Baby Wipes, Free and Clear

64 count per package

Retail Price: $5.05

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64 count per package

Why You’ll Love It

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes are super-sized and great for quick clean-ups. Harsh cleaning agents like chlorine and alcohol are left out, replaced by all-natural ingredients including soothing aloe and water. Seventh Generation’s plant-derived formula is completely hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be gentle on sensitive skin.
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About This Brand

If we’re truly focused on caring for seven generations of tomorrows, how do we care for what you need today? It’s really quite simple. In caring for the future, we believe we are creating brighter solutions for right now. Solutions for your home, your family, and your environment that protect and nurture your well-being today, open the door to a more sustainable world for generations yet to come. By making conscious choices, we believe the earth will return the favor and continue to care for us, too. All Seventh Generation products are not acutely toxic and are free of chronic toxicants; these and all other product benefits are clearly promoted to our consumers.
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Water, cocamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate, sodium benzoate, quillaja saponaria wood extract, citric acid, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tocopheryl acetate.The wipe material used in this product is a blend of wood pulp, polypropylene and polyethylene.

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Reviews For Baby Wipes, Free and Clear

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Work well, smell nice, feel good that they don't have any chemicals or icky stuff!

- Lauren N.

Good wipes

These are some of my favorite baby wipes. They are large, thick (but not too thick), glide well, and are wet enough. They do a great job. Deducted one star because they do start to shred/pill if wiping vigorously, like when cleaning hands. I've continued to buy this brand and plan to keep buying!

- TXmomma

Great stuff

I have one in the car, in my office and home! Perfect blend of wetness without being soaking wet

- Rimona

Every Day Wipes!

These are the perfect every day wipes, we use them for changing of the diapers, faces, hands and even surfaces to wipe anything off! Thrive offers the most economical price for a quality item!

- Erin

Leaves behind particles

I love the price of these and most things from thus brand however most of the time especially for heavier jobs it starts to deteriorate and leaves behind particles.

- Christina Peter


No babies here to use them on but I'm sure enjoying them at my desk at work! Thanks!!


No itchy butt! 5 star!

The environment-hating brands were terrible, not only did they hate the environment, but they had chemicals in them that made my boyfriends butt itch. I never had that issue but whatever... these wipes are not just for babies! Work on adult butts too. My only gripe is that they are big and don't fit in the convenient container I have affixed to the side of my sink. I guess I should just take that down...

10/10: Would wipe again!

- Jessie

Must have - Especially for Travel

These baby wipes are an absolute must have for when we travel. We use them to clean our hands, and wipe down almost anything. They also help in a pinch if you are camping and need to clean a fork if you don't have access to water to wash dishes.

- Stella

I would recommend these 100%

These are great. They get the job done & no red bums. I only wish they were flush-able.

- Beth

7th generation wipes

They r great

- Elizabeth kemp

Love these wipes!

These are nice thick and durable wipes. One wipe typically does the job. They don't rip or tear like other wipes do. Will definitely buy again!

- Lauren

Lint on hands after use

I like the thickens but these are smaller than the brand I was using before and the lint - wow why do they leave so much of it after use.

- MonPat

Great scent-free wipe

The material is durable and wipes effectively

- Chas

7th Generation Baby Wipes

A quality product to be used for various clean-ups and when traveling

- Linda

Nice size and thickness

Sometimes I buy another brand when I run out of Seventh Generation wipes, but I'm always disappointed that the other ones are so small and so thin. These are the best! And I don't have to use more than one to get the job done.

- Diane

no baby

I use these for myself and I like the fact that it's biodegradable and fragrance free.

- Melody

I Like These

These are soft and durable and do not have any scent to them. They are also good for removing makeup!

- Faye


Love these because my son has eczema and only use items that are free and clear!

- Terricka

Perfect baby wipes

I was dismayed to find out there are animal byproducts in baby wipes. So, when I discovered seventh generation wipes were cruelty free, I couldn't wait to get them. I am very pleased with their thickness, and they clean baby bottoms very well.

- Amanda


Doesn't leave an oily residue like other brands, good texture, only complaint is it can sometimes be hard to wipe the "mess" off. I would buy again and would recommend them if you're looking for something safer

- Cate


Good price on great wipes that never irritate our daughter.

- Laura G


I hate these wipes. They leave lint everywhere and fall apart easily. I have used them around the house and on myself and get the same results - a layer of white lint. I had better luck with a big box store's brand than these. I like that they are biodegradable and chlorine free but I just can't get over the fact that they are such poor quality. I ordered several packages and each package of wipes resulted in the same layer of lint so it wasn't a fluke for the one package. I recommend searching around for a better brand.

- Jana

best wipes

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.
These wipes are amazing you only need one to a messy cleanup with a newborn in the house the size and no chemical's they are perfect. Highly recommended!

- jill bequeath

Love these wipes...

We use these wipes when traveling for convenience and they are the only brand we use. Any other brand we have tried, even ones labeled 'natural', would irritate his skin and make him cry. I recommend these wipes for anyone wanting to use a disposable wipe option.

- Amber

Not just for babies!

I keep a package next to the toilet. Perfect when a moist towelette is a better choice than toilet paper!

- Jean S.

Gentle on my baby.

The greatest benefit from these wipes is the gentleness on my baby's skin. They are free of chemicals and fragrances so they are never harsh.

I would prefer a slight scent to diffuse the bad odor, however that would defeat the purpose of preventing rashes. Yet, the two things that I would appreciate would be for them to be thicker and more moist. That would allow me to use less wipes on each use.

- Tabitha Riley

Affordable and easy on the skin

I don't have any children, but I keep these wipes on hand in my bathroom for myself and my guests to *ahem* clean up their behinds. I use wipes as a "post-toilet-paper" convenience so that I always feel fresh and confident that I got everything, and I always keep some in my bathroom to gently encourage my SO to do the same. It's great as an extra cleaning measure, especially to wipe away toilet paper residue or to freshen up in a pinch. I have sensitive skin so I picked these baby wipes because products for babies are normally mild and great to use for those sensitivities and these wipes are exactly that. I even picked these over flushable wipes since they're so much better on my skin. I personally like that they're scent-free, and they still do a great job of stifling any odor. The resealable bag keeps the wipes moist and fresh, and the plastic dispenser makes it ideally convenient to just place on the back of the toilet, should anyone want to make use of them. The wipes are thick and not overly wet so one normally does the job without feeling like you have to dry off. All in all a great wipe for kids and adults alike.

- Claude P.

Good for Babies and Adults!

We started using these wipes when my son was young and some how kept them around the house and use them for other things now. I was sold on the fact that they were natural and safe for babies- which is why I started buying them. They are plenty think and did the job well.

My husband and I work with our hands a lot. Sometimes I work with paint and my husband spends time working on his car. These wipes are a soft way to remove the dirt and grime that comes with those tasks. They are moist enough and soft enough but, also tough enough. I just wish the container was hard back shell- we have punctured bags a few times which caused the wipes to dry out.

- Santi Stevens

Amazing product!!

These are a bit pricier than your generic brand baby wipes but they are completely worth it! A baby's skin is so sensitive in their first year of growing and I felt that it was crucial to use a product that wouldn't irritate his skin. I use these wipes for my son and nothing else and he has never once had a diaper rash. They also smell amazing!

These wipes aren't made with chlorine and Seventh Generation only uses recognizable products so you know exactly what your baby's skin is being exposed to. I love this wipe and I am always happy to support a good company like Seventh Generation!

- D. Tate

Love these--thick and moist

These are some great wipes: thick and moist, easy to get out of the container. Of course, I love that I can trust the brand as well!

- Becky


It's so hard to find a good wipe that doesn't have any fragrances or chemicals locally. I finally found it here. These are strong and not too thick. No "poking through" and no bits of lint left behind. Will definitely stock up!

- Arin

Awesome Wipes!

They are much thicker than other more natural wipes. They leave nothing but a clean be-hind behind! Other than the occasional treat (such as wipes), we have no other chemicals in the house. Any wipe you buy isn't perfect, but we've had zero problems with this one as far as breakouts, rashes, or quality/integrity of wipe. I definitely recommend! As for the review about how they fall apart cleaning stamps....I assure they work great on baby bottoms!

- Jenny

Lint Leavers

I like these wipes because they are thick but I dislike the fact that they leave lint and fall apart so easily. I do not use them on a child; I bought these to use for cleaning my rubber stamps and they are worthless for that purpose. I do use them to wipe up the bathroom in between cleanings and they are suitable for that. Just be aware that if you use them on a baby's bottom (or your own) you may have to deal with left over bits from the wipe.

- Jana

Great for Adults Too

I have extremely sensitive skin, so I picked these up to use on my hands throughout the day during this flu season. They've been great, and when I have any sort of dirt or mess on my hands, it's simple to see as the wipes clean it off. They do feel a bit wet after using them, so I wouldn't use them then go straight to writing on a piece of paper or anything or it leaves the paper wet. A quick wipe on my shirt seems to get rid of the extra dampness, though. Not the best wipes I've ever used, but they haven't irritated my skin yet and they seem to keep my hands clean, so I like them.

- Tiana

Perfect baby shower gift

There aren't any babies in my house anymore, but we used these for my granddaughter and my daughter absolutely swore by them. Because of that I buy them all the time to include in gift baskets I put together for baby showers. Moms are always happy to so an eco-friendly item in their gifts!

- Reyna

Works well enough at a good price

I switched to Seventh Generation because they care about natural products. I like these wipes, but they're not quite as thick as the ones I use to buy from Huggies.

But the tradeoff is the natural ingredients that don't have a lot of chemicals that could be toxic to my baby. Best of all, Thrive beats Amazon on price, and believe me, I checked. They run about $4.25 per 64 count on Amazon, almost a dollar more. On a budget, that adds up. I love that Thrive membership really pays off quickly.

- Marlena

Only ones I use

As a new mother, I want natural products for my baby. My diaper bag is never without these wipes. Not only are they very thick, they are sturdy and absorbent.

I can wipe up a milk spill on my granite counter, and still not worry about the wipes being too harsh for my daughter's skin. And there's not a lot of harsh perfumes and chemicals in these wipes.

- Maureen

All purpose wipes

I don't have a child, but I use these anyway. They are thicker than most wipes, and they clean very well. I use them around the house for spills and wipe downs.

Seventh Generation makes natural products using as few chemicals as possible. I like that philosophy and want to support it as much as I can.

- Mitchell Jenkins

Good wipes

These are great wipes. They're about the thickest around, which means they pick up more without getting my hands dirty, and are nice and moist. Plus, no dyes and other chemicals, which means they're better for my baby and the earth too!

- B. Ortega

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