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Why You’ll Love It

New to the Thrive Market family, our pure ghee is a healthy condiment and cooking oil that adds rich, creamy flavor to almost any dish—and it’s lactose-free! Made in line with ancient Indian tradition, ghee is simply fresh butter that’s been slow-cooked until the milk protein separates. Once it’s removed, the result is a golden-colored, gluten-free kitchen essential. Plus, a spoonful of ghee has digestion-aiding butyric acid and healthy fat-soluble vitamins. 14 oz plastic jar. WHERE DOES GHEE COME FROM? Ghee originated in ancient India and is commonly used in South Asian cuisines, Ayurveda medicine, and religious rituals. Traditionally, ghee was made from the milk of sacred cows, and was incorporated into ceremonies like weddings and funerals. WHY DID THRIVE MARKET CHOOSE TO SELL GHEE? At Thrive Market, we love food and we love finding healthy cooking alternatives that we can use everyday. Ghee hits all the marks: It’s a versatile, healthier regular butter alternative that...
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About This Brand

Meet the Thrive Market collection, a diverse group of high-quality pantry staples, wellness products, and home supplies at the best prices possible. Since our mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable, we created this line with our core values in mind—spanning from sustainability and social impact to nutrition and the environment—and designed each product to support your unique dietary needs and lifestyle. So get shopping, and stock your shelves with everything you need to thrive, like superfoods, oils, sprouted flours, nuts and seeds, spices, and more! Features: - Non-GMO, and organic products, available at the best prices possible - Rigorous sourcing practices to bring you the highest-quality products - More than 100 products in categories ranging from oils and flours to pasta sauces and dried fruits, with another 300+ in development
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Made with pasture-raised butter.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 tsp (7g) Servings Per Container About 53

Amount Per Serving

Calories 70 Calories from Fat 70

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 4.5g 23%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Vitamin A 6%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

Reviews For Ghee

Based on 159 Reviews

Perfect alternative to butter

This product has totally changed the way I cook. It's a delicious, savory spread that tastes like butter but without the dairy! Love love love. The only thing I would say is it would be nice to be able to buy it in sticks like regular butter--for measuring purposes.

- Jordan

First time trying

I always wondered what Ghee was, now I know and it's not bad, I'm used to regular butter, so this was a little different, but I like you don't have to refrigerate it

- Judith

Great value, great product

Love the flavor of this particular Ghee product!

- Maria


Perfect for Bullet Proof Coffee!

- J Barton

Great product

If you have never tried ghee and are looking to try it this is a great first time buy. Flavor is delicious great quality and won't break the bank giving this product a try. This is an awesome staple to have and is so versatile.

- cynthia


Never thought I'd say this, but Thrive's Ghee has become a staple in my kitchen.....The jar sits right next to my stove when I'm cooking.....Why, you ask. Because a spoonful or two added to whatever is in a pot or frying pan adds a level of deep, tasty creamyness that I can't seem to find from other butter or cooking oil products. I didn't think it would, but it really truly gives a flavor note to the the food I cook.

- JT

Good Product

Great product. Please put it in a glass jar. Plastic is out!!! Thank you.

- Robin

value and taste!

I have tried every possible brand of ghee on the market and will be purchasing Thrive Ghee from now on. It is delicious, and doesn't break the bank! I use it every morning in coffee as well as to sauté veggies for curries. It pretty much makes everything taste better.

- Robin


Oh so yummy. This is my favorite and perfect while on a round of Whole30!

- Muriel


Ghee is my favorite thing. I spread it on just about everything. For the price, this stuff can't be beat! I do wish it was organic though.

- Berkeley Wiser

First time using Ghee - this one is great!!

Dairy has given me grief since I was an infant, but due to price, availability, etc. I just used soy based butters or margarines. Now aware that soy has been messing with my hormones, I made the switch to Paleo (feel amazing, btw) and discovered ghee. I had heard the word before, since I had some middle eastern friends; however, I didn't know WHAT ghee was.

I'm so glad I found this, and thank you Thrive for making a tasty, affordable product!! Will be buying over and over again.

- Casie

Tastier than butter

I like this better than regular butter for cooking and as a spread for toast, on sweet rolls, to make popcorn, or just about anything.

- Minnie

Great value

Has a mild, nutty flavor that's perfect for veggies, potatoes and eggs. Offered at a good price. I buy it regularly and would recommend it to someone who wants to give ghee a try.

- Jen


I quit using margarine many years ago. I used butter only. I can't buy grass-fed butter in the grocery store in my little town, so being able to order the ghee at such a good price is awesome. The flavor is wonderful.

- Deena

Never wouldve thought i liked ghee if it wasnt for thrive!

Amazing! Use it in all my desserts and a substitute for cooking, and it is perfect ! Will buy again!

- Misty Manalastas

Love it :)

New to trying ghee and so far, so good. I've already used it in several recipes and it seems to make the flavor have more depth to it than the old marg that my mother used to insist on using.

- Stash

Keep refrigerated

Wonderful product, but if you don't use a lot, keep refrigerated even though it says you don't need to. It will go rancid.

- Terry

competitive price

great price and quality

- Melody

Smells amazing

I love the smell of this ghee! It has such a great flavor and so addicting. I use it daily.

- Vanessa Zepeda


This is a nice addition to my cooking essentials. It's easy to use as a substitute for a fat.

- Amy

Love it

This ghee is great tasting. Great price & love jar size.

- Marcella

Love it

Love this ghee. Tastes great and the price is good!

- Alice


Excellent Quality

- Lesley

Great Pasture Raised Ghee

Ghee has been a staple in my home for decades. Not only is it delicious to cook with, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and additionally has naturally occurring Vitamin K complex which helps to keep calcium in the bones. The health benefits of ghee are many. This ghee is delicious, has a nice texture, and adds great flavor to everything I use it in. I want to echo statements made by other reviewers and thank the folks at Thrive Market Place for providing such a great products at the best price around. Well Done!

- Jill

Thrive Market Ghee

Fantastic product, great flavor!

- Erica


Got this as a free gift and it's so yummy! I'll def be buying again. So much easier than making our own.

- K

Great product, need tougher lid.

I really appreciate that Thrive offers a well-sourced and affordable/accessible staple like ghee, which can otherwise be pricey or hard to find. My only disappointment is related not to the product itself, but rather the inadequate packaging (specifically, the lid) part of which cracked off in transit on my most recent order -- which makes it hard to keep the product fresh for any length of time. Please consider either reinforcing the lid or rethinking shipping methods, as this isn't the first time I've had an order with a cracked or dented product. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Thanks!!

- Lindsey R.


This product is amazing.

- Julie


Lovely strong flavor.

- Gillian Block

My new favorite

This ghee was every bit as good as the more expensive brand, but with a much better price! This is going to be my new ghee staple.

- Stephanie Russell

Love it

Great price for a great-tasting product. I use it to make eggs everyday, and it works so well!

- Elizabeth


I got this free with a purchase from Thrive. It's my first time trying ghee and I LOVE it. The smell is absolutely amazing and I love the complex flavors it adds. With that said, why is this ghee almost double the calories of others? This has 70 calories in one tsp and others have only 45 calories per tsp. So, I need to try others to see if the flavor of this is worth all of the extra calories. The first time I used this, I scooped over 1 TB, not realizing that I had just consumed almost 300 calories in ghee! Yikes.

- Mary

Great tasting butter

I use this on my popcorn always and my oatmeal it just makes things taste better!!! It's also great on veggies too!!!

- Diana Carol Yarbrough

Good Ghee!

Wasn't sure I'd like this, but use it all the time now and keep in pantry. Great flavor.

- Mary

Love it!

Very delicious!

- Kendra

Delicious butter alternative

Will use instead of butter from now on. This is a refreshing alternative that doesn't need refrigeration.

- Karen

Great product!

This ghee has it all: taste, consistency, affordability, and versatility. I rave about this to my friends and family. Will definitely buy again!

- Marie

I can believe it's not butter

Definitely a different taste; but one I enjoy. I am not missing butter. I am relishing ghee.

- Ken


Love having this available when I cook.

- Sara


this is even tastier than butter!

- Kay

good ghee

I like this ghee. The taste is mild, not like some other ones with a strong odor. However, I couldn't give it 5 stars due to some misleading information from Thrive Market. The website description says: "Ours is made right here in the U.S" while the label states the ghee comes from New Zealand. I contacted Thrive Market about this, but never got a response.

- Anna

great product

I use ghee for everything - from butter coffee to baking!

Great product and I order it regularly

- Susan

Great ghee!

This is the best ghee I have had...The texture is great, it holds together better than others, doesn't get too oily or liquified. Taste is excellent.

- Catherine

TM Ghee

Big fan of Thrive Market Ghee!


Whee Ghee !

Delicious and inspiring to find various combos 'n' ways of using this Ghee with other foods.Perfectly balances the funk 'n' spiky-ness of raw veg, kraut, natto, egg & tofu salad with a smooth, lush, carpet of buttery "Ahhhhh" on yer tongue!
I believe the correct description is... "Scrum-diddly-umptous!"

- Mitchell


We eat a lot of eggs in my family and this makes eggs taste amazing! We also use it in other dishes that you would normally use butter in.

- Elvisa Duraku

Awesome product

Being an Indian, ghee is used in my household almost daily. When we first tried it, my family and me almost fell in love with it. It is also cheaper than the ones in local Indian stores. Now, this is the only ghee brand on my kitchen shelf


Superb product!

The Ghee is a superb product and actually tastes like butter. I will be reordering this product soon.

- Carole

Updating my review

I wish I would have waited a bit to post a review because my subsequent tastes of this ghee were delicious. It is a good buy and tastes really good too.

- Yvonne


I prefer ghee that has a distinct buttery flavor and aroma. This ghee is tasteless.

- Yvonne

Thrive Ghee

Really like this product!!!

- Glenda Walter

Better than butter

I prefer Ghee to regular butter and it's healthier.

- Renata


I love how it tastes with everything I make!! I will keep it in my kitchen!

- Joanne

Awesome Ghee

This Thrive Ghee is buttery and creamy. I use it for cooking, baking, and placing on top of foods. It has an amazing taste and texture.

- Dawn

High Quality Product

Thrive has made a great high quality ghee. I personally prefer brown butter ghee for its deeper flavor, but this ghee is everything one could hope for. And it's a great value.

- Andrea

Was skeptical..

I was skeptical about this product but it's really been a treat. This ghee is super dense, you actually have to cut it with a sharp knife. A small amount adds ton of flavor. Oddly, it smells like caramel to me, but still is great for savory dishes. One tub has lasted many meals. I highly recommend giving this a try if you like high quality oils and butters.

- Chloe Merritt


Came nicely packaged and the taste is great. Use it daily.

- Alis

Love my Ghee

This is my 2nd time using Ghee butter, It is the first for the Thrive Brand....I absolutely love it, I use it on everything from my toast to my oatmeal. What else is wonderful., is that when used with your cooking, it does not burn/smoke in the pan. My Grandson...who is 15 loves it also, and because it can sit out on the counter...we are able to see it and just reach for it. Please don't stop making this wonderful product. So many health benefits come from it, and its organic..:)

- Judy Jackson

My favorite ghee

I've tried many different brands of ghee, including making my own, but I always come back to this Thrive ghee. It is so smooth, has a perfect flavor, and is never gritty. Can't beat the price either. I buy 3 jars at a time so I never run out.

- Kendra


Very tasty

- Phyllis

Thrive market ghee

I love this ghee. It is superior to other brands I have tried and very reasonably priced.

- Anne mudra


So pleased with this ghee. Will absolutely buy again.

- Barbara

salt like no other

I honestly thought how could salt be so different that it would worth this much money. Well, I find out how. It is now the only salt I use. Yes it does taste amazingly different. You use much less and it works in so many different ways from eggs to baking to finishing a sweet dish. I just reordered this and it is worth the price.

- Cindy

Ghee butter

Love it

- Leah

Oh, Ghee!

This is the first Ghee I have tried and I was very impressed. The flavor is wonderful! And no refrigeration needed...

- Deanna

I give it a five star rating

I love, it's flavor, texture, and need not to be refrigerated.

- Corrine


Good product!

- BJ Radwanski



- Krista


This ghee is well made and tasty.

- Dasha


This works well for my gluten free sourdough bread I make and sell:)

- Karen

Love it

Good flavor and color

- Susan


makes rice taste rich and delicious. a little goes a long way.

- Adrianne


Loved the ghee, but the container cracked during mailing so it leaked on other products as well as the box.

- Thrive User

Love it

Amazing for cooking and as a spread.

- Charlie

Good Ghee!

This ghee is a delicious substitute for regular butter, and I am so happy I found it at this price because I am trying to avoid dairy. The jar is a great size, and a little bit goes a long way so I think it will last a while!

- Helen


really gives food flavor!!!

- Aimee

Love this

This ghee is great! It's got great flavor and makes all my foods taste delicious. I love the smell because it reminds me of the theater popcorn butter.

- Lin

Great ghee

This ghee is so flavorful and creamy. It's going on everything!

- Elizabeth


I've used in my cooking, and it gives an excellent flavor boost.

- Michele


Premium taste!

- T


it is great to use for frying foods don't have to use alot of it to cook with. I have 2 1/2 jars of it right now it works great

- Marilyn

Wow, If you like butter, you'll love this!

I had heard about this for a while but never tried ghee. I bought this and tried it on toast and wow.. it tastes better than butter. It reminds me of when I went to Red Lobster restaurant and got the lobster. They must have used this as their melted butter because it tastes like that. I have some lobster and shrimp I can't wait to try this with.. I think ghee will be a part of my new lifestyle from here on long as I decide to keep consuming animal products.. To me this is what kings and queens eat, or the rich.. It makes me feel like a queen to be able to eat the best and this to me, is the best "butter"!

- Joan

great product

I use ghee every day and this brand is great tasting and very smooth.

- Susan


I have not tried a Thrive brand product that I was not happy with and this is one more. Fresh and delicious tasting. Keep them coming Thrive!

- Katrina

It's good!

I like this stuff. It smells like caramel corn without the sweetness. Squash is really good sautéed in this.

- Jillian


Better than butter! Cook's clean and pure without burning at high heat. You still get that great butter taste!

- Eli


Excellent product !

- Thrive User

Burst of flavor

This is my first taste of Ghee. Wow. The rich butter flavor, in even the smallest amount, is intense. I will definitely order again!

- Louise

I love this gum!

This gum tastes great and comes with plenty of pieces per package. My one complaint- flavor is diminished really quickly, so I usually have at least two at a time. Great taste, though!

- Carolyn

Try something new :)

I hesitantly spread some on toast tonight, and i was pleasantly surprised. It's like creamy butter, my sister thought it had a sort of caramel taste to it. I like it, I'm looking forward to using this product in place of butter.

- Casey

Very good

This ghee melts well and is great for cooking. It has a mild buttery flavor. It is much easier than making my own and tastes just as good.

- Janet

Very satisfied

We have been very satisfied with this ghee, will continue to buy. Great flavor.

- Heather S

I love this product!

I have recently started eating more paleo, and this was actually a free gift with purchase. Boy was I pleased at how well this tasted! I was a little worried b/c of past experiences with ghee (not good), so I waited probably two weeks to use this product. I can use it with all different kinds of foods, and it is delicious. I recommend anyone giving it a try--you will LOVE it!

- Megan

A Lovely Ghee

Unlike some, this ghee is not overpowering in it's 'pastured' sense. We want grassfed butter/ghee/meats/eggs and love the nutrition they offer and the lack of milk solids [for sensitivity reasons]. This is my favorite ghee right now, although I still buy other brands. The price is great and the flavor is outstanding. We use it for almost everything now.

- Carrie

Glee With Ghee!

I love cooking with it. Does not burn at high temoeratures. Do not need to use a lot. It tastes wonderful. I bought some for my lactose intolerant friend. She loves it, too. No more margerine for her!!

- Natalie


I bought this for my Indian recipes (limited thinking on my part). In the meantime, my husband was having difficulty replicating his favorite Mexican bean dip, so he tried it as the base and boy did the end result taste good! I think it added the depth of flavor that he was missing.

- JT

Good product

Good flavor, a little on the grainy side but good price!

- Blueberrysmurf

Thrive Market Ghee

Love the ghee. I sometimes have problems with butter, but not the ghee. So now I use it for everything I would use butter for. Love it!

- Pamela

Staple in our home

Very happy Thrive now offers their own brand of ghee. We've used ghee for years. Thrive provides ghee with a great taste at a great price. There's always a jar on our counter.

- Eileen

Ghee glee

Very nice flavor

- Jessica

Love it!

This is my first time trying ghee so I don't have much to compare it to but I love it! Will definitely purchase again!

- Dinah Gowan


This product is delicious. I use it instead of butter for a truly rich butter flavour. It is so convenient to use because it does not have to be is ready to use and spread any time! I cannot wait to use it to dip my lobster...more flavour than butter and I can use less of it! I will be buying more!



This ghee has a wonderful smooth texture and mild flavor.

- Mel


Awesome stuff!! Love the way it makes me feel!

- Allen

can't get enough

I love butter but my husband has a dairy allergy, Ghee allows me to still cook woth butter and enjoy that buttery flavor without harming my husbands tummy. I have made my own Ghee in the past and this was the first time I bought pre made. Totally worth it! The creamy texture wasn't something I was able to master when making my own.

- Daisy

Ghee clarified butter

Just ordered my fourth jar. Been using it on Sara Lee Artesian bread for grilled cheese. My household's new addiction.

- Debora

So good!!!

I love having the taste of butter back in our Paleo lifestyle. This stuff is so good. I lye rally want to put it on everything!!!

- Theresa


adds so much flavor to the food you're cooking. Helps cook the best steak ever!

- Emery


New to this product but really like it !!

- Ellen

Best Ever!

This stuff is great! My entire family loves it. I go through a tub of it a week, because we use it for all things food, from buttery toast to frying eggs or sautéing. It's so convenient because it's always out on the counter, never needs refrigerated, always soft and spreadable. The flavor it brings to food is amazing!

- Sharon

Thrive Ghee

Texture and fragrance is lighter than others I've tried. Good for everyday use.

- Angie

Oh em ghee!

I stopped using butter awhile ago because of it's lack of health benefits. When I heard about all of the good things about ghee, I had to try it. The taste is great and I can use it confidently in place of butter!

- Danae


Very good quality and very good price. Will buy again!

- Tracey

Cooking mommy/wife approved!!

Love it- especially for the price point!

- Chauncéy

Thrive Ghee

Excellent taste and texture!!

- Barbara


My first time using Ghee and I love this!

- Nancy


My first time trying ghee and I love it. It tastes amazing and has a pleasant scent.

- Angie


Thrives ghee is delicious with a mild and creamy taste. Best I have tasted so far.

- Angela

Good, But

Would like to see this in glass rather than plastic and would like to see a salted version.

- Linda


The taste is savory and consistency is creamy. It is a good fat and tastes great. I'm hooked.

- Carolyn

Ghee is gracious.

Natural sweetener without using alot of sugar. Please give us recipes with this product.

- Mary

Thrive Market Ghee

The best Ghee I have ever tried. It is delicious. Most all others are okay but only for baking. This one is just great.

- Marcia

Different than the ghee I'm used to

I don't understand what is different about this ghee (aside from being in a plastic vs. glass jar) but when I fry my eggs in it, the eggs stick to the bottom of the pan. This does not happen when I use non-Thrive ghee. The best way I can explain it is this ghee seems "whipped" and less dense, and maybe that is why it is not cooking as well. I appreciate the lower price and love TM, but this does not work for my cooking.

- Kelly


This ghee is easier to spread than others I have tried. Liked the texture & the flavor.

- Jeanette


I love Ghee! Ordering this was easier than making it on my own.

- Karen

Thrive Ghee

It is what one would expect from ghee. It has a nutty quality which so much flavor to my cooking

- Diane


Love the taste and actually use less than I did when I use butter. And, it's great that it does not need to be refrigerated! Good for camping, picnics etc.

- Debbie


I love the taste of this! Its a great option when you want to use something other than coconut oil or EVOO

- June


Super creamy and buttery.

- Joanna


Loved this item, I have attempted to make my own, but this is by far better and easier of course. I cook with it often and it is great on popcorn. Definately will purchase again.

- jeanne

Good Product

I have been using Organic Valley Ghee and thought I would give this one a try. I'm not wild about the plastic jar, (I prefer glass) but the taste and flavor are good. The price is also good. I will be buying more.

- Faye

Love this stuff!

Thought I'd give this a try and sure glad I did. I love throwing a teaspoon in for some flavor instead of cream and sugar!

- Nina

Amy J

Had never tried Ghee prior to this, it's flavor is wonderful & I'm sold on this product, I will definitely purchase again!

- Amy Johnson


Delicious, creamy, and a great value. The Tin Star brand look like cottage cheese mixed in olive oil and tasted very bland. So happy that Thrive has created this tasty and affordable ghee.



The Thrive brand ghee was softer, so I wondered if there were more dairy solids left in the product opposed to other brands that are more firm and clear. Also, I live at a higher elevation. By the time they arrived at my home there was leakage under the seal on all of the jars that I purchased.

- Mariam Herrmann


Like Organic Valley more.

- Carla

Good stuff

I'm new to ghee, but so far I love it! It was a good price as well!

- Mindy

First time

First time buying Ghee aside from making my own. Fantastic.

- Tracy


I am delighted to say that this is as appealing to my palate as butter! Who knew?

- Deborah

Thrive Ghee

This ghee compares favorably with other more expensive brands. I will definitely be ordering more of this....great taste!

- cheryl

Great product

This Ghee is great and at a great price. Love this site

- Anne

Ghee Whiz!

I recently tried Thrive Market's ghee for the first time and it won't be the last. High quality product, affordable, tasty. What's not to love!

- Tania F.


This Thrive Ghee tastes really good, I will definitely being buying more of this.

- Martha Jesse

Thrive Market Ghee

Great flavor and I love all its 28 values!! The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it came in a plastic container instead of glass. I didn't realize that when ordering.

- Vicki

yummy, healthy ghee

We love the taste of this product & will definitely buy it over & over; plus it's healthy - a win/win!

- Marti

Love it

Never buying anything else. The best. Ever.

- Louisa


I love this stuff. Wasn't sure how it was going to taste but it is yummy. I would recommend it if u r missing butter in ur Paleo lifestyle.

- Dawn

Fantastic Product

Love Ghee! So happy to have finally tried it. It is wonderful for sautéing vegetables. One.of my favorite products.

- Catherine

Tried it and liked it!

I was ordering the Hidden Valley brand before but this one is cheaper and I like it just as much!

- Erica

Ghee is great - disappointed in the packaging

Thrive branded ghee is fantastic - way more affordable than other brands and is just as delicious and useful. My only complaint is that the packaging is plastic which is something I try to stay clear of. I suppose it is something I have to overlook to keep costs down but if this was switched to glass, I would be singing from the rooftops.

- Emily

Good stuff!

This ghee tastes the closest to my homemade!

- Susan A

Great flavor!

Tried this for the first time with my last order and am so impressed with the rich flavor!

- Carrie


Just tried it. It was delicious!

- Rhonda

Loved it!

My first time and I couldn't be happier!

- Virginia

AMAZING ! ! ! !

Amazing product with a sweet sweet smell, it does not require refrigeration even after opening ! ! ! Only a small bit goes a long long way. Other companies sell this healthy alternative but for a much higher price !! My Indian cooking has never tasted so good since using this product. Highly recommended.

- Stuart Metcalfe

Smells amazing

This ghee absolutely smells amazing and makes a great addition to my morning coffee.

- Bryan


Using it in my hair, using on my body, using on my lips, absolutely amazing. Smells like caramel heaven tastes very good light and almost sweet. Leave you smelling so so good. Can't wait to try and cook with it. Very happy I will reorder very soon!

- Emma

So smooth!

This ghee is at the top of my list when it comes to ghee brands. The texture is so smooth and the flavor is spot on. Always a staple in my orders!

- Beth

A+ for Thrive Market Ghee!

This ghee has the perfect consistency. It gives my sauteed veggies a tasty and rich flavor.

- Rachael

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