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Sun Potion is devoted to creating revitalizing herbal powders that promote health, happiness and well-being. The company uses medicinal plants, superfoods, and tonic herbs to come up with energizing, high quality formulas. In addition to executing a strong mission, Sun Potion works to ensure superior ingredients. For example, it works only with suppliers who can meet its extremely strict quality standards and commitment to purity. The company sources organic ingredients that have been gathered from the wild, and never uses materials that have been chemically treated. In addition to these requirements, Sun Potion ensures that its products are: Organic Environmental and Social Fair Trade Recyclable Pesticide free Sun Potion product line Sun Potion produces energizing powders that run the gamut of health deliverables. They include the following: Organic Mucuna Pruriens Powder This powder is made from mucuna pruriens, a legume also known as the “velvet bean.” This powder extract contains 15 percent L-DOPA, which is a precursor to dopamine. Consuming mucuna pruriens may enhance brain function, elevate mood, sharpen sensory awareness, soothe the nervous system, and support overall well-being. Triphala (Organic Cold Water Extract Powder) This reputed food of Vedic tradition is a blend of the amalaki, bibhikati, and haritaki fruit and is a deeply rejuvenating and balancing herbal formula. Triphala strengthens, cleanses, and tonifies the digestive system without stripping essential nutrients from the body, and is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. It is also great for ingesting nutrients and gentle internal cleansing. Organic Ashwagandha Ashwagandha is a vital herb in Ayurvedic medicine with a long history of therapeutic use and is sometimes referred to as "Indian Ginseng." The plant contains a full spectrum of healing properties in its roots, flowers, leaves, and fruit, flourishing in the dry regions of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East. Sun Potion sources it from small organic farms in Northern India, which offer an organic cold-water extract of the Ashwagandha root. This is reputed to be the most potent part of the plant and may tonify the immune system, inspire vigor and strength, and increase the body's levels of superoxide dismutase. Sun Potion also says that this product can harmonize one’s mind, body and spirit, and reduce the effects of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Green Adaptogen Powder Sun Potion blends Suma, Maca, and Chlorella herbs to arrive at this signature formula, which is designed to promote energy levels, immune system functioning, and overall well being. Suma, a Brazilian root known throughout South America as 'Para Todo,’ is the dominant ingredient here. It may be used medicinally as an adaptogen, which helps the body cope with stress, increases energy levels and resistance to disease by supporting the immune system. Suma is also a natural source of electrolytes, and contains saponins, which have been shown to be beneficial in off-setting abnormal cellular growth, as well as helping to regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. t also contains high amounts of the trace element germanium, which is a powerful immune stimulator. Maca is a peruvian root that is rich in vitamin B12 and protein, and also contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E, plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. Within days of using maca your energy level may increase. It is also known for increasing stamina. Maca is widely used to promote sexual function of both men and women, as it may serve as a boost to your libido and increase your endurance. Simultaneously, Maca may balance your hormones and increase fertility. For women, Maca relieves menstrual issues and menopause. It may alleviate cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings and depression (If you are pregnant or lactating you should avoid taking maca.) Chlorella is a freshwater, single-celled algae. It is considered to be one of the most nutritious and potent foods on the planet and contains: 10 percent chlorophyll, 50 percent protein, complete amino acid chains, and essential fatty acids. Tocos (Rice Bran Solubles) Tocos is a superfood and creamy addition to any healthy recipe. It’s a great source of vitamins D & E, and may promote healthy skin and connective tissues. It has also been thought to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. Moringa Leaf Powder Moringa has been referred to as the “miracle tree” or "miracle leaf" because it contains a wide range of bio-available nutrients, minerals and high levels of vitamins B, C, D, and E. Moringa leaf is reputed to improve overall nutrition, promote sound sleep, relieve anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, and strengthen digestion. Eucommia Bark This features a 10:1 ratio of cold water extract of wildcrafted Eucommia bark. It’s a traditional Taoist herb and Yang Jing tonic that contains bio-available latex. It can also help support the kidneys, joints, connective tissues, lower body, and whole-body flexibility. He Shou Wu This traditional Taoist herb and Jing tonic is also considered to be a superior blood and longevity tonic. He Shou Wu has a history of use as a longevity, anti-aging, blood-building, beauty, and rejuvenation food. Regular consumption of this herb may tonify and nourish the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, and more. Some say it affects one’s shen, or spirit, and one’s Jing, or primary life force. This is a 10:1 ratio extract of the prepared He Shou Wu root. Rhodiola This renowned Taoist brain tonic is referred to as a “super brain oxygenator” and has been known to improve one’s ability to absorb oxygen. It may facilitate mental clarity, creativity, stamina, immune strength, weight balance, longevity, and focus. Note: This product is mildly stimulating in nature. It is recommended that individuals with sensitivities to such foods consult their healthcare provider before use. Organic White Mulberry This product is considered to be a folk remedy for longevity, immune excellent source of iron, vitamin C, and Resveratrol, the latter being a naturally occurring phenol being researched for cancer prevention. Organic Ashitaba This traditional, Japanese healing food has notoriously been consumed for beauty and longevity. It’s a rich source of vitamin B12, and is often used as a skin and digestive tonic. Astragalus This features a 10:1 ratio of cold water extract powder of the Astragalus root. This traditional taoist herb is reputed as the most potent Qi tonic in the world.

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