Organic Coconut Aminos

8 fl. oz bottle

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8 fl. oz bottle

Why You’ll Love It

If you love the taste of soy sauce, but aren’t as keen on the soy part, there’s another option—Organic Coconut Aminos by Coconut Secret. As you might have guessed, coconut aminos comes from coconuts, but the sauce doesn’t taste anything like the fruit. Many actually prefer this condiment, since it has a more complex flavor with less salt.
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About This Brand

It all began in the Spring of 2008, with an overwhelming desire to create a low glycemic, gluten-free snack line that was truly safe for diabetics, using the purest, most organic, least processed ingredients we could find.
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Organic coconut sap aged and blended with sun-dried, mineral-rich sea salt.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 tsp (5ml) Servings Per Container 48

Amount Per Serving

Calories 5

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Sodium 113mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 0g

Reviews For Organic Coconut Aminos

Based on 220 Reviews

Great flavor!

Have used the Organic Coconut Aminos for about six months. Excellent flavor added to my dishes. Thank you!

- Patti


A little goes a long way, super tasty on greens. Very sweet flavor with no sodium, cholestral and not that much sugar. Highly recommended

- Damaris Toledo

Organic Coconut Aminos

Delicious! I love it in stir frys.

Delicious! I love it in stir frys.

- Janet

Excellent healthy substitution

This is a great sub for traditional soy sauce. Very flavorful and healthier

- Janice

not sweet

there are other coconut aminos that you might enjoy; this one is tasty & tangy with the minimum of sugar

- Jo

Favorite sauce ever

You have to have this! I'm not kidding when I say I've gone through at least eight bottles and I will always repurchase this! The flavor is amazing and you can use it for anything! My two staples are salad and stir fry, but let's face it, I use it on anything I can! I promise you'll most likely get your family hooked, I know mine sure did! Thrive has the best price too! This retails in store for $6-$9

- Tiffany Barrett

Great sub for soy sauce

My son has severe food allergies and as a family we struggled to find a safe option for him so we could enjoy Asian food again. This is sweeter and doesn't have the same umami flavor, but it is good and he loves it!

- Stephanie Paradis

Great Aminos

Have tried some other brands and this seems to be the best tasting and value. Easy replacement for soy sauce with so much less sodium.

- Bruce

Its fine

It's not my favorite ever, but that's strictly personal preference. I'm partial to regular liquid aminos, but sometimes you need something sweeter. Used often in the Clean Food Dirty Girl meal plans, cheaper here than anywhere else I had seen!

- Laura

love it

Tastes Great. Perfect alternative to soy based sauces.

- Carrie

Love this stuff!

I'm on a sodium restricted diet so regular and even reduced sodium soy are out of the question. This product has significantly less sodium which allows me to enjoy the same flavor.

- Melissa

Great alternative to soy sauces

This is a great alternative to soy sauces, even organic Tamari which I usually use. I'm enjoying it. It adds a very nice taste to my stir-fries.

- aRAYah'

first timer

It's my first time using coconut aminos, I decided to give it a try since it was said it can be a sub for soy sauce. While i don't know how - since the coconut aminos is sweet. BUT ! I love it on my rice or noodles or w/e

- Virginie

Yummy alternative

So much better for you than soy sauce! Also pairs well with more than just Asian cuisine.

- Michele

Asian Food Blues

I legitimately cried when my doctor and I found out that I'm sensitive to soy and was told I couldn't have it any more. Asian cuisine has always been my favorite and the thought of giving it up forever was just so sad.

Sure I could make stuff without soy, but then it wouldn't have that great umami that I'd come to love!

Now I can have it all! I'm so very grateful for this product and that I can get it on Thrive Market because it's so very expensive in stores. Thank you Thrive and Coconut Secret!

- Michelle

Great product

Great product, great taste

- Jennifer

I would bathe in this if it were sociably acceptable

The perfect soy-sauce alternative, the only problem is it's pricey but Thrive Market prices I can justify the purchase. Don't sleep homie trust ya boy

- illnasty

Great Soy Sauce Substitute

I have tried other brands of coconut aminos that were not great tasting, but this brand is really nice, including when mixed with Wasabi for dipping sushi. I expect it will last a long tme, but would definitely buy it again.

- Kim

Kids don't know the difference!

My kids are the test, they can always tell when I swap out ingredients and this they didn't notice at all. Now they ask for this over traditional soy sauce, so was able to easily remove it from the house.

- Dawn N/A

Amazing Alternative to Soy Sauce

This is an amazing alternative to soy sauce! I use it for just about everything. It's a great marinade, can be used in stir fry or mixed with herbs and spices for an Asian inspired dressing.

- DS

Organic Coconut Aminos

Tastes so good - less sodium. I use it for everything.

- Kate

Abbsolutely delicious. I'm addicted.

This is my 2nd review. I could not figure out how to alter my 1st review, so this. By mistake I gave 4 stars. This is definitely a 5 star seasoning--I would give it more if I could. Spectacular flavor and totally versatile.

- mary

A must have

Indispensable in my kitchen.

- Paula

Sooooo good

I am in love with these coconut aminos. Works great as a soy sauce alternative. Works great on roasted veggies. I'm hooked.

- Robbie

Excellent Soy Substitute

No complaints. Tastes great. Exactly what you expect. A little sweeter than soy sauce and slightly less salty than the Thrive Market version, though that might be because I've had the Thrive one longer so maybe the saltiness has increased over exposure?

Either way, very good!

- Rob Riv

Really Good

Bought this awhile back and just stored it, I tried it tonight in an Asian fusion veg meal, and it is absolutely delicious. I am so pleasantly surprised. Yum

- mary

Organic Coconut Aminos

I use these in everything! Dressings, marinades, with sushi instead of soy sauce. A flavorful addition to your cooking and a perfect substitute for soy sauce!

- Nanci

Goodby soy sauce!!

SO glad I found this amazing product!! I'll never go back to soy sauce!! Love this item!

- Ruth

Great alternative to conventional soy sauce

I have used this product for a couple years now and it tastes just like soy sauce but without the unwanted ingredients. I would recommend this to everyone who uses or wants to use soy sauce in recipes.

- Crissa

Best product out there

This is far healthier than the Thrive brand and it tastes less sweet. If you ever get a chance to try their garlic version, it's amazing!

- Cheryl Harne


New to coconut aminos but intrigued by all the recipes that suggest it, I ordered this on a whim with no expectation. Wow is all I can say! It does taste like coconut for sure, but it's not overpowering by any means. It just has a fantastic flavor, similar to soy sauce but without the soy obviously and the crazy amounts of sodium! I am most definitely a fan!

- Rebecca

Better than "the real thing"

I now prefer these coconut aminos over low sodium soy sauce on my sushi! It has a sweeter flavor, not salty so it is quite different but very good.

- Ashley Latva

Coconut Aminos

We started using this product when we wanted to cut soy out of our diet. We tried it with sushi first and everyone in my family loved it! It has more of a smoky flavor than soy sauce and not as salty. My children use it on all kinds of food, not just rice dishes.

- Rumi

perfect for Whole30

We love using these coconut aminos for stir fry during a Whole30 round.

- Muriel

Pantry staple for any Paleo kitchen!

This is a huge pantry staple for our household as we largely eat Paleo! Price comparisons show that Thrive does have the best price that I've found... So I'll keep reordering through Thrive! I only wish this came in larger bottles!

- Angelika

Best Price I've Found

I love Coconut Aminos. Without it, my recipes that call for soy sauce would be lost and my marinades would fall short on flavor. I use this in so many things. It's great in sauces, especially in BBQ. I even add it to my gluten and/or grain free breads for some extra flavor (it oddly adds a kind of "bready" flavor in that application). This is the best price I've found anywhere for Coconut Aminos, at $4.45. My local health store, Fresh Life, sells these for about $8, and the best price I can find on amazon is 4 bottles for $25-$30 (price changes on amazon frequently), so Thrive's price is almost half of the other places. Thank you Thrive!

- Mira

Better with age

The flavor profile evolves quite dramatically. Once opened, and left unrefrigerated, the initial sweetness becomes more of a tanginess.

- Shane

Coconut aAminos by Coconut Magic brand.

This sauce is delicious and mildly salty. Enough said! Mine got rancid in the fridge before the expiration date though! But this doesnt deter me from getting more. I got a reimbursement from my Health food store, where I bought that bottle, but previous bottles were OK.

- Estelle

Really good substitute!

This is a really good substitute for soy sauce. I've used it in marinades that call for soy sauce and they all turn out great!

- Pam W.

No more soy

This is a really good alternative to soy sauce for those wishing to avoid soy.

- Carina


This stuff is just amazing. It tastes so light, so fresh, and what a fantastic alternative to soy sauce. It's slightly sweet, but I appreciate that hint of sweet, which helps bring out depth of flavor in a stir fry without having to add the traditional rock sugar.

- Ann

Terrific.......and not just for stir fry!

This makes everything it touches taste much healthier than soy sauce!! I get antsy when I get low. until my next order arrives! I feel like I found a culinary gem!!

- Ruth


This product is absolutely amazing. I put it on EVERYTHING. I consider it a MUST have for anyone avoiding soy sauce and overly sweetened products like bbq sauces. I cook with it, and put it on salads, other vegetables.

- Heather

Organic coconut amino

We use a lot of soy sauce but have needed to cut out soy and reduce sodium in our diet. This product has helped tremendously. It has also substituted for our salad dressing. It's delicious and versatile

- Sandra

Organic Coconut Aminos

These coconut aminos have a great taste and give a nice flavor to your meats and vegetables. I wish the bottle was a little larger, because I think I will go through it quickly.

- wendy

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum!


- Melissa

Awesome soy sauce substitution!

I'm doing Whole30 and this coconut aminos came in handy when I wanted something with soy sauce. It's a little sweet, but add some garlic and ginger and it's delicious!

- Ashley


I've been using this product for sometime but Thrive offers the best price! This product is great on salads. It tastes like "soy" sauce, but is so much healthier!

- Maryanne

5 stars

Great product

- Kelly

Best soy sauce alternative!

This is the best soy sauce alternative I've tried! I also prefer the flavor of this brand's coconut aminos over the Thrive Market brand - it is a bit sweeter :)

- Kathy

great substtitute

Great substitute for soy sauce. Has a gentle taste with out the overwhelming flavor of soy sauce. Lower in sodium.

- Ann

Buy it immediately

Quit waffling. Pitch that sticky pile of soy sauce packets in your junk drawer, buy this, and put it on everything. Buy at least two. Four is better.

- Kimberly

Love this Stuff!!!!

We absolutely love this Organic Coconut Aminos! We've completely replaced our soy for this. We enjoy the subtle sweetness!

- Hilda

Yummy! ! !

What a hit this dressing is ! ! I am amazed at the complex and slightly sweet flavor and the amazing way you wrapped it to keep it safe. I WILL be getting this product again !

- Karen

Love this!

A great sub for soy sauce if you are trying to avoid soy. Slightly sweet and lower sodium. Great in stir fry.

- Mitsue

Tasty alternative to Worcestershire

Appreciate the taste and consistency

- Amy

Love this Coconut Aminos!

Will never go back to Soy products! Love this product!

- B. Hammers


I love these and I always buy several bottles. I am soy and gluten free. When I discovered this, I was overjoyed. I can make and create my fave dishes, stir fries, noodle soups, pad thai and more. I will always have some of this on hand.

- Wendy Whitney

No more soy sauce!

Perfect substitute to soy sauce! Waaaay less salty too!

- Cyndi

Paleo Alternative

This is a great alternative to soy sauce when I'm on whole30 or Paleo. It has more of a mild flavor than typical soy sauce, but it's great for cauliflower rice stir fry.

- Carolyn


This is my first experience with coconut aminos. Had seen it in recipes before but not at a market. When I saw it on the list here at Thrive I was anxious to get it. My first taste was yesterday on some sushi and oh my, it's so delicious !! I avoid soy as much as possible but even if I didn't I would still prefer this because of the taste !!

- Linda

Love the flavor

I love Asian food and I was missing it a lot. I am soy intolerant and this was just the ticket for me to be able to eat Asian food again.

- Clairlyn


This comes off as a little too sweet for me. I was looking to add more of a salty flavor to my dishes. This has about the same flavor profile as coconut sugar, to me.

- Shane

Cocnut aminos

We love this healthy alternative to traditional soy sauce. My husband and I like the taste a lot better than soy sauce.

- Victoria

So Much Better Than Soy Sauce

Not near as salty and much healthier. I order steamed chicken and broccoli from chinese take-out and add this as my sauce. Guilt-free treat.

- Danielle


Best price by far compared to anywhere else. Great sub for soy sauce if you are trying to avoid soy. Love it.

- Lorie


I've added this to several dishes, but I use it almost daily in my coffee!



I love this stuff! I use it anytime I would have otherwise used soy sauce. I can't tell the difference in taste but I know I am getting something better for my health!

- Ann

Much better than soy sauce

Slightly sweeter than soy sauce. We love it with our sushi!

- Lindsey

coconut aminos

Love this soy sauce substitute!

- Susan

Love this stuff!

Tastes great - an excellent replacement for soy sauce in recipes.

- Stephani

Great Product

I really like this substitution over soy sauce only complaint is that it is a little sweet for me

- Andrea

Outstandinig Product

This product is amazing...a staple for any kitchen...healthy & tasty. It can be used as a marinade, salad dressing or flavor additive. It is delicious, healthy and low cal

- Paddy

So Good!

I have wanted to try this for ages but was hesitant because it is 3 times as much locally. Thanks to Thrive's awesome price I finally got to try it and love, love, love it. It adds such fantastic flavor to dishes. It will definitely be a staple in my pantry from now on!

- Debbie


My new favorite sauce and seasoning agent! So much better than soy sauce, which while I do enjoy, can taste too strong at times. These aminos are delicious, subtle, and absolutely delicious. I mix them with chili garlic paste for dipping sauce with pot stickers, or mix in to season sauces and fried rice.

- Stephanie


We love this and such a great flavor without all the bad of Soy Sauce..

- Carol

Great product

I really like this in stir fry instead of soy sauce it's much healthier!

- Cheryl

Yum city

We have never gone back to Soy sauce. This stuff is good for us and tastes amazing on stir fry, salads, etc. We always have it on hand.

- ABrown

I love it!

I love soy sauce for cooking but can't use it anymore. I was told about Coconut Aminos and was very happy when I tried it. It is close enough in taste to soy sauce that I have another way to cook my veggies!

- Rosamond


A really great alternative to soy sauce - you can't tell the difference! Love this! Staple in my home!

- Lahana

way better...

...than soy sauce!

- Fabienne N

Happiness in a bottle

My husband and I are teriyaki enthusiasts. Due to a series of health issues, I am following Whole30 permanently. No gluten, no soy, etc. you can imagine how sad it is, since I used to make chicken teriyaki quite frequently and it is my husband's favorite meal. I just stopped making it because I was tired of cooking two separate meals.

A friend recommended this product. On my way back from Whole Foods (and work) it fell out of the bag and cracked on the pavement. I spent 7.00.

I had this shipped through Thrive and not only did I not have to worry about it breaking, but I got it almost thee dollars cheaper. Better yet, I did not tell my husband about the replacement until after he told me it was the best Chicken Teriyaki be had ever had. Thank you Thrive!

- KatherineO

Perfect soy sauce alternative!

Absolutely love this product! It is sweeter than soy sauce and not as salty.

- Colleen


Great flavor to add to any dish and it is hypoallergenic for most people. And a great healthy thing to use for cooking and flavoring!

- Kim


love this as a soy alternative. you can use it to cook, marinade, dip...etc. my whole family loves it

- M C


I love this stuff. What a great healthy substitute for soy sauce. They flavor it adds to dishes is incredible. I don't feel like I am screwing up my body and hormones since there is no soy! Just remember to REFRIGERATE after opening. I missed that on the first bottle and it was a sad sad day in my house when the stuff went bad. I freaked out when Thrive AND Whole Foods were out a few weeks ago, so I ordered 3 bottles this time. Wonderful!

- Shanna

CEO Snack N Joy

Excellent product with many health benefits & The price is right.

- Aimee

Wow, great product

Thrilled with the slightly sweet taste and the much reduced amount of sodium over even low-salt soy sauce.

- Willie

Coconut Aminos

I love this prodkuct! It is rather sweet as is the case for most coconut products, and not too salty like Bragg's Liquid Aminos (which I have been using for years and love it). I now have two choices and sometimes use both on the same dish (as seasoning at the end of preparation). Yum!

- Keileidh

Pleasantly Surprised!

I LOVE this stuff. I use it instead of soy sauce and now everyone at my office is hooked on it too. I order 2-3 at a time now!

- Brenda


I use this every morning on my oat bran. It is low glycemic and the sweetness can't be beat. It doesn't leave the aftertaste of agaves

- Darlene

home maker

great taste.. lower in sodium better then soy sauce

- Jacquee

Coconut Aminos

Haven't used yet, but will soon.

- Cyndi

Organic coconut aminos

It has a sweet taste to me. I was hoping to use it in place of salt in my veggie stir fries, but quickly backed off of that idea. Still trying to figure out best use for this product.

- Helen


Great for marinades. Totally worth it!

- Camilla

Love it!

Love this for anything Asian inspired. Don't miss the soy sauce flavor anymore. Make a mean teriyaki sauce with it!

- Mad

Can I drink the bottle?

Having never really liked soy sauce this was an easy switch for me to make, and it has become one of my top 10 pantry staples. My husband loves salt and I thought he wouldn't like this, but turns out he'd go through as many as I let him have access to!

- CAF Herring

Best Price

I started shopping on Thrive, just for this product. I use aminos in many of my dishes, and it adds so much flavor, and I tolerate it much better than the soy based aminos. Plus the price on Thrive can't be beat.

- Carol

Love it!

I am allergic to soy, so I eat this as an alternative. I think it's delicious! And it has much less sodium that even the low-sodium soy sauce.

- Robyn

Best Soy Sauce replacement

We love this on our cauliflower "rice" and veggies!

- Melissa

like teriyaki

This sauce reminds me of a teriyaki sauce but less sweet. A good substitute and flavor booster!

- Carissa

Soy free stir fry!

Yay! Soy free stir fry and pad Thai! Not only does it taste great, it's good for you! Has a sweeter taste rather than salty like soy sauce, but I like it! And gives a slight coconut flare to your dish. Yum!

- Kimberly

coconut aminos

great soy sauce replacement

- Laurie

Great Alternative to Soy sauce

Love the taste. Shipped to the house quickly safely packaged.

- Bridget

Use it for sushi

I always bring it to sushi so I do not have to use soy sauce. A little sweeter than soy sauce but I love it as an alternative.

- Rachel

Closest thing I can find to soy sauce

Can't have soy, so I use this instead. Not nearly as strong as typical soy (or aminos) but still adds a nice salty/earthy flavor to dishes. I'd recommend it with sauteed/riced cauliflower - yummy!

- Michelle

Add it to everything!

I don't know what inspired me to try t in my Vega shake, but I was trying to find a way to make it palatable. The coconut aminos did the trick. It took away the metallic edge and yucky sweetener aftertaste, really completed the flavor. Strange, but true!

- Heather

Coconut Aminos

This product is wonderful. I cannot have soy, so this is the perfect substitute for soy sauce. Only thing is, it's sweeter than soy sauce, but I find it works well, just the same.

- Nancy


Great substitute to Soy Sauce. Works good.

- Kathleen

love this stuff!

i love soy but it bloats me with my thyroid condition. such a great alternative

- teri


This is very tasty! It has a lightly sweet flavor and is great on rice, in sauces, and many other things. It is not salty like soy sauce or tamari.

- Felicia


I discovered this wonderful product last year while visiting a friend in Hong Kong. Since then I use it as a substitute for soy sauce, for it tastes great and is healthier.

- Linda

Great stuff

I have made 2 dishes that included this and both turned out so tasty. I just wish they had a larger size bottle on Thrive Market because it goes pretty fast. I'm already looking to buy more. Love it!

- Danelle

Love to stir fry

Trying to work my way from vegetarian to vegan. This is a great source of amino acids and a great replacement for soy sauce, which has naturally occurring MSG.

- Jennifer


Great alternative to soy sauce.

- Michelle

Great taste great price

You can't beat this price! And add so much flavor to all kinds of dishes!

- Elisa


I live in a small town and cannot get these. Great product, great price

- Susan


It is a wonderful change from soy.

- Diane


Great flavour and great alternative to Soy Sauce. Whole30 compliant!!

- June

Better than Soy

First time user and I am very pleased with the flavor!

- Amy

Better Than Soy

I cannot eat soy so how do you prepare your homemade Chinese food??? Use this product instead of soy sauce. It works great; a lot less sodium; and you will never miss the soy!!! It tastes great. Honest!

- Debra

Going coconuts

I usually buy aminos from another name , but I'm so glad I decided to give this a try. This will be my go to brand from now on. What great flavor. I can use on things I never thought possible. There's not a taste of coconut, just a light salty essence and a deep flavor so delightful and it's all I'd hoped it the lable it is so good for you..

- Nancy

Best Price!

Thrive Market has the best price for coconut aminos that I've found. We love using these as a soy sauce substitute.

- Renee

Love It

Used this for grilling a london broil and loved it!
wonderful flavor!

- Crafty

Delicious Soy Alternative

I have been looking for a quality soy sauce alternative and I have found just that. I have most recently used the coconut aminos when cooking my buffalo chicken in the crock pot and it gives it a slight sweet flavor without any junk or sugars! It's also a tasty addition to any veggie stir-fry.

- Chadwick

My new FAV

I tried these for the first time not too long ago ... and omg. My new favorite!!!! I have to keep at least 1 extra bottle in the pantry...don't ever want to run out. YUMMMMMMM.

- Deidra


If you love stir-fry but hate the effects soy has on your body, this item is awesome. It has a rather mild favor but really accentuates whatever you put it on.

- Hanna


This was my first time trying coconut aminos and it is awesome! I love adding it to my ground beef so far.

- Diana

pleasantly surprised

Used and compared with Braggs liquid aminos and like this product very much. I'll use both products, but must say I was surprised with the delightful flavor of this one made from coconut.

- Laura


I bought this to substitute soy sauce. It is definitely sweeter tasting, but I enjoy mixing it with a little bit of red boat fish sauce for a perfect soy sauce replacement.

- Laura

Coconut aminos

I was very happy with the flavor to use in place of soy sauce, it is just a little sweet so any recipe that uses other sweeteners can be lessened.

- Tricia


Absolutely delicious and simple! Love to use on quinoa, rice and steamed veggies!

- Adriel


Our family loves this stuff on just about any part of dinner rice, veggies, etc! We use it as a soy sauce substitute!

- sarah

Awesome price

I got these here on thrive for $4 less a bottle than at my local store. So awesome.

- Amanda

My yummy go to

This just makes all my meat and spaghetti squash dishes taste great! I get them all the time! Recently, I had my sister try it and she's hooked too. Make sure you remember to refrigerate it after opening.

- Lili

Coconut Amino

Love this stuff and use it all the time. We are soy free, but love Asian cooking. This is better than soy sauce.

- Nikki

The best.

I'll never use soy sauce again!

- Michelle

Love it!

Everyone in our 4 member household loves this stuff! When I stray from my paleo regimen I will indulge in rice noodles with lots of coconut aminos. Mmm!

- JB

Average Mom

I love the flavor this adds to vegetables and stir-fry/rice!!! Different than soy sauce, this is a nice alternative; not quite as salty and imparts wonderful, subtle flavor. As it says in the description, it doesn't taste at all like coconut. Good stuff!

- Susan

Awesome taste

Love this sauce. Unable to have soy sauce and this has take the place of it and I actually like this better.

- Lisa


I needed a soy sauce alternative, since I discovered an intolerance to soy products. This is great stuff; not missing the soy AT ALL! I use it in all my stir-frys, salad dressings, marinades. I'm very pleased, and so is my family.

- sandra


Great alternative to soy sauce!

- Johanna


Not being able to had soy sauce has made cooking our favorite dishes sad, but this made a huge difference! It adds so much flavor and my son who is allergic to coconut CAN have this without any reactions. It is a nice addition to our pantry staples.

- Elisabeth

my fave seasoning

my favorite go to seasoning. this is much cheaper than at whole foods, too.

- Lowrie

An absolute essential for your pantry!

I use coconut aminos for all kinds of dishes. It's a bit sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. A great alternative to soy sauce without the soy and with less sodium. I use it to make stir fry sauces, and to flavor vegetables, and I've added it to pans when I'm cooking meat. I try to always have at least one unopened bottle in my pantry, because I use it so often.

- Katherine


This is an excellent option especially if you do not like soy or gluten. Great add in to stir fries marinades & salad dressing .

- Linda


Great alternative to its soy based counterpart.

- Tonia

Yum!! Great Alternative

Great product at an excellent reduced price - saves me at least $2 than if I purchased it on the shelf of a local shop. A great alternative for those who can't, or prefer not to have soy. I'm guilty of stuffing this bad boy in my purse when going out for sushi. Sorry not sorry ;)

- Casey

Organic Raw Coconut Aminos

This was the best price out there, 50% cheaper than anywhere I have shopped

- Roberta

love this

This is a PERFECT substitution for soy sauce. We love it.

- Nanette

Better than Tamari/Soy Sauce

This have been my go-to for asian sauces/marinades, and for everything really! You can caramelize it in the bottom of a pan, and it's great for salmon. The taste is absolutely delicious, a slightly less-salty, more sweet version of tamari.

- Jameson

Delicious soy sauce sub.

Great flavor and consistency. It does have a mild coconut flavor that I think tastes great in a teriyaki

- Kristina8

great soy sauce substitute

I use this a lot and the price is better

- Pamela


Been wanting to try this product for quite awhile. Happy to say that I really like it!

- Julianne

My favorite condiment!

I LOVE having a soy-free alternative to soy sauce. I use this a lot for cooking and with sushi. It tastes great! I like that it's not as salty as soy sauce and the slightly sweet flavor it has. It really compliments my cooking and really pairs well with sushi. I've always got a bottle on hand!

- Danielle

Coconut Aminos

Like it, a lil' sweeter than soy sauce, same amt. sodium but the taste is better

- Julie

Coconut Aminos

We discovered this wonderful substitute while looking for a replacement for soy when cooking stir fry. Will not be without it since banning soy in our home!

- Paula


I think the biggest thing to understand with coconut aminos is that it has a sweet flavor. I LOVE that there is a substitute to soy sauce but do think its important to note this as some may be surprised by the sweetness.

- Sarah

Coconut Aminos ROCK

My family absolutely LOVES coconut Aminos. Even my husband who is a skeptic of everything he thinks is "healthy" loves the taste of coconut aminos. I don't think they taste at all like coconut, they are just a great substitution for soy sauce in any recipe that calls for it.

- Renie

Tastes like Soy sauce!

My husband and I love asian dishes, and we LOVE soy sauce. He isn't Paleo, so I always want to make sure when I cook... that he will like it also. He loves this! In fact... if I didn't tell him what it was, he would think it was soy sauce! Very good! I love frying up some cabbage with coconut oil, and this :)

- Kaleigh

Pantry staple

Great as a substitute for soy sauce in stir fry or anything! I'd get a bigger bottle if they had one!

- Kirsten


This is the yummiest! I put it on everything!!

- dalia

Love it!

This stuff is an amazing paleo friendly condiment and thrive has the BEST price I have ever found for this!

- Erica

Whole 30 must have!!

Used on all my whole 30s and still use it. Asian dishes, salad dressings, sunshine sauce!!!! Delicious and no nasty additives like in soy sauce!

- Christina

Not soy sauce

I am a lover of soy sauce and I had hoped that the flavor of coconut amino would be somewhat similar, but it's not at all. If you go into tasting this expecting it to taste different, than you're good. All in all a good product for the whole30.

- Celeste

Best Paleo Soy Sauce Sub!

This is the best Paleo option for soy sauce. I cook a lot of Asian inspired cuisine and this pairs very well with my cooking. It's a little sweeter and less salty than soy sauce, so I usually make up the difference with Red Boat Fish Sauce. Great Product!

- Kendall


This really works as a substitute to soy sauce. Keep in mind when using it in recipes, that it's sweeter rather than salty so less sugar is needed.

- Maria

Perfect for Whole 30!

I found this gem so useful when doing the whole 30. Great taste and a perfect alternative to soy sauce in stirfry or soups. I still use it!

- Tiffiny S.

Salty Sweet

Has a sweet taste to it that I don't think can substitute within all recipes for salt.

- Erin

Raw coconut aminos

My family and I love this product!! It's great on salads. I do not use most salad dressings and this is a perfect substitute for me!

- Leah

Great Alternative To Soy

I really love these coconut aminos. As I've begun to eat healthier and seek our new recipes and food combinations, I didn't know what these aminos were. I have gluten ataxia and a corn allergy so staying away from wheat, barley, rye, and all corn derivatives is a MUST. This product is a healthier and great-tasting alternative to GF soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and gravy/soup enhancers. What's also great is now I've reduced three pantry items down to one.

- Diana

Taste great.

I enjoy using this for salad dressing.

- Marlyn

Organic Raw Coconut Aminos

This is so good, I will always use this Coconut Aminos, it is good in Salads, Soups etc...

- Estelle

Yumm-o!! Huge Savings!!

This is a staple in my house!!! I use it to season all sorts of meat and veggies. I pay about a third to half off what I would pay at my local grocery stores. This producr's savings from Thrive more than pays for my membership!

- Amy H.

Delicious and versatile

So delicious I use it combined with coconut vinegar as a salad dressing. I also add it to quinoa and millet dishes and anything Asian or Thai-inspired.

- Krystalle


My mother purchased this as a substitute for soy sauce, due to a soy allergy. This literally tastes just like soy sauce. Delicious!

- Karen D

Can't live with out it

I use this in so many dishes. It's a staple in my pantry. It's not as salty as soy sauce and not as sweet as teriyaki. Kinda in the middle.

- Judith

Can't wait to order more!

I tried this product out because I follow a paleo diet and I am also diabetic. First off, I was so excited to learn that it doesn't raise my blood sugar at all! Also, quite a few of my paleo recipes call for this but I use it in just about everything now because it tastes so good! I'm so glad I started using this stuff, I honestly think it's the best seasoning sauce!

- Nora H

Better than Soy Sauce

I started reading about how almost all soy is now grown GMO, and quickly started looking for alternatives so that I could bust out my wok once more for quick and easy dinners.

I will never use soy sauce again! The flavor is similar, but a little bit sweeter, which adds a great note to my stir fry, and works really well with the cabbage. I tried Bragg's at first, but found Coconut Secret has less sodium. Since going Vegan, I've also started adding it to just about all of my savory dishes for a bit of extra flavor, and protein.

- Jermaine G.

THE best soy sauce substitute

Growing up with a huge Filipino extended family, soy sauce was pretty much a staple in and on our cooking. I loved it, but unfortunately my son was diagnosed with soy and gluten allergies when he was very young. Luckily we caught it early on, but it definitely changed all our favorite family recipes. My husband happened upon these coconut aminos really randomly at a work party and brought some home. It's been absolutely life-changing. This soy-sauce alternative opened up a whole new range of dishes that I can try for my family. I know it's just a sauce, but I'm grateful that I can now make some of my lola's favorite foods for my son. It's a little sweeter than traditional soy sauce, but nothing some seasoning adjustments didn't fix. So happy hubby found it!

- Erin

Tasty...but no soy sauce.

I thought I would give this a try as a substitute for soy sauce. This definitely was lower in sodium but does not match the taste of real soy sauce.

I found this to be more sweet, which is better suited for stir fry or beef and broccoli. So although the taste was not at par with soy sauce, it was surprisingly yummy, the amount of aminos in this product are greater than what soy contains and the price was unmatched to any other site.

- J. Baker

Soy Sauce Alternative

I avoid soy in my diet and am very grateful to find Coconut Aminos. Being from an Asian family, grew up eating soy sauce on everything but now, I use this! The flavor is rich but, the packaging needs some work. So long as you transfer it into a more pour-able container- it is perfect!

- Beulah Patrick

Buy this.

I love this product. Adds a little bit of sweetness to Asian dishes without any of the guilt!

- Deni

Love this stuff!

I put it in everything! Veggies meat grains whatever! I really like the sweet/salty taste. Good alternative to soy sauce but it does have some sweetness so be aware of that.

- Janina

Excellent Product

I really love this product. A nice and healthier alternative to soy sauce and actually taste much better. I will definately be using more of this.

- Valerie

Tastes like soy sauce

This is a great swap out for soy sauce. So much better for you and it tastes the same. Win!

- Annie

coconut amino for dumplings

Ever since I bought coconut amino my kids have been asking for it especially for potstickers (instead of soy sauce). We don't have allergy issues but this tastes great, less salty taste than reduced-sodium soysauce and a hint of sweetness. We also use it for the california rolls.

- Cathy

FAbulous for just about everything!

I LOVE coco aminos. Less sodium than Braggs, and a lighter flavor as well. Fabulous with shrimp and stevia and lemon...oh my! :-)

- Sharon

Coconut Aminos

I like the Bragg's Aminos sooo much and wondered if you would ever be selling the coconut in the larger bottles. It seems like it is gone before I can replace it ! Thank you for a really great selection !

- Thrive User


This is a great sub for soy sauce & this is the best price around.

- Erin

Cannot live without it

I LOVE coconut aminos. I use it for marinades, stir fry's, you name it. TM's price is GREAT. Much cheaper than I used to pay at Whole Foods!

- Stephanie


Use in all savory foods to add essential aminos needed when a vegetarian/vegan. Suggest to add after cooking to maintain stability of product. I even use in morning supervisor smoothie! Exceptional.

- Cynthia

Nothing I don't use it on

I have substituted Coconut Aminos for any salad dressing, as well as used it on a ton of other dishes. It's low in calorie and high in nutritional benefits. I highly recommend keeping one in the house and one at work. Its my easiest go-to staple.

- Klean-Slate

Best Umami in a Bottle!

I seriously love Coconut Aminos. My husband has a t-shirt with Sriracha on it. I want to rock a Coconut Aminos tee.

I use this in almost every thing I cook, a splash here, a glug there. Haven't used it in a dessert yet, but I'm sure it will be done soon! I love using it in dressings, marinades, adding it to my scrambled eggs, whipping up cauli-rice, you name it. So good!!

- Kimberly


This is my favorite replacement for soy sauce! Love the taste and consistency.

- Monica

great marinade

These aminos have changed my life. So much more flavor than soy sauce. We use it in many ways - one of my favorite is as a marinade prior to grilling. Wonderful!!! Also, this is a GREAT price for this product - I was shocked to see the price listed for this product on a certain familiar-to-almost-everyone online shopping venue...

- Elysia

coconut aminos

I've been using it for about a year. Pleasant flavor great replacement for soy. It has so many uses, salad dressings, marinades, and anything you might call for soy sauce. Best of all my family likes it.

- anniea

Great for soy/gluten free diets

I never thought I would ever have anything that tastes like soy sauce again. But this tastes so much like it without the soy and gluten. My go to when making an Asian meal

- Stephanie

Better than the real soy sauce

I could not tell the difference and it's the healthier option.

- Helena

Sushi, sauces, marinades, & more!

I looooove this stuff. I make a kick a$$ A1 rip off with this stuff and it's fantastic.
Use for all things. Fall in love.

- Jessica

Love this

Love this product.

- Christine

Tastes So Good!

I really like this soy sauce alternative. It is not salty like most soy sauce, but instead sweet because it is made from coconut aminos. I really enjoy this on my rice and stir fry. Will definitely be getting another bottle!

- Stacy R.

Sweet, but good

I like this soy sauce because of it being gluten free, and it doesn't taste terrible. It is just VERY sweet. I tried this and was completely surprised by the sweet flavor. I will likely continue to use this because it is the best alternative to soy sauce I have found-but I will definitely need to prepare myself for the sweet flavor.

- Star Payne

Fooled me!

My wife is always looking for good gluten free alternatives, and in our house we love soy sauce, so she has been on the hunt for something that will taste like soy sauce, but also be gluten free.

She and I came upon Thrive and decided to become members. She found this Raw Coconut Aminos and decided to buy it. She proceeded to make a meal that just couldn't be without soy sauce and placed this on the table instead of our usual soy. I didn't even pay attention to the label and took a bite. She smirked-so I knew something was up. She told me that what I just ate wasn't actually soy sauce and I couldn't believe it ! It tasted just like soy sauce to me and I am entirely impressed that it is gluten free and certified GMO free. Great!

- Sam

Unique and tasty

I love this stuff. I am thrilled that Thrive Market carries it at a discounted price. It tastes great with so many things, even beyond Asian dishes. I often use it to replace my salad dressing on fresh salads. It even makes a great flavoring for plain rice.

I like that it is similar to soy sauce, yet somewhat different. It's a little sweeter, and it smells a little different, but it adds the same salty taste to the dishes you add it to!

- Pattie Hicks

Close, but not close enough

I was on the search for a good soy alternative and thought maybe I'd find it here since so many people claim it's the same as soy. Although I like the taste, I was disappointed to find it wasn't as much like soy sauce as I thought it would be.

It is sweeter, and it works well with many of my favorite Asian dishes. However, I still find myself going back to the real thing.

- Vinnie

Tastes wonderful

First, I just have to say I love that I can buy this product from Thrive as it isn't in stores near me. Not only that, but it's 35% off! I consider myself a frugal person, so finding a deal, even just 35% off is great to me!
I really love the flavor of this Coconut Aminos sauce and how well it blends into any and all of my recipes. It is a little sweeter than typical soy sauce, but considering coconut is sweeter than soy beans, that is to be expected. I especially like the flavor this gives to my favorite stir fry recipe, it makes it sweet and tangy all at once and it tastes wonderful. It has been just what I've been looking for. It's organic, soy free, AND gluten free making it a great, guilt free soy sauce alternative. My best friend especially loves that I found this because we are one step closer to having me soy and gluten free and she's been waiting a long time for this.
I really think this is the best soy sauce alternative I have ever tasted and would be great for anyone allergic to soy or gluten or that is living soy and gluten free.

- Sally Marie

Messy Bottle, Great Flavor

My friend introduced me to the issues that eating foods with gluten and soy in them could be and I decided to try a new way of eating. One area I always struggled, though, was with my soy sauce. I LOVE it-can't get enough even. Coconut Secret has been great and it has gotten me off my soy sauce "kick" because, I have to admit-I like it even MORE than I ever did soy sauce. (and it's way healthier for me too)

My only complaint about this product is it's spout is a bit messy. It can be pretty messy, so I ended up going out and getting a special oil bottle with a spout that is "chef quality" (or looks it at least!) and put my Coconut Aminos sauce in that instead fixing that problem. I only wish I hadn't needed to go buy a "special" bottle for it to avoid mess.

This sauce tastes very good and is great in different recipes such as stir fry, over rice, meat recipes, and as a side "dip" for certain dishes. I like that it is sweeter than typical soy, because I have somewhat of a sweet tooth and it curbs that desire at meal time by being the sweet I need. If this product were to just get better packaging so that it wasn't messy and didn't spill, it would get five stars from me!

- SarahJ

Amazing Alternative to Soy Sauce

I used to order this from Amazon, but I stopped after it started being over $10 a bottle! When I signed up for Thrive, I was super excited to find out that this was affordable for me again!

It tastes a lot sweeter than soy sauce, and it's been pretty perfect for my stir fry dishes. It doesn't have a gross aftertaste like some of the other soy sauce alternatives. I prefer to avoid soy in my diet, and this has been my to-go choice for my stir fry and fried rice. My only complaint is that the bottle can be a bit hard to pour from sometimes. Other than that, I love it!

- kathy.b

The taste will fool you

I love coconut products, because of their health benefits. I am also trying to cut soy out of my diet since some of my friends are allergic. I decided to give this alternative a try and I definitely wasn't disappointed.

It really does taste like the real thing. Yes, there are some minor differences in taste, but not every soy sauce brand tastes the same either. It's a great healthier alternative.

- Chi M.

An alternate choice to soy sauce

I still love soy sauce, even though I know it isn't the best for me. However, I did find that this makes a great alternative. It isn't as salty as soy sauce, but still adds a nice flavor to Asian dishes.

Because it is made from coconuts it has a sweeter flavor than soy sauce. I especially love it on my homemade orange chicken. Definitely a much healthier alternative, even if I still prefer soy sauce!

- I.Cunha

Perfect soy sauce alternative

My husband is a fan of soy sauce and I have been cutting out soy, GMOs and gluten from my diet. This makes it a little difficult to come up with a great sauce to use with our Asian dishes.

Now that I have discovered Coconut Secret I will never go back to settling for soy. It has a little sweeter taste but it is much less salty. With no bad stuff inside in makes a great healthy alternative for food flavor.

- Christal Aliff

No Difference From Soy Sauce!

I'm giving the Paleo diet a try, and it doesn't let me eat anything with soy. Which isn't great, because I'm a big soy sauce fan. A friend of mine who's also on the diet told me to try coconut aminos, and I'm glad she did!

There's no difference in taste, so you won't even know this isn't soy sauce. It has almost no sodium, but it still has that soy sauce saltiness that is so important to the flavor. I'm not a huge coconut fan, so I was surprised at how subtle the coconut is in this sauce. I've had it on sushi and it tasted just like soy sauce, and I cook stir fry with it and it's delicious. Awesome product!

- Gordon C.

Fantastic Soy Free Option!

Like a lot of people these days, I've been put on a diet of no soy and no gluten, and my sugar consumption has been greatly decreased. It's not easy trying to find a good soy sauce, which I loved before I had to cut it out of my life. I guess I didn't realize how many foods I enjoyed with soy sauce until it was gone.

A receptionist at my physician's office recommended coconut aminos, said it was natural, soy-free, gluten-free and delicious. I bought some a few days later, and I can barely taste the difference with real soy sauce.

I use it on all my stir fry dishes, but I also use it as a dip. It goes great with broccoli and it has a strong tangy flavor without being too salty. I even bought some for my brother and his family and they love it too!

- G. Carrera

I've left soy sauce behind

Awesome sauce! I was thumbing through a natural foods book and someone made a reference to this product. I made a point of putting on my shopping list to give it a whirl. I was blown away by the taste.

The sauce still has that salty tang and you can definitely taste the coconut, but it's not overwhelming. It's got a subtle flavor that complements stir-fry dishes perfectly. No way I'm going back to soy sauce and all those chemicals. This sauce is natural, and for me the most important part is no MSG! Yuck.

- Glen Cole

As close to soy as you can get

Before I was put on a soy-free diet, I would inhale every kind of Asian food I could find, especially sushi. I loved sushi, and I loved soy sauce on sushi. I also loved stir-fry dishes like beef and broccoli slathered in Asian sauce. But no more.

Then I went to Whole Foods and found this on the shelf. I gave it a try, and I'm very happy. It's slightly sweeter than I want, but the flavor is strong and my food tastes so good. One great thing is that it's got very little salt, as I'm also on a salt-restriction.

- Gary C.

Great Soy Free Asian Sauce

I've always been a huge fan of Asian sauces, but I can't eat soy, so that become a problem. I hated having to give up my Japanese and Chinese food. That's why I really dig coconut aminos, which have a strong, authentic flavor, and will give any dish a sweet tang.

It's perfect when I'm making a stir fry, or any dish that needs a shot of teriyaki or hoisin sauce. I'm so happy I can have Asian flavors in my food again. The only downside...the bottle is too small. I want more for less! But this is a fantastic buy.

- G. Colon

Coconut Aminos are Tasty and Good for You

Coconut aminos are a wonderful addition to my healthy eating plan. I use the aminos as a substitute for BBQ sauce, soy sauce, marinades and in most vegetable and meat dishes. This is an all-purpose addition and a healthy alternative to heavy sauces that contain too much sugar, soy and salt.
According to the label, coconut aminos are made from the sap secreted from the coconut tree. This product contains a whopping 17 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The pH is almost neutral, which is best for a natural, happy body.

- Theresa Day

Yummy alternative to soy sauce!

I am not a big fan of the flavor of soy sauce. It is too strong and overwhelming to my taste buds. But the coconut aminos are a great "soy sauce like" flavor and are not nearly as overwhelming. This was great with vegetarian sushi the other night.

- Nicholas R.

Eating Asian again!

This is a great alternative for people who love Asian food and allergic to soy. It has a deep "umami" flavor with some sweetness, but it's less sweet than Bragg's. It's great for cooking and dipping sushi. It's also lower in salt that most soy sauces, which I actually really like - a great combination of flavors.

- Alexis B.

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