Natural Coconut Water

11.2 fl. oz carton

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11.2 fl. oz carton

Why You’ll Love It

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water is sourced from fresh coconuts hand-harvested by local farmers in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and has no added sugars. Just 100% pure water. Each 11 oz. container is fully recyclable and resealable, too, making it a convenient option for taking with you any time you might need a refresher. See More
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About This Brand

Helping everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day.The story of ZICO® Premium Coconut Water begins in Central America, where, while volunteering with the Peace Corps, founder Mark Rampolla took notice that the locals regularly drank sweet coconut water for replenishment.Back in the States, in 2004, Mark left his corporate career to create ZICO Premium Coconut Water, initially selling it out of a van to New York City yoga studios. He couldn't make it quickly enough: customers were hooked on its refreshing taste and restorative qualities.The story goes on to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where our suppliers source coconuts from hundreds of local farmers and work directly with coconut plantations — many that have been in families for generations — to bring you simple, honest-to-goodness hydration.Our story continues with you. We're passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, and think ZICO's hydration...
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100% natural coconut water.

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Serving Size 11.2 fl oz (330 mL) Servings Per Container 1

Amount Per Serving

Calories 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 90mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 15g 5%
Sugars 12g
Protein 0g

Calcium 4%

Why You’ll Love Natural Coconut Water

Doing chores around the house. Working a physically-demanding job. Sticking to a workout routine. A really bad hangover.There are any number of reasons why you might get dehydrated. And one of the quickest ways to bounce back is with a drink like Zico Natural Coconut Water.

Instead of the same old sports drinks, which are often overloaded with unnecessary sugars and calories, 100 percent pure coconut water like Zico’s crisp drink provides a natural way to replenish the minerals lost by the body during strenuous activities and even periods of illness. That’s because coconuts have large stores of electrolytes, potassium (as much as a banana!), magnesium, and sodium, all of which the body requires to recover and function on all cylinders.

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water is sourced from fresh coconuts that are hand-harvested by local farmers in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and has no added sugars. Just 100% pure water. Each 11 oz. container is fully recyclable and resealable, too, making it a convenient option for taking with you any time you think you might need a refresher.

The nutrition of coconut water

Zico Natural Coconut Water comes exactly how it was found in nature, which means it retains all the valuable nutrients of the superfood, including:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Coconut water also happens to be a good source of amino acids, electrolytes, and enzymes that are always important to have in your system, but especially when you are dehydrated. It’s also low-calorie (just 60 calories in one whole bottle), and unlike coconut milk, it’s also low-fat, so you can drink in all the nourishing vitamins and minerals without worrying about sacrificing your health goals.

Coconut water health benefits

Coconut water is more than just an in-the-moment drink when you are feeling parched. Drinking it on the regular can actually contribute to a host of long-term health benefits.

  • Better digestion. Coconut water is particularly helpful when you feel acid reflux and heartburn. First, it cools the lining of the stomach and esophagus, which will clear up the burning sensation. Drinking coconut water can also help restore the body’s pH balance, which helps with acidity. And, the beverage hydrates the digestive tract, which can reduce bloating.

  • Heart health. Coconuts have high amounts of vitamins A and E as well as polyphenols and phytosterols. When combined, they work together to decrease levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, the type that stays in the blood and has been associated with risks for cardiovascular disease and other heart issues. The large amounts of magnesium also helps regulate and lower blood pressure. Some studies have shown that the mineral may even go as far as to prevent a heart attack.

  • Weight loss. Zico Natural Coconut Water provides 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving, mostly derived from the natural sugars in the nut. This means you’ll get a dose of pure fuel for your body every time you drink it. This in turn increases the body’s metabolic rate, making it easier to burn fat. Coconuts also promote a healthy thyroid, which is a gland vital for weight management and other important functions.

  • Healthier skin. Coconuts have natural antibacterial properties, so whether you drink coconut water or put it in a spray bottle and use as a refreshing mist for your face, it will go a long way in helping to fight and prevent acne breakouts and blemishes. Because coconut water is also super hydrating, your skin will drink up the moisture, too, resulting in a positively beautiful glow.

Coconut water recipes

The taste and benefits of coconut water make it good enough to drink on its own, but it can also be used as a superfood ingredient in a number of smoothie recipes.

Blueberry Watermelon Collagen Smoothie

Talk about a supercharged drink! This recipe combines the benefits of coconut water with the free radical–fighting brain food of blueberries and the helpful lycopene of watermelon in a tasty drink. The added collagen provides a pleasing texture—and body-boosting powers of its own. Just add a few mint leaves and lime juice, and blend.

Hidden Greens Blueberry Smoothie

More blueberries! But this recipe also provides a ton of baby spinach hidden in the mix. Coconut water, banana, and Medjool dates sweeten it up while chia and hemp seeds provide some crunch for a satisfying breakfast. Even the kids will love it—and they’ll never know there’s greens inside.

Superfood Acai Bowl

Instead of the same old cereal in the morning, this powerful (and pretty) dish includes the antioxidants from blueberries and pomegranate as well as lucuma, maca, and acai powders. It only takes five minutes to make and provides two servings, also making it the easiest breakfast ever.

Other ways you can use coconut water

  • A refreshing facial mist. Just add some to a travel spray bottle and mist over your face anytime you need a pick-me-up.

  • A plant mist. The same nutrients you get can also benefit your household plants.

  • A rinse for hair. The moisturizing properties of coconuts can benefit your follicles, too. After conditioning, rinse hair with coconut water for some extra nourishment and shine.

  • A replacement for water in cooking. Try heating it up for rice and soups, especially if you are whipping up a tropical Thai dish.

  • A refreshing frozen treat. Add some coconut water and fruit to popsicle trays for a no-guilt dessert. Or, add coconut water to ice cube trays to naturally flavor any beverages you enjoy.

More about Zico

The journey of Zico Natural Coconut Water begins with Mark Rampolla. While volunteering with the Peace Corps in Central America, he paid attention to locals that drank coconut water for replenishment. Several years later, in 2004, Rampolla was inspired enough by the idea that he left his day job to create the Zico brand. He sold the first batches of coconut water out of his van, which he parked outside yoga studios in his homebase of New York City. Today, Zico is a worldwide operation, working with local farmers in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines whose families have run coconut plantations for generations. In addition to the popular coconut water, Zico also sells naturally flavored beverages.

Reviews For Natural Coconut Water

Based on 16 Reviews

not the best, not the worst

Not my favorite coconut water in terms of taste or ingredients. I did some research and this packaging of Zico is better than its others (not treated or concentrated the same way), but still is not true coconut water to my taste. I like the price here and it is good for smoothies.

- Stella

Coconut water

Coconut water makes for a good liquid in vegetable smoothies. I have used this brand before and it is also good just to drink by itself.

- Elizabeth


I was able to purchase my favorite drink at a lower price and the shipping charge was low as well!

- Linda

not my taste

I bought this for a friend and he said it was a perfect coconut water, refreshing and light. I did not enjoy it at all. He is from Vietnam and i am a white boy from the Midwest. if that has anything to do with it.

- patrick

Coconut Water

I can't seem to get enough of this coconut water!!! I would love to see 24pks in this!!!! Amazing product!!

- Miriam

Coconut water

Very delicious and refreshing!

- Kathy

Love it!

My kids and I love this coconut water. I love that it's pure, with no other added ingredients.

- Mad

Great coconut water

I love this brand, the flavor, the packaging, the fact that they don't use any artifical or gmo ingredients... great purchase! Slightly sweet, very slightly salty and this brand doesn't make my stomach churn like other coconut waters

- Zoë


Wasn't the best tasting Coconut Water. But still okay

- Elena

Coconut water

Sorry i did not care for the coconut water.
Is it best added to another liquid?

- Bonnie

Great Size

I love Zico and this is the perfect size for travel and keeping at my fridge at work!

- Kelly

Love at first sip

Finally a coconut water that is just plain coconut water. Nothing else. Tastes pretty
Good too

- Lorraine

Great water

It's great in green smoothies.

- Monica Spath

Refreshing & Healthful

Love the little bottles

- Deborah

Obsessed!! A must have in every home.

I drink thus delicious drink every day! A staple in our home. The best price for such amazing quality. My 4 year old daughter loves it as much as me :)

- Anne

Delicious and clean

I've tried to like coconut water countless times because of all of it's health benefits but I just haven't liked the taste. I love it mixed in my smoothies but I have always wished I liked it alone. Now I finally do, thanks to Zico! I don't know why it took me so long to try it but I can tell it is high quality while I drink it and I literally feel the difference it makes in making my body feel better. The best coconut oil in my opinion!

- G. Campbell

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