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2.45 oz container

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2.45 oz container

Why You’ll Love It

Cinnamon dates back to 1518 when it was first discovered by Portuguese traders, and has become a worldwide culinary staple. Inside this 2.45 oz. container is 100% organic spice—and nothing else. Simply Organic sources it right from the cinnamomum plant, carefully chosen for the highest quality aroma and taste. It's really "the spice of life!" See More
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About This Brand

Simply Organic, an all-organic brand from Frontier Co-op™, offers an extensive and growing selection of certified organic spices, seasonings, and baking flavors while supporting organic agriculture around the globe. By providing the best available organic seasonings and donating one percent of sales to organic agriculture and education, Simply Organic genuinely offers "Pure.Simple.Joy."
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Organic cinnamon.

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Why You’ll Love Ground Cinnamon

If there is one ingredient that could truly be called the “spice of life,” it would be cinnamon. With many uses dating back to 1518 when it was first discovered by Portuguese traders, cinnamon has become a worldwide culinary staple and is still one of the most popular spices to add to all kinds of dishes.

Its familiar, sweet taste and aroma is a common ingredient in cakes, breads, cookies, breads and pies, dumplings, puddings, pastries, and ice cream. It also adds a welcome depth of flavor to savory dishes, too, such as soups, chutneys, ketchup, pickles, squash, vinegars, and meat glazes. Of course hot drinks like cider, coffee, tea, and cocoa can all benefit from a dash of the spice. Especially when it’s Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon.

This 2.45 oz. container is made of 100% organic spice—and nothing else. Simply Organic sources it right from the cinnamomum plant, carefully chosen for the highest quality aroma and taste.

Because of its unaltered state, Simply Organic Ground Cinnamon also retains all of the incredible health benefits. Combined with its limitless cooking applications, it’s a definite must-have on the spice rack.

Ground cinnamon nutrition

Ground cinnamon may look like just a pile of dust, but inside is a surprising amount of nutrients. Just one serving gives you a good dose of:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Niacin
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Amounts of potassium and phosphorus are also a natural part of cinnamon, as is fiber.

Health benefits of ground cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to food and drinks is not just great for taste, it also contributes to a healthy lifestyle that cares for the mind and body. Here are just some of the benefits provided by this potent spice:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease. Not only is cinnamon free of cholesterol, but it also works as an aid to reduce the cholesterol levels for those individuals who consume it on a regular basis. Even just including a small amount in daily diets (like a spoonful in coffee or tea or on top of yogurt) can also reduce blood pressure and have a positive effect on blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetics.

  • Improved mental function. Here is some actual food for thought. The compounds in cinnamon have been shown to protect the brain against the protein tau, which is a key link in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. These same compounds can also act as a shield for neurons in the brain, possibly helping to prevent or slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

  • Fighting infections. Cinnamon has powerful antimicrobial properties, meaning that it could effectively fight off infections caused by fungi and bacteria. For example, the use of cinnamon has been shown to stop the growth of salmonella and listeria when introduced to the culture. The spice has also been widely used as a simple remedy for bad breath and, in a related manner, to protect the mouth from tooth decay.

Though many spices are known to provide health benefits, cinnamon is especially beneficial because it is such a practical ingredient for many dishes and beverages. Not only does it pair well with a number of recipes, but the spice can also be used for beauty purposes, too. Try this simple face treatment:

Mix 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg. Form into a paste and spread over your face. The natural antifungal and antibacterial properties will clean out the pores and plump the skin. You can also use as it as a spot treatment.

Ground cinnamon recipes

Even 500 years later, ground cinnamon is still one of the most common spices found in pantries and cookbooks across the globe. Its versatility as a flavor enhancer and natural garnish gives it a unique ability to change the taste of many different dishes. Here are some of our favorites:

Instant Ice Cream

Who says making homemade ice cream has to be difficult? This simple recipe consists of only three main ingredients, including a frozen sliced banana, almond milk, and of course cinnamon. It only takes minutes to make and, the best part is, it can be enjoyed for breakfast as well.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Patience is a virtue, and in this case, the reward is an amazing dish that is full of aroma, taste, and nutrients. When left overnight, rolled oats take on a smooth and creamy texture. Adding in cinnamon, ginger, cloves, honey, pecans, yogurt, apple, and apple juice makes it taste just as good as pie. And, even though it takes eight hours to set the oats, it only takes eight minutes to make this tasty treat.

Curry-Roasted Cauliflower

Here is one great way to think outside the box with what cinnamon can do. Try pairing it with cumin to roast vegetables like cauliflower. Allow the edges to caramelize and then add onion, raisins, and coconut flakes to make a hearty side dish that is ready to upgrade to a main course.

Paleo Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Paleo eaters, this bread’s for you. Cinnamon and raisins are a traditional match for a loaf but this recipe gets a whole makeover using almond flour, raw cashew butter, and apple cider vinegar. Requiring little skill or time to prepare, this soft and tasty bread is a great choice for those who have specific dietary requirements—or anyone with tastebuds.

Reviews For Ground Cinnamon

Based on 57 Reviews

Very economic

I've been using this for almost a month now and the amount looked like the day I bought it. Would last you a long time.

- Tim Balajadia

Bold flavor

Perfect for baking

- Anna Ligas

I love cinnamon

I love cinnamon and use a lot of it; normally doubling it in my recipes. This has a great taste and love that it is in a glass jar.

- Robin


This tastes and smells wonderful I have not used in baking YET, but I use it daily in my morning tea. Just delicious!

- Michelle

Great Flavor

Wonderful addition to my smoothies!

- Eileen


Good quality cinamon

- Gloria

Organic Cinnamon

Love love love this cinnamon because of the enhanced flavor compared to regular cinnamon off the shelf!!! There really is a difference between Organic & Regular Cinnamon!!!

- Mary


Excellent flavor and aroma. I use cinnamon in many dishes to give flavor and this one is fragrant and no bitterness.

- Suzanne lichtenstein


Excellent price. Smells and tastes wonderful!

- Norah

Love it

Love this brand. Glass container. Great taste.

- Shelly

Great product! !!

Will be buying more

- Evelyn


Am pleased with my buy.

- Shelley Doyle

Ceylon or Cassia?

I'm going to order this but why doesn't it state the ingredients so we know if we're getting Ceylon or Cassia?

- Thrive User


I use alot of this in my detox drink daily and so buy about 4 bottles a month - its at least half the store price and organic too - what more could you ask for?

- Kevin


Can't say anything bad. Love it!!!

- Myrla

Great price

I put cinnamon every day on my Greek yogurt and this one tastes the freshest. The price is great too, less than our local supermarket.

- Gloria

the spice of life

I love this spice. It reminds me of childhood breakfasts of cinnamon toast and tea with my mom. I use it every morning in my oatmeal. It's also an interesting addition to marinade for steaks.

- Faith

Organic cinnamon

Wow, this cinnamon is bursting with flavor

- Tina


Love this brand of spices! Amazing price too!

- Katie

Ground Cinnamon

Great product! Nice and fresh.

- Laura

Good Price

We go through a lot of cinnamon because we use it in everything. I was paying nearly 5.00 per bottle at my local organic market. Once we tried Simply Organic we knew we'd found a good deal. Maybe we use a little more to get a more cinnamony taste,but it's still a good deal.

- Barbara

The best!

This cinnamon is deliciously smooth and delivers just the sweet spicy punch I love to add to both my sweet and savory foods.

- Antoinette

Great flavor !

What a difference from grocery store cinnamon which I have read has a lot of filler in it. This tastes much better so you can use less and still have all the flavor.

- Leon

It's nice.

I like the flavor. It's like fresh grated cinnamon.

- Nichole


This is the best cinnamon I have every had. I love how fine it is and it tastes wonderful. I am going to start weaning out other spice brands and replenish with this one!

- Kristy

Love this!

Great product and great price! I use this every day.

- Carlene

Love It!

Cinnamon helps regulate the blood sugar. I keep a container of sugar and cinnamon in my cabinet and sprinkle it on cereal, toast, and even in my coffee.

- Betty

organic Ground Cinnamon

very full of taste almost like a powdered cinnamon candy full of flavor even a touch of sweetness to it

- paws


This cinnamon is like NO OTHER!!!!

- julia

organic ground cinnamon

organic makes the difference,such robust cinnamon flavor!

- pamela

Half Price?

when they say half price they mean it and more - I use alot of this in my detox drink that I drink daily - I make a week at a time and use almost two of these and the last time I ran out I tried getting them at the store - they had one - I normally buy 4 at a time and they were almost 6 bucks each - had to go to another store which was a bit cheaper but these are about 2.50 each here at thrive and they have always been available when I ordered in whatever quantity - thank you thrive for your commitment to organics and sustainability!

- Kevin Lewis

5 stars

I loved the organic ground cinnamon

- Joyce

simply ground cinnamon

absolutely love it. so cinnamonyyyyy

- lela

Love it.

Rich full flavor and the price was right. Thank you!

- Bonnie

awesome product!!!

Pure and Potent!!!

- julia


Is this Ceylon or Cassia cinnamon,
Ceylon is the higher grade cinnamon,
Cassia is the cheaper variety! :-/

- Loran

BEST quality!

Cinnamon is my cure-all spice, so I'm always looking for the highest quality at the best value. I go through about a jar every month. Between the organic certification, and Simply Organics great sourcing, I feel like I'm getting the best quality around.

The grind is superfine, and the taste is less bitter than the regular store brand that I used to buy. This cinnamon is even a little sweet! For about a year now, I've mixed equal parts of cinnamon and raw unstrained honey twice a day for my joint pain. I've never felt better!

- Diana P.

Well worth the cost

This cinnamon isn't expensive by any stretch of the imagination, but the quality of it is definitely up there with what some of the pricier brands claim to have. I applaud them for not charging out the ear for their products, as it would certainly be justified just based on quality and organic status alone. The cinnamon from Simply Organic is so flavorful and not overly spicy, so a little bit goes a long way. Plus, it has so many health benefits; I put it in whatever I can--smoothies, yogurt, spicy dishes, tea, coffee, ice cream, and of course baking. Since adding it to my food and exercise regimen, I've noticed a definitive change in my cholesterol, energy levels, and digestion. And it's great for adding to tea on cold days or whenever I'm sick. All around a great product and a great company. I can't wait to try their other spices!

- Toni

Amazing Flavor- Just a Little Weak

I use cinnamon in just about everything I can. I love the aroma and medicinal properties that it holds. After buying this organic cinnamon, I realized that it was not as strong as I was used to. I buy non-organic from my local grocer.

After doing a little research, I found that sometimes, based on sourcing and kind of cinnamon, you may need to use more. It is very educational! The only reason I gets 4 stars is because I wish I had known its intensity before I bought it. Maybe a scale on the side because, now I have to use twice as much.

- Stephanie Rios

Missing a lot of the spice.

After reading more about organic cinnamon, I understood why this item was only mildly spicy. It contains no additives or artificial flavors or sweeteners, which is great. I did find myself having too add more than my usual measurements to arrive at the right spice but it's worth the rest of the natural values it carries.

- Pearl

Organic Cinnamon all the way!

I've always loved cinnamon and I can't believe how long it took me to try organic. I originally tried it solely to get away from hormones, GMO products, and various chemicals. When I first opened the bottle I couldn't believe the smell, it was so different than the cinnamon I had grown up with. Then once I tried it, I knew I was never going back to 'normal' cinnamon! This stuff is so good, I'm addicted! I go through a bottle about every 2 weeks, I use it on everything.

- S. Hogan


There is only one (1) true cinnamon. What is your cinnamon origin? Most other called cinnamon are not true cinnamon.

- Lee

Great Quality

Delicious Cinnamon!

- Sarah

Great item with great packaging

Very tasty spice that is wonderful on my morning oats. A big plus for me is the packaging. By placing the name of the spice on the lid they allow me to place the bottle in my spice drawer and see right away which item to select! Wonderful idea!

- Diane


I put this in my juices and smoothies. Very happy with the flavor.


Mild tasting

I love Simply Organic products. They are always well worth the money, and Thrive Market has great prices with their member discounts.

The only issue I have with this ground cinnamon is that it has a very mild flavor and I would prefer something with a little kick to it.

- A. Seltzer

Mild flavor

This organic cinnamon has a wonderful mild flavor that makes it great in many dishes. I even use this in my yogurt.

My favorite use of this wonderful ground cinnamon is in baking. I make muffins with it, use it in brownies and cakes, I use it when making all different kinds of bread and it works well in pies too!

- K. Brakkow

Best bark I've ever eaten

Who knew bark could taste so good. I love cinnamon in so many ways and Simply Organic is simply the best cinnamon. I use this on toast in the morning. I sprinkle some on my cocoa and even in my coffee sometimes. It's great in smoothies. I love using cinnamon in some of my Asian and spicy dishes. I even use cinnamon in ice cream and oatmeal!

- Vella S

Cinnamon gives you that Healing Feeling

Cinnamon is an herb with healing properties. Add a sprinkle to buttered honey toast, because honey and cinnamon together helps with infections and boosts your energy. Add it to baked goods as a partial substitute for brown sugar and cut the calories.

Cinnamon is also one of my favorite kitchen beauty secret products. Warm water and a teaspoon of cinnamon helps to freshen breath. Cinnamon and honey create an acne cleaners and if you add to that some olive and almond oil, you have a wonderful dry skin scrub!

Since joining Thrive Market, I never run out of cinnamon, or many other items I now purchase at their online healthy store at low prices.

- Leslie P

Affordable Cinnamon

I've switched to mostly all organic food, but I was having a hard time switching my spices since organic spices were much, much more expensive. Thrive has been the final straw in making the change; this is only 20 cents more than the non-organic version at my local supermarket. Now I feel so much better about my morning french toast and oatmeal toppings. It tastes like delicious cinnamon while giving me a nice peace of mind.

- Ashley

Subtle but good if used right

Cinnamon is one of those spices that you have to use correctly to get the most out of it. This one's got a really nice flavor, and you can use it for cakes and breads.

What I discovered is that you have to use more than a recipe recommends if you want to get the full deal. I guess organic cinnamon is not as strong because of how its harvested. It's fine, just not as strong as the cinnamon I used to use, but I'm sticking with Simply Organic.

- Daghren

Good health benefits

Pure cinnamon is a great antioxidant, and it gives food a nice undertaste and smell. I bought Simply Organic really because I liked the name of the company. This cinnamon's pure with a low amount of oil.

It adds a great aroma to cakes and other baked goods. But I like to sprinkle it in my coffee for a nice flavor, and I also use it in my tomato sauce to make it unique.

- Don Slater

Ok I guess

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this cinnamon is just ok. I read that it was harvested from Vietnamese trees, and there were no additives, so I liked that right away.

It's got a nice flavor and smell, but I'm not sure it's any better than the one I used to buy at my local store. The price on Thrive is less expensive than the one I buy locally, so that's a plus, but wasn't blown away by the product.

- Deana

wonderful flavor

I've bought Simply Organic products before, but never the cinnamon. I found it on Thrive Market on sale for a great price, and decided to give it a try. No going back.

I've bought some other more expensive brands at Whole Foods, but they're not as good as this one. This is pure cinnamon, no additives, coloring or anything. It's great for baking and to add a kick to sauces.

- Deborah Sims

So simply cinnamon

I use cinnamon in a lot of things. I top off my hot cocoa with it. I mix it in my organic cream of wheat and sprinkle it on my toast (even with peanut butter and sometimes with honey). It's such a versatile flavor.

Simply Organic cinnamon is simply my favorite. It is ground perfectly into a powder that works well with all my uses. I even love back cookies and cupcakes with it. There is no other spice company as good as this.

- Glendora

Good cinnamon

This is an excellent organic cinnamon. It's somewhat milder than conventional cinnamon, but it goes very nicely with my oatmeal or yogurt. You might want to use a bit more if you plan on baking with it. You can't go wrong with Simply Organic, though.

- C. Klein

Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO!

All the qualities you want in a delicious spice!

- Carly S.

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