Vanilla Extract

4 oz bottle

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4 oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

Vanilla extract is an essential ingredient in many sweet recipes, but the dessert course is just the tip of the iceberg of its many practical uses. With a scent and flavor profile that is at once warming, homey, and soothing, it’s a must-have item in the kitchen for cooking, and in the bathroom for beauty routines and relaxing aromatherapy. See More
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About This Brand

Simply Organic, an all-organic brand from Frontier Co-op™, offers an extensive and growing selection of certified organic spices, seasonings, and baking flavors while supporting organic agriculture around the globe. By providing the best available organic seasonings and donating one percent of sales to organic agriculture and education, Simply Organic genuinely offers "Pure.Simple.Joy."
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Organic Vanilla Bean Extractives In Water, Organic Alcohol.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

Why You’ll Love Vanilla Extract

An essential ingredient in many cookie, cake, and ice cream recipes, vanilla extract is most closely associated with sweets—but the dessert course is just the tip of the iceberg of its many practical uses. With a scent and flavor profile that is at once warming, homey, and soothing, Simply Organic Vanilla Extract is a must-have item in the kitchen for cooking, the bathroom for beauty routines, and the bedroom for relaxing aromatherapy.

Native to Central America and parts of Mexico, vanilla beans are derived from the vine-like, flowering orchid species of the same name. It was first cultivated by the Mayans, who introduced it to European explorers in the 1500s. Today, it’s primarily grown in Madagascar and Réunion Island (home of the popular Bourbon vanilla). When vanilla beans are macerated and mixed with water and alcohol, they create the affordable vanilla extract that is commonly found in kitchens throughout the world.

Simply Organic Vanilla Extract is comprised entirely of organic vanilla bean extractives in water and organic alcohol. A non-GMO and vegan product, the vanilla beans are grown without the use of pesticides, and the extract is bottled in recyclable packaging without added flavors or sweeteners.

More than fresh taste, Simply Organic Vanilla Extract is also a health tool. Just a few drops will provide a good dose of antioxidants, which can promote cellular growth, healing, and reduce inflammation. Used as a chemical-free fragrance or for aromatherapy, vanilla extract can also reduce anxiety and promote calm and relaxation. It’s like a little vacation in a bottle!

Vanilla extract health benefits

A little vanilla extract goes a long way when it comes to health. First, the antioxidants found in vanilla and vanilla extract protect cells from oxidizers (also called “free radicals”) that cause cell damage and can lead to a range of diseases, memory and vision loss, and a weakened immune system. Vanilla extract provides many other benefits, too, including:

  • More energy: The B complex vitamins found in vanilla extract, such as niacin and riboflavin, encourage optimal metabolism and quickly transform food into usable energy. These vitamins also promote enzyme synthesis and a healthy nervous system.

  • Brain power: The chemicals in vanilla called vanilloids promote better mental performance. They act in a similar way to capsaicin, the brain-boosting chemical found in chilli peppers, so if you are sensitive to spicy foods, use vanilla to reap similar benefits.

  • Reduces inflammation: Vanilloids also work to activate receptors in the body that reduce inflammation, which can in turn lead to less joint pain, ease dermatological conditions such as psoriasis, and promote better digestive and heart health.

  • Stress relief: Vanilla is a common ingredient in personal and home fragrances, as well as aromatherapy treatments, as it’s known to reduce stress and bring about calmer moods. Add just a few drops to your favorite essential oil, and dab on your temples and the insides of your wrists, or add to an oil diffuser. It can also be combined with other calming scents such as lavender or chamomile for more greater impact.

  • Digestive relief: Vanilla has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Its anti-inflammatory qualities and comforting scent are said to sooth the digestive tract and relieve nausea almost instantly.

Vanilla extract for skin and hair

Vanilla extract is also a common ingredient in cosmetic products for many reasons beyond its heavenly smell. Here are just a few ways Simply Organic Vanilla Extract can add favorably to your beauty routine:

  • Anti-aging properties: Along with protecting cells within the body, the antioxidants and B vitamins in vanilla extract can also help reduce the effects of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Acne treatment: Vanilla has naturally-occurring antibacterial properties. When used as a spot treatment, or mixed in an all-over face product, vanilla extract can help to cleanse the skin, rid acne-causing bacteria, and promote a fresh-looking complexion.

  • Hair care: Add Simply Organic Vanilla Extract to conditioners and other hair products to promote shine and growth.

Cooking with Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is most commonly known, though, for its use in many dessert recipes. Here are some of Thrive Market’s favorite ways to use it.

Blueberry Buckwheat Waffles with Orange Maple Butter

Vanilla extract adds sweet flavor to any pancake or waffle batter. Try this whole grain option made with buckwheat flour that’s loaded with tart blueberries and smathered with a citrusy butter while still hot.

Paleo Milk-and-Cookie Shots

With no gluten, refined sugar, or artificial preservatives, Simply Organic Vanilla Extract can be a great addition to many Paleo, primal, and wheat-free recipes, such as these delicious desserts that just look sinful despite their healthy ingredients. To make, you’ll also need almond flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, and dark chocolate chips.

Woodland Sugar Cookies

When it comes to holiday baking, vanilla extract is a must-have in the kitchen. These Woodland Sugar Cookies are just one way to add to the dessert trail. In addition to vanilla extract, you’ll also need butter, unbleached and powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, eggs, and natural food dye.

More about Simply Organic

Launched by Frontier Co-Op in 2001, Simply Organic is a leader in the organic food movement, offering a wide selection of spices, baking ingredients, and seasonings for salads, meats, and other dishes. Each product is certified organic, kosher, and made using non-GMO ingredients. In addition to providing healthful products, the Norway, Iowa-based company supports organic agriculture by donating 1 percent of sales to the growing community.

Reviews For Vanilla Extract

Based on 34 Reviews

Love it

I use a lot of vanilla and I love this vanilla. Great product, great price and packaged in glass.

- Robin

Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

Great flavor.

- Debbie


Remember when you were a child and thought vanilla was a perfume. That is what this vanilla reminds of me of. Rich and flavorful. Worth every penny!

- Michelle

Had an issue with the cap

The cap was not on tight when I received this and it leaked out. So I lost about a few tablespoons worth. The aroma is amazing. The maker needs to figure something better on packaging. I will give it another try when I run out.

- Alis

It's good vanilla...

and the price is good, too. Use wherever you want vanilla.

- Wendy

Great deal!

This is a huge bottle of organic vanilla for the cost of a tiny bottle at the grocery store. It has a good vanilla taste and aroma.

- Jenn Lee


I only buy stuff throughThrive that I cannot get cheaper via my local grocery or Amazon, and this is only always my favorite stuff!

- Tiffany

Vanilla Extract

great product at a great price.

- Karen Groeneveld

Good stuff

This is good stuff. I always try to buy good quality vanilla in bulk and while I could use an even bigger bottle this does the trick

- Kristin

Love simply organic line

Will never buy any other vanilla extract again. Good price and delicious flavor...

- Shelly

Good quality

Very good vanilla and goes great in my smoothies and baked goods. Nice size and price.

- Sharon

Great flavor!

The price is right as well, when I compared it to what I pay in my local store. Only thing I don't like is the bottle always drips.

- Geralyn

Love it

I have started using this vanilla extract a couple of years ago and I am very happy with it.

- Mad

Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

I've been using this product for many years, ever since I went GF, over 10 years ago. I now put a small amount in my morning tea with some coconut cream - delicious! Buying the larger size is more cost efficient and Thrive has the best price out there!

- Debbie

Vanilla Extract

Very good

- Marg Burg

Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

Great product at an exceptional price. I love vanilla and appreciate the quality of this product.

- Vicki


Love the vanilla flavor and knowing it is organic is a plus! In addition, the price was great!

- Barbara

Great purchase

Love the size of it, as I go through vanilla fairly quickly. Great quality and taste!

- Ashlee

What a Difference

Trying to go organic with as much as possible, so purchased this. First use was to make whipped cream for cocoa, and was really surprised at the difference in taste from the not-inexpensive but non-organic stuff I usually use. Very pleased indeed!

- Bonnie

Best vanilla!

This is the only vanilla I buy now!

- Stacey

Really liked the vanilla essence.

Haven't used too much vanilla extract previously so I am not sure I can compare this fairly. Used this on some bread pudding and it was quite tasty. It gave off a great vanilla essence, which I liked. Compared to the my previous experience with another brand I think I can say that the flavor was less potent.

- A. Dixon

Smooth flavor and pure, simple ingredients

Vanilla is almost a staple in my house - I use it for baking, whipped cream, shakes, smoothies, breakfast foods, even a drop in my coffee here and there.
This one was positively delightful. I've been trying to be more environmentally conscious with my purchases and after some research, I decided to try this vanilla extract by Simply Organic.
It has a very smooth, authentic vanilla flavor that doesn't saturate whatever I'm using it in. I bake cakes and cookies for the holidays and every year I always tweak the recipe a little bit to make it better than last year (I make a batter base and try different combinations/ratios of ingredients in a muffin tin--so much easier than measuring out small portions for separate batches of batter!) and I could definitely taste the difference between using this vanilla and the vanilla I was using before. This vanilla had a more wholesome, robust flavor that really complemented the other flavors in my cakes (egg nog rum and Kahlua fudge). I also mixed it in the cake toppings and it tied everything together so nicely (caramel egg nog rum syrup and chocolate Kahlua syrup).
Even my mom could taste the difference and I got the recipes from her! Maybe it's the glass bottles that keep the vanilla from getting a plastic-y flavor, maybe it's the organic ingredients, but whatever it is, I'm sticking with this one for all my holiday baking!

- F. Conner

Simply Awesome

I love Simply Organic products and use them for all my spices and extracts. They have quality products and great brand integrity. Note: they have a few different flavors of vanilla. Be sure to buy the right one!

I wish it poured better. Maybe some kind of regulator or air plug to make it flow more evenly.

- Al Davis

Good stuff and organic!

I add this to my morning protein shakes and it is really delicious. It's not overpowering and it adds the perfect amount of vanilla. This bottle lasts a lot longer than I expected it to considering only a couple of drops are necessary to get the great taste. I definitely recommend this vanilla extract, especially because it is organic and non-GMO.

- Ed Pena

Great Vanilla!

This is just a great vanilla extract, and I'm sure being certified organic is part of why the flavor is so great! I like to put just a couple teaspoons of this into the pot to give a nice vanilla aroma to my coffee. I've also found it turns my plain Greek yogurt into tasty vanilla yogurt!

I also LOVE that this one comes in a glass bottle, so the plastic doesn't interfere with the awesome taste of the Vanilla!

- Patty Wilson

Robust flavor and aroma

I rely on vanilla extract for so many dishes and this one is both fragrant and organic. I can't go wrong!

- Heide

Great Pantry staple

I like that this vanilla extract lacks sugar, which some vanilla extracts contain.

- Carmen

Fantastic and pure!

I bake a lot, especially at the holidays, and this is the only extract I use. It's so pure and fresh and it tastes just the way real vanilla beans are supposed to taste. I read on the label that this has organic alcohol, so it's not alcohol free, but I'd rather have pure natural alcohol derivatives than artificial ones.

I also use it to give my coffee a richer flavor, and I've mixed it into my smoothies. Really, you can add it to a lot of different things to get that awesome vanilla bean flavor.

- Gianna M.

Nothing but vanilla beans

My pantry is full of Simply Organic products, so this may read like a company ad, but it's that good. I use the oregano, cayenne pepper and basil, which are all outstanding, and I've now added vanilla extract to the mix. I've started taking a baking class, so I'm making a lot of cookies and pastries. The vanilla works fantastic on everything I make, much better than the imitation vanilla that I've used before, which always had a slight metallic flavor to it because it wasn't pure.

Another reviewer mentioned using it in coffee, and it's true, it does pump up the java when I up a drop or two in, and works on green tea well too.

- Gerald Mendez

Pure Vanilla Bliss

I bake A LOT. So when I found this vanilla on Thrive, I couldn't help but try it. It is cheaper than other pure vanillas I have tried in store and it tastes much more expensive. I love products like that. I feel like I'm getting a steal because I'm getting such a great value.
I enjoy this vanilla in my cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. It also tastes great in frosting. It isn't too strong or bland and it is just the right amount of vanilla. I like the subtle flavor and how great it makes my goods taste. It is worth every penny spent on it!

- Sue B.

Suble and Delicious

This vanilla is pure and organic. It is also very subtle and adds the perfect amount of vanilla flavor to any recipe I make.
I use a lot of vanilla when I cook, so to find a really good pure vanilla is great. I have used artificial for years, and I don't care what anyone else says-it is NOT the same. Real vanilla is stronger and has a more distinct flavor. This vanilla is great in frosting, cookies, sauces, and I also like to add it to coffee. (instead of cream and sugar!) It is perfect and I plan to get more when this runs out.

- Sarina W.

Smooth Taste

Vanilla adds so much flavor to everything. I've been searching for the best tasting vanilla and come up short every time. Simply Organic's vanilla is darn close to perfection. All natural ingredients and a smooth taste is the best for baking and other recipes.

There is a big difference between real vanilla extract and the imitations. I try never to use imitation anything, but the "fake" vanilla makes baked goods taste flat. I believe the reason people use the imitation is the cost of the real thing, it's too much.

With my Thrive membership, I can purchase the real vanilla from Simply Organic and have it delivered to my front door, anytime. The everyday discounted price is icing on the cake.

- V Clayton

Great Vanilla

I love adding vanilla extract to quite a few of my favorite dishes, and I love that it adds a yummy taste without really any calories. I add it to my oatmeal in the morning as well as my yummy cottage cheese dish. I love knowing that this is organic while I honestly think the vanilla flavoring is stronger than the non-organic ones that I've tried.

Thrive offers this at a great price. It's $4 less than I've seen anywhere else. At this rate, my Thrive membership is going to pay for itself.

- Melissa M.

Worth the price

This is a wonderful, organic alternative to the many typical "artificial" brands. It's a bit more subtle in flavor, but a fair price for such a high quality, organic extract.

- Beth

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