flavor

Really Raw honey is my go to for sweetening tea and bringing out a most awesome moistness in my Paleo carrot cake. I also love to whip a spoonful into my Shea butter/coconut moisturizer. Amazing uses

- Donna

sorry, this is terrible

This honey is inedible. It is mostly wax. If you put it in your hot beverage, as one reviewer suggested, you will be drinking wax. I don't know if beeswax is something you want to ingest. It doesn't taste very good in any case. . . I suppose you could chew a wad of it and then discard it, but why would you want to do that?

- Rima


This honey is the best! Is just the right thickness to eat with a spoon, and the random bits of honeycomb only make it that much better!!!

- Austin

Good Honey

Very sweet. It has strong scent to it, but it doesn't bother me too much. To me, it tastes sweeter than other honey I've tried. I put spoonful in my coffee and tea. At night, I eat a spoon to sleep better.

- Dianne


My husband and I LOVE this honey. We have used it in several recipes and you can really taste the difference.

- Laura

The real deal

Raw, real tasty perfection

- Lauren

Really Raw Honey

This is my favorite brand of honey. It has a very good flavor, and I use it as a sweetener in coffee and tea often.

- Kyle

Better than sugar

Delicious in anything that you would use sugar for

- Michele

Bees the best

Great tasting honey wish it come in a larger size

- Angela


Much more sweet and creamy than strained and filtered honey.

- Oren

It's Always In My Go Bag!

Here are my Top 10 Reasons for keeping Really RAW Honey in my Go Bag:

- Coach Helder

Exactly as expected

My uncle used to raise honey bees and so, I am used to and know what "Really Raw Honey" is and this stuff is the goods. Tastes like it's fresh off the honeycomb. Product is exactly as described and just what I expected. A+

- Terri

Sweet Addiction

This Raw Honey is by far my favorite honey I have ever had. It has the best flavor, and I love those little bits that were left inside that all the more flavor. I find this stuff addicting. I have to keep it in my cabinet!!!!

- Sara


Really love this honey!!

- Vicki


I am a raw, fresh honey aficionado...I buy at any farmer's market wherever my travels take me...I have NEVER had honey in this form, this is simply the greatest honey I have ever eaten...I literally take a spoon and eat it out of the jar...I's great on an English muffin or in a cup of green tea, I am ordering more today, and I just got it last week! Can't miss with this product! Thanks Thrive for bringing it to my attention!

- Russ

Really raw honey

I love this honey and have been ordering it for some time now. This last shipment however was a littlerunny and granular. This honey is usually very thick and creamy, so much so that it has the consistency of peanut butter. It's still good though.

- Sandra Bagdas


My husband requires a jar on reserve! I take honey every morning in hot water with lemon and ACV...

- Beth

I strained Honey

Can't be without it. Delicious and you know no processing takes place with this honey.

- Brenda

Really raw honey

Best honey I have ever tasted.

- Reinke


While I like strained refined honey this tops it. I use it in cooking rather then sugar and in my teas as well as poultices for wounds! The flavor is beyond words!

- Catherine

My kids think that it's frosting!

This is hands down the best honey I've ever had. It's different from the refined garbage - so it takes a couple of tries to adjust (like switching from sugar to stevia) - but it is SOOOO worth it! I eat it every day. And try it with cinnamon. Yumm.

- Candie Leigh


What a bargain! I think I only paid a dollar for this. I'm glad I remembered to cancel my membership.

- Scout

Tastes amazing! Smells funny...

I love raw honey, and this honey is just as delicious as any other raw honey I've had. It has a "cap" which was new to me but I wasn't bothered.
However, it does smell funny. Slightly vinegar like even a bit "footy" which is weird cuz that's nothing like how it tastes (buttery, floral, with slight citrus notes) I don't think it's a big issue since honey is naturally anti-bacterial. It does make opening the jar less pleasant than it should be though. :(

- Sofia

Love it!

I can't go back to squeeze bottles of honey now! I love how thick it is and how it melts like butter!

- Stacy

Good buy

I really like this honey.

- Alice

"Simply the Best"

This honey is just the best, you won't go wrong ordering this product...Mmmmm it tastes great right out of the jar!! Fantastic!!

- Darlene


I love this honey, and I've used lots of honey.

- Alice


It is heaven

- Solomon


This honey is the best honey I've ever had! So yummy and natural!

- Hannah


Oh, oh, oh...oh! I can't go back to eating anything other than raw and unstrained. I will buy again. I wished I had bought 2!

- T.


We all love this honey!!!

- Heidi

So delicious

Best honey I've ever tasted. Much thinker than non organic. If this is your first time buying honey like this you're in for a very pleasant surprise.

- Elyse


This is absolutely delicious!! I live that it has the comb in it. I love that I can spread it on bread! I just love, love, love it!!

- Lorri


I sent in for the promotional $1.95 jar of this honey and not only did it show up within a few days, (I was very surprised) it was also delicious! This company is great and I'm very happy I took the chance.

- Kaitlin

I didn't get to try it!

Thrive sent me a broken jar, and didn't exchange it for me.

- Solange

Its amazing

Just amazing; less sweeter than the "regular" ones, wich is great to have.. Even my kids likes it.

- Lilí

Raw Honey

If you haven't tried the raw honey unstrained you are missing a true pleasure! It is delicious!!

- Rebekah

The best

I have never tasted a honey as delicious as this. It is unlike any other I've ever had. It NEVER expires.

- Kelly


Best honey I've ever tasted. Creamy, sweet and rich.

- Elizabeth

Raw Unstrained Honey

This is undoubtedly THE BEST honey we have ever used/tasted. It's awesome!

- Carol Austin


The best tasting honey ever. I bought organic honey at my local farmers market and I hate it. I'm so addicted to the flavor of this unstrained honey!!!

- Jack


The BEST honey.

- Anna

Simply The Best

I have tried a number of honey types and brands over the years. Everything from overly refined to raw to those that include royal jelly, bits of the comb, etc. . This is hand down the tastiest honey ever. Creamy and rich, it defies what many people might think honey is supposed to be. This is about as raw and natural as you can get when it comes to honey, and the care those are Really Raw take to have happy bees that produce a quality product really shines through.

It is prices really well considering all of the special benefits and "nots" it provides. Non-GMO, all natural, unprocessed, unfilters, gluten-free, yada, yada... It is the real, RAW, deal. It feels both healthy and decadent when you take a tablespoon directly from the jar. My one caution would be that this IS unstrained, so there are chunks of wax, propolis, and other hive debris in the honey. This doesn't bother me, but it might not make it honey best suited for smoothies or other recipes where you want as pure a mixing agent as possible.

Otherwise, the is the best honey my wife and I have ever been fortunate enough to enjoy. You should try it!

~ Kort

- Kort

Delish but...

I love the taste of this honey, it is absolutely delicious but I can't stand the wax in it. Caught myself spitting it out, bummer.

- Peggy


My husband bought this and when I came home from work, he exclaimed "YOU MUST TRY THIS HONEY". I said "I don't like honey", and he said "you do now". He was right. Immediately I began thinking of all the tasty recipes we could make, but we didn't make it that far. Every time we opened the cabinet we'd take a spoonful (or two) and within a week it was gone.
OK so we exceeded our daily sugar intake, but it was SO worth it.

- Winnie the Pooh

It took me a while, but...

Now I really like this honey; in fact, I'm ordering my second jar now. I love the taste and texture of the honey and I enjoy the pollen and other good stuff that's in the layer on top. In the beginning, I was put off by the wax that's also in that top layer, but I've gotten used to that and I know how to handle it. After all, that's how it comes from the hive!

- Judith

Really Raw unstrained honey

This is the best tasting raw honey. The bits on top are good. I like it straight from the jar. It's good on toast and in yogurt, too!

- Deborah


Super product only honey I buy

- Denise

Unbelievably Good!!

This is one of the best tasting honey that I have had, I was truly impressed. Will order this again.

- Darlene

Unstrained Honey

Great product! Great taste!

- Bev

A staple in my pantry

Love this honey. Great flavor. Use it in tea. Picky husband loves it.

- Brenda

Best Raw Honey

This is truly the best raw honey I have tasted. It is thick, and has pollen too. I really like the texture.

- Anna

Nutritious and delicious

Love the raw honey the first time I tried it! Will definitely keep purchasing.

- Anjenita

Tastiest honey ever!

I love this stuff - its how honey is supposed to taste!

- Alison

Really Raw Honey

I don't like the chewy stuff on top of the honey. It's just me, but it sticks in your teeth and you are pulling out little bits for a while after you've chewed on it. Ewww. But the honey itself, under the chewy stuff is delish.

- Carol

Surprisingly Great!

Wasn't sure what to expect...but this is wonderful! Seems to be sweeter than the regular Raw Honey.

- Janet

Best honey

This is by far the best honey I have ever tasted! Will always want to have on hand.

- Myriam


I ate this stuff way to fast!

- Alexandra


I got this as a free gift (advertised on Instagram) and I LOVE IT! I was nervous at first because I was used to the pure honey from the stores, but, I don't notice a difference besides the pieces of honey comb that float to the top of my tea(not noticeable when drinking). I feel like it gives me an immune boost as well. Definitely will be buying again.

- McKenzie


I loved the bits of pollen, bees wax, etc. that is settled on top. If that's not your thing, it appears that you could scrape it off the top. Can't get this at any markets in my area, and have never seen anything of this quality. Plan to purchase again. A very sweet treat on my homemade bread. Yum!

- sandra

very good!

I had read about the great health benefits of raw honey so gave it a try. I use it in my tea , oatmeal and a variety of ways. Thank you Thrive!

- Karen


I love honey, everything about it, it is an amazing product of nature! This is the very best raw honey I have ever purchased. I am unable to find local bee keepers so have to buy online and I will continue to buy Really Raw Honey! It is delicious on a spoon right out of the jar too!!

- Myra


I love this stuff! I've been drinking honey in my tea for years and decided to give raw honey a try and I have to say that I don't think I can go back to anything else. The flavor is light and floral. So delicious!

- Layla

Raw Honey

This is great raw honey, Wish they had a bigger jar.

- Warren


This honey is the best! The flavor is wonderful and I like the texture. When I have a sore throat I suck on a teaspoon and my throat feels so much better.

- Katherine


I will admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after I tried my first jar, I can never settle for any of those supermarket brands! The honey you would buy in those little bears doesn't even compare to this. This honey has all of the great medicinal aspects while still tasting great. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of all the propolis and pollen on top, but I still use it. I couldn't fathom any of this precious gold going to waste! I use this in hot tea, oatmeal, baking, anything really. Sometimes I will just have a spoonful by itself whenever I'm craving something sweet.

- Shelby

Very good

Love the honey but without spending $59 to join I found same honey for just $2 more. Im on a fixed income and $59 is just to much since iim only interested in the honey

- Sanford Parker

great honey

I like this honey, I use it as an antibiotic on cuts and scrapes. It tastes great when I add it to my green tea. I will keep on buying this product.

- David

The best honey!

Seriously, my fav honey ever! Ever! My kids don't usually like honey, but they would ask for this! I mix this with my matcha green tea every morning, yummm. I don't really care for the stuff on the top layer, it might be the best part of this and I'm missing out, maybe. But I don't enjoy chewing them. I like my honey green tea smooth and delicious.

- Linda

Best Honey EVer

Best taste ever! It is a miracle honey!

- Rossana

Raw honey

It is delicious.

- Joyce

so good

I really enjoy eating a spoonful of this honey. I have tried it in my tea and yes, it is good, but a spoonful to snack on is really how I consume this natural wonder!

- Bridget

Amazing honey!

Best tasting honey I have ever tried, & much better for you than supermarket varieties.

- melis

Great product

I love that this honey has the propolis and pollen in it. It is unfiltered and raw. The taste is smooth and creamy. Chewing bits of the comb with the honey helps clear my sinus's. A teaspoon after meals takes the place of any other kind of dessert and it is delicious!

- Ruthel

Really Great Honey!!

I love the way you can get a spoon-full of this honey and have it stay on the spoon. I use this honey in my coffee (Lucy's Bru from the Alternative Daily) and my tea. It's so much better for you than sugar or artificial sweeteners. Thanks Thrive!!

- Sydney

Really Raw Honey

I thought I might not get really raw honey but this goodness is as good as it gets. Beautiful sweet raw honey from the bee goddesses

- Lela

What great honey!

This real honey is the real deal.

- John


This has to be some of the best honey that I've ever had! From the moment you open the jar you know you have made a great buy. I use this honey more for every day use and keep some liquid honey on hand for easy cooking as it can be a little bit of a pain trying to get it out of the jar.

- Elizabeth

unstrained honey

Best raw honey- only product I use

- Denise

Very sweet and smooth!

I have tried other raw honeys and they tend to be chunky like sugar crystals have formed, but this one was smooth and perfectly sweet. It is capped with Pollen, Propolis, and Honeycomb as it said, but I didn't mind it I just used it as well, because it didn't have a flavor to me. Overall a very good honey to use as a sweetener.

- Samantha

The Real Deal

This Honey is awesome, but I was a little thrown by the "gum" part at the top the first time around. Would have been wise to read the label. This Honey is some of the most flavorful I've ever tasted, I love the pollen bits they leave in there and I love that it seems they treat their bees well. Worth the Price!!

- Annastasia


I like it. If you eat it by itself, it's kinda like getting honey and a little bit of chewing gum.

- Carlesious


My first order and this jar of honey had specks on top! The label said this was ok...even healthy so I tested it. Seriously the BEST honey I've ever had! Easy to get out of the jar (jar size and the smooth honey on a cold day), perfect flavor for all who tasted it!

- Sue


Save the honey bees!!!

- Deborah

Love this honey!!

This honey is amazing! I've ordered it twice now and I've not been disappointed. You won't be disappointed either! I like knowing there isn't anything added or taken away from this honey!

- Angela

Excellent Face Wash

I use this with bentonite clay and tea tree and lavender essential oils for a face wash, and I love it! the honey is antibacterial, all natural, and is quite a bit thicker than processed honey.

- Cheryl

Raw Honey unstrained by Really Raw

Really good! I have never had honey this good! Best ever! Try it. You won't be disappointed.

- Pam

Awesome Honey

This honey is so awesome and healthy it is the only one I want to eat. And Thrives price is the best. thanks Thrive.

- CarolLynn

Very sweet!

I'm really disappointed and surprised how som people say that it's less sweet taste than othe type of honey! I found it with very high sweetness! I cannot eat more than half of the tea spoon. When i eat it I feel sweetness reaches to my brain! I wish if it was less sweet. I'm not sure if some sugar was added. It's mentioned nothing added. But it's really very sweet

- Huda


I chop in the magic bullet one entire lemon with peel (rich in bioflavonoids), one heaping tablespoon of Really Raw Unstrained honey and 4 cups of water. Great alkaline drink

- Lucia Vassallo

Our Favorite

Pure natural honey. We love it. Solid and spreadable

- Brenda


I love this product and so does my granddaughter!

- Patricia

So yummy!

I love using this instead of refined sugar. It's wonderful in coffee with coconut cream!

- Erica


I eat local honey but this is the BEST honey I ever have had. It has amazing flavor and is very smooth. I will buy again for sure!!

- Jennifer


I love this raw honey. It is by far my favorite. It's super thick, rich and delicious. It's the only honey I will buy from now on.

- Michelle

really raw honey

Tasty and healthy!

- Darcy


Great ! I love it !

- Jeff Whelchel

Simply the best

My boys dont usually like honey. I know, almost weird. But they love this! And I love to mix it with my green tea. I prefer this texture over the liquid. It's less messy :). Of course, the taste is delicious

- Linda


The best honey I've ever tasted. Definitely buying 5 more jars!!

- Danielle

Real Honey

This is what I remember honey tasting like as a kid. Love it!

- L

Love RRH

I've been a fan of RRH for about a year. I use it in my weekly DIY facials, which work great. I'll also add 1 table spoon of it into my pre work drinks. It's also a really good price here, so stock up :)

- CR

It's a Taste of Heaven

I will never eat processed honey again! This honey is melt in your mouth amazing ! The flavor is total YUM ! Thank you little lovely bees.

- janie

Ah Mazing...

This stuff is delicious. I doubt I will ever be satisfied with regular honey ever again.

- Pha

Excellent quality honey

I love this honey. It has a very nice flavor to it that's natural and unprocessed. I'll continue to buy this honey in the future.

- Kavi


Real honey! Real honey with all the good stuff! This has Propolis, Pollen, and Honeycomb. The Honeycomb is a great addition to my cheese platter (some of my friends didn't know what it was!) And Propolis is like a secret weapon in DIY beauty. I mix this honey into my face masks with chickpea flour and turmeric and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and looking bright.

I spread this honey on toast, put it in my tea, and occasionally, just eat a spoonful by itself to curb my sweet tooth! SO happy I found it here and that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like at my local store!

- Sonia Valdez

"Buzzing" with flavor and nutrients

I love that Thrive sells this at such an affordable price. For a jar the same size, I've seen it as high as $20-$25. I started buying my honey raw for the health benefits and this is is my all-time favorite one. I'm glad they mentioned on the label that it might still have bits of honey comb and pollen in it otherwise I might have been put off, but those bits are actually the best parts! It has a thick, smooth texture and an even consistency throughout. And it is PACKED with flavor, a little bit goes a long way, but I use it so often that I never fail to run out every month. But now that's on here for less, I can just order some more when I run out instead of having to wait.

- Curt M.

Great taste, strange smell.

As I am trying to reduce sugar consumption, I have turned to using more honey to substitute it, especially in my morning smoothies. I heard of unstrained honey and the health benefits derived from it.

Really Raw was my first selection to try and was greatly pleased by the flavor. The texture was rather pasty and grainy but still very tolerable.

The one thing I had trouble with was the odor, which was surprisingly unpleasant. It distracted me from savoring at the beginning, but I was able to get through it after a few more attempts.

- Edith H.

Thank You Really Raw

I've heard of other honey companies watering down their honey and claiming to be 'raw' when they are actually not! Really Raw is an honest company that is high quality and very tasty! It is the best honey I've ever tried, it comes with honeycomb bits on top that are beyond delicious. I can't wait to order more!

- Tommie Ball

Really Really!

Honestly, the best honey I have ever had. I was a skeptic about the chunks of honey comb but, now I am a believer! If you every buy honey that is translucent or "clean," you are buying honey that is filtered and processed. The honey is the IT brand.

My only issue was that it ran out at the warehouse the first time I tried to order it. After contacting customer support, they reshipped it when it became available. I also wish I could buy this locally.

I really really like this honey! Would recommend.

- Eula Graves

Good but...

I thought this honey had a really good flavor however I didn't care for the bits of honeycomb.

- Lisa

Love it!! Tastes good and great facial mask/wash too!

I love this honey! At first, it smelled very odd- almost a little "stinky" (to me and also my mom). We are used to the filtered and processed honey. However, with that being said, this honey tastes awesome with my coffee and also for cooking too. But I leave this bottle in the bathroom since I dig my fingers in it for my morning facial mask (I put on the honey and brush my teeth, do my hair, do some yoga then maybe some breakfast or coffee. I have left this on sometimes for over an hour. I have very sensitive and also oil/acne prone skin. This works really nicely and even helps get rid of acne. if I have a breakout, I simply put a dab of this on it and leave it there for over 15 mins.. The next day or throughout the day, I notice the acne having less swelling and then it would dry out (usually to the point of not having to get rid of any gross stuff like puss underneath). Sorry if that was really graphic but acne is gross as is. Anyway, I have been using this jar for over a month and ½ now and i still have ¼ of the jar left of the honey. I will add though, there is pollen pieces in the honey, which is common for unfiltered organic raw honey. So be careful when you use the honey on your face. I like the roughness, actually because it serves as a little exfoliator.

- Phancy

Love it

I honestly am not a sweets type of person but this honey has changed everything. I don't eat white sugar so for me it was organic stevia or nothing. I am thrilled with this alternative! Do yourself a huge favor and try this honey...you will never go back to any other. Right out of the Jat is to die for!

- Lee

Simply The Best!

I LOVE THIS HONEY! The flavor and consistency of this honey is fabulous, unlike any I've ever tried! I never really cared all that much about honey in the past. But that change when I tried Really Raw! It's creamy and thick and the cappings are wonderful! It just makes you feel good! Try a spoonful at night before bed (yep, right off the spoon). You'll sleep like a baby! I have gone thru 2 jars in 6 weeks and I never want to be without it!

- Pamela

Really real

Love this honey, it is a sweet treat for me, but also dissolves in my hot tea great too.

- Thrive User

tummy tickling good

I love this REAL honey . Great on toast , in tea , oatmeal, in my honey mustard dip -and I don't feel like I'm "cheating" myself.

- April

The real deal!

This is hands down the best I've ever tasted! It's hard to stay out of it once the jar is opened and I've never been particularly fond of honey before. But this has definitely won my heart! Try it!

- Pamela

Melts in Your Mouth!

I received this item as an extra with my order (or by accident maybe?), but i LOVE it. I do lost raw honey and this is perfect for spreading on biscuits and toast for breakfast because it doesn't run off the bread as easily. I just love the melt in your mouth consistency.

- Grace

Love this honey

Love this in my coffee and tea
Great sweetener since I've given up sugar

- Terri

Love it

Very tasty honey, not as sweet as most of the other kinds. Will always buy it.

- Ludmila

OMG! The real deal here!

I rarely ever use honey anymore because what I find in stores is nothing like I remember on my grandparents farm. This honey is AMAZING! I've nearly finished my first jar in just a few weeks, so I'm back for more. I don't ever want to be without it in my pantry!

- PghPammy

The lable says it all

Earthy, natural sweetness is just a jar away. Love this stuff! I make baklava a few times a year and this was the honey I had been missing.

- Yvette

The best ever!!!

This is hands down the best raw honey I've ever purchased. The taste is amazing!

- Melanie

The best I've tried

I enjoy all honey, even the cheap store brands, but this one takes me back to my childhood. There were bee hives in the fruit trees in our neighborhood. Our neighbor would harvest it for us and we'd share. We'd spread it on toast or peanut butter sandwiches. I've found nothing like it till now. My daughter buys me honey when she travels and I've had some from all over. This far exceeds the best I've ever had and it's good for me. I'll still try other honeys, but this one has spoiled me so I'll try to keep some on hand at all times. I highly recommend this one for its taste and most especially for its health benefits. A spoonful will soothe a sore throat.

- Patricia

Absolutely Awesome!

I knew from the moment I opened the jar that this was the honey I'd been searching for. The smell was luxurious & the unfiltered texture made me love it even more!!! A fantastic honey in tea, water & Braggs ACV or just off the spoon!!!

- Kerrie

Great honey

The best unstrained honey I've found - I love how the honey comb is intact on the top! So yummy!

- Sarah

Great honey

After reading the reviews, I purchased this raw honey and it is truly delicious! Honey has so many health benefits and this raw honey is going to be a regular part of my diet.

- JJ

Excellent Taste

I was not sure what to expect since this was my first time trying raw honey and I'm impressed with how great it turned out to be. The taste is rich and the consistency is satisfying. I like it so much that I'm looking for ways to add it to everything.

- Silvia

More Please

Tastes very similar to another raw honey brand I purchase. The flavor is excellent!

- J Lea

You Need To Try This

I've been eyeing this honey for a while... When it comes to natural foods I am very open to trying new things so I figured I would give it a shot. Wow. This honey is amazing. I don't add a lot of sugar to foods but this is so delicious in whatever you add it to. I've used it in my smoothies, oatmeal, tea, coffee, you name it. This is my go-to ingredient when I need a touch of sweetness. Also, the honey "cappings" in the honey only seem to be on the top layer.... Once you get past it the rest is crystallized honey. I don't mind the cappings, either. I will be purchasing more soon, this stuff is SO delicious and I love taking a big whiff of it every time I open the jar. Give it a shot!

- Shannon

Creme de la Creme

If you've never tried this, you simply must. It is the raw cream of honeys. I eat mostly local honey, but we get this for a treat and bliss out on every taste of it. The kids want to eat it outright and so do i. Plus it comes with propolis on the top, which is incredible for the immune system.

- Bonny

Not the same as normal honey

Most store bought honey is processed, a lot, and far from raw. That processing system changes the flavor. So, when you go to have some raw honey you will notice a difference in taste. It's not a bad thing, both are good for you.

I am still getting used to raw honey, this brand is helping with that. The cost is a little much, but I think it's worth the benefits.

- R. Tindle

More than a sweetener

Many people strictly use honey because it is sweet. It is good in tea when you have a sore throat. It sweetens oatmeal and toast.

I also use it for it's healing properties. The rawer the honey the better, which is why I like this brand. It's not the best for sweetening, but it is great for what ails you.

- Glendora

Ancient honey

There is a reason honey has been used and consumed for centuries, it has the most amazing properties. Obviously I won't list them all in a review about a specific product.

This raw honey is great and I mostly use it as a medicinal supplement, take a spoon or two when something is ailing me, or when I am trying to lose weight.

- Nicole M

They Really Mean "Unstrained"

I've tried quite a few honey brands, and this is one of my favorites. It's definitely a bit different of an experience, though. I'm used to strained honey that's very thick and smooth without anything in it. The first time I tried this, I really just wasn't prepared for a bit of crunchiness in it! I suppose that's what they mean by "unstrained". It doesn't taste bad, though, and once you get used to it, you honestly barely notice it anymore. This has been great for sweetening up my tea and other beverages without using other types of more dangerous sweeteners.

- Jadzia B

Honey in the raw

This is by far the best way to get honey. None of the good stuff is gone this way. There are tons of health benefits in raw honey and this stuff has all of them, completely raw.

This honey has healing properties, and it even tastes pretty good.

- Patricia Wen

It never expires!

Honey is a true miracle. It never expires. Even if it crystallizes it will soften up again with a little heat. It not only tastes good in many dishes (from candied yams to drizzled on toast), but it has also been used for centuries for healing. It helps heal a sore throat and it can even help heal wounds like cuts. Raw honey is the best, and it this purest form it has the most healing properties.

This brand of raw honey is one of the best I've used.

- S.Lally

Something different

I've always loved honey. I drizzle it on everything from toast and breakfast cereals, mix it into teas and coffee, and bake with it. I have never come across a honey as unique as this one. Don't get me wrong, the tastes was good.
I wasn't prepared for the crunch bits of honeycomb and pollen. These additions were good in my baked goods, like cookies and cakes. However, I didn't much care for them in my drinks. To me, honey should be smooth when pouring in a hot beverage or on top of a smoothie or a sundae. I guess I can get used to it for the sake of my health. It seems this product has much more nutrients than other types of harvested honey.

- Dave Welch

Good but leaves an aftertaste

Really Raw isn't bad and I love it on toast or crackers, but the company's got some work to do. One thing about most raw honey is a strong aftertaste that's hard to get out of my mouth.

It helps to mix in with low-fat salad dressing or as a substitute for sugar when I drink my coffee, but when I eat it straight out of the bottle, it's tough for me to swallow. I like the natural benefits of this honey, but I'm iffy on the taste.

- Jensen Massulo

Really Good Honey

I'm a big fan of Really Raw's honey, especially the chunks I get in every bite. It's not like the regular stuff which is more like ultra sweet maple syrup. I grew up on a farm, so I can taste the difference between raw and processed.

I like to mix the honey with my oatmeal as a natural sweetener, and I also take it by the teaspoon for my acid reflux. My one thing is the price, which is a tad high for a one-pound bottle.

- Jess Malloy

A cure for hearburn and stomach pain

I went to a naturopathic doctor, who recommended raw honey for my stomach pain and chronic heartburn. I wasn't too keen on honey, but I was sick of taking antacids by the handful, so I ordered a one-pound bottle.

Inside of a week of taking Really Raw honey, my heartburn just vanished. And the constant heavy ache in my gut was gone too. I take two teaspoons every day, one in the morning and one at night. It's a natural wonder that cured my digestive issues, and it really tastes great. It's also great spread on whole wheat bread, or mixing in to sweeten tea.

- Jordan Miller

Best I've Tasted

Honey isn't my 'thing,' but I was tired of using artificial sweeteners for my tea, which I drink a lot of during the day. My sister said I should try honey, but not the goop at the store. So I did some research and found Really Raw. The pictures alone made me a believer. It wasn't that syrupy gold liquid, but thick and solid and lighter, in other words, raw.

I love the fact that Really Raw uses glass for its honey, I think it makes for a purer taste. It sweetens my tea wonderfully without added sugar and corn syrup. And the price here beats Amazon by more than a dollar, so that's an added bonus.

- Jodie M.

Quality Organic Honey

Really Raw makes an out of this world honey that's so different from what you'd buy in stores. It's raw, unstrained and filled with chunks of honey that you can savor and chew for minutes. I'm obsessed with organic food and organic processes, so I'm stoked that Really Raw is committed to that ideal.

They don't call their honey organic, but its free of pesticides, and the company doesn't provide sugar or any kind of corn syrup to the bees who make their honey. Great tasting honey with a conscience. Give it a shot!

- Jeffery Moss

Freshest, best tasting honey

This honey is so fresh, you can smell the wildflowers. I like adding a spoonful to my tea, and it helps me control my seasonal allergies.

- Annalise

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