Organic Dried Mango

6 oz pouch

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6 oz pouch

Why You’ll Love It

Mavuno Harvest sources each bag of mango from rural African farming communities, and every purchase provides more opportunities for the farmers that make these tasty treats possible. Additionally, the fruit is 100 percent organically grown and non-GMO, making every pack of Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango all-natural and tasty. See More
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About This Brand

Sub-Saharan Africa is the poorest region on Earth, with over 70% of the population living in rural areas, wholly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. NGO's and foreign governments pour money into Africa, attempting to alleviate this poverty, yet still rural farmers can often only sell a small portion of their harvest at below market prices. While serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in a tiny village in Kenya called Miti Mingi, Phil Hughes came up with the idea for Mavuno Harvest. What if there was a way to provide jobs and economic opportunity for rural farmers in Africa, while at the same time solving the issue of wasted harvests? Mavuno Harvest works with small farming cooperatives to create supply chains to bring delicious, organic dried fruit from rural sub-Saharan Africa to the American consumer. We provide markets for these farmers and their products, thus increasing incomes, securing existing jobs and even creating new ones. And finally, by bringing these delicious...
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Organic Dried Mango

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1/3 cup (40g) Servings Per Container 1 1/2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 110 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 28g 10%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 20g
Protein 2g

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 3%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Why You’ll Love Organic Dried Mango

There’s nothing quite like a ripe, juicy mango to snack on. It’s a delicious fruit with incredible tropical flavor; however, it can be messy to prepare and not the greatest option when on-the-go. With Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango, enjoying this treat is now easier than ever and tastes just as great. All that’s missing is the cutting board and sticky juice. Because there is no fuss and (no added sugar), it’s a healthy fruit snack that can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

Mavuno Harvest sources each 6 oz. bag of mango from rural African farming communities that grow their produce with love and care, and every purchase provides more opportunity for the farmers that make these tasty treats possible. Additionally, the fruit is 100 percent organically grown and non-GMO, making every pack of Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango all-natural and tasty.

The health benefits of dried mango

Because fruit is more compact when dried, it tends to have a higher sugar concentration in this format. A recommended serving size of Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango has roughly 20 grams of sugar, but none of it is refined sugar, which is processed differently in the body and is considered low-glycemic. This sweet mango treat also has no fat, no cholesterol, and no sodium. In fact, it’s a great source of essential vitamins and nutrients that keep the body strong. Here are some of the good things you’ll find inside each bag.

  • Dietary fiber: Fiber is an important player in normalizing bowel movements and helps promote a healthy colon. It also gives the body a full and satisfied feeling when eaten, making it ideal for weight management and possible weight loss.

  • Vitamin B6: B vitamins are commonly known for their energizing properties since they help convert carbs into energy. They’re also vital for red blood cell formation, which is important for delivering oxygen to every part of the body. Without B vitamins, people can feel sluggish and worn down.

  • Magnesium: This is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body that also converts food into usable energy, and affecting overall moods. It can be found in bones, teeth, red blood cells, and is an essential element required for proper functioning of the nervous, muscular, and cardiovascular systems. Additionally, magnesium also has powerful effects that can reduce inflammation throughout the body without the use of drugs.

  • Beta carotene: It’s the yellow and orange pigment that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors. The body converts beta carotene into vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin and mucus membranes, as well as good eye health and vision. It can also be found in other foods such as onions, carrots, peas, spinach, and squash, and is known to be a great antioxidant, too.

Other snacking options to try with delicious mango

You can enjoy Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango by itself, or pair with some other delicious options from Thrive Market for even better snacking. Here are a few tasty options:

Thrive Market Organic Dried Cranberries

For more fruity goodness, try a handful of these organic dried cranberries. The tart yet sweet flavor goes well with the deep richness of dried mango, and will also provide an extra boost of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. These little morsels are sweetened with just a hint of organic dried sugar cane, which can satisfy sweet tooths instead of indulging in cookies or candies. When you’re on-the-go, package half a cup of these cranberries with some strips of dried mango for an energizing and healthy afternoon snack.

Newman's Own High Protein Pretzels

Mix it up and add a bit of salty crunch alongside sweet Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango. Made with organic wheat flour, these pretzels have an amazing taste and texture that pairs well with something fruity. Because of their high protein content, snacking can be done guilt-free, and since they are only lightly salted, there is no need to worry about a sodium overload.

Nature's Path Flax Plus Organic Hot Oatmeal

Start off the morning with warm and tasty oatmeal for an energized day ahead! Naturally, oats are filled with fiber and protein, which will immediately give an energy boost and provide a full and satisfied feeling. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseeds, this organic whole grain breakfast option is also heart healthy and will pair great with fruity strips of Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango.

Watercress Grapefruit Salad

This bright and refreshing salad is perfect for lunch or served as a dinner appetizer. Although, it can be even more savory when a few chopped pieces of Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango are added to the mix. The tart grapefruit and peppery watercress work wonderfully with the wholesome flavor of the mango, while the fresh herbs keep things light and invigorating. These zesty flavors will truly awaken the senses, and since watercress is rich in antioxidants, it will also give the body a nice detox.

18 Rabbits Organic Caramel Apple Granola Bars

Power through a slow afternoon with these granola bars made from real Granny Smith apples. Rich caramel and sea salt mix together to create a lip-smacking sensation of salty and sweet, while the whole grain oats, brown rice crisps, dates, and seeds combine in a wholesome and filling bar. These are a great snack to keep kids’ hunger at bay in between meals, but adults will also love them. Thrive recommends pairing these granola bars with some Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Mango to satisfy cravings and stay full in between meals.

Reviews For Organic Dried Mango

Based on 63 Reviews


I have ordered this dried mango 3 or 4 times now. The first couple orders were great. The fruit had great texture and was perfectly sweet. This last bag has a strange tacky texture and is very tart.

- Amy

Disapointed Mango Lover

I really love dehydrated mango and only ever get the ones with no added sugar. This is the first time I've been so dissatisfied with a brand of dehydrated mangoes. These are very sour/tart. They don't even have a slight hind to sweet. They taste like a bad lemon. Also, they are way to hard to even chew. Its like eating rubber. There are sweet, meaty, and juicy dehydrated mango out there. These are not them.

- Christopher

Full of Flavor and Nutrition

Sweet and Tart, full of natural nutrition for a healthy treat.

- Lisa

Organic Dried Mango

It's too tart, and too gummy for me.

- Donald

not my thing!

I've only had fresh mango and love, but just can't do the dried. Just too chewy. Now I know.

- Marni

sour & tough

i was hoping this could be a replacement for my unsweetened dried mangoes from trader joes, but the bag i received was hard & sour :( may have just been a bad bag?

- erin


These are too good! Can't stop eating them!

- Debra


My favorite brand of dried mangoes.

- Kat

Great snack!

I really like this dried Mango! The pieces are chewy and just plain Mango with no added sugar or chemicals.

- Lynda

Really good

Good texture and taste. I still think I like TJ's organic mango better but this is a great alternative.

- Tina


Spicy and delicious!

- Ebru

Absolutely delicious

Perfect flavor from a perfect fruit. No extra sugar.

- Sabrina


Very good, we really enjoy this!

- Sheree

Nature's candy!

Mangoes dried at the peak of ripeness. Sweet and chewy with no artificial or sugary taste. My favorite. Priced very well at Thrive and well worth it. The only problem is, I could eat the whole bag in one sitting. :0)

- Charlee


Whole food and it tasted great!!

- Randy

Delicious healthy snack

These mango strips are a perfect sweet snack that curbs that sugar craving and is healthy for you. Our whole family loves them!

- Debbie

sweet luscious dried organic mango

Love this! it's amazing dried and re- hydrated .

- Shirley

Two thumbs up!

I've had organic dried mangoes before but the majority of them were too hard to chew. These are quite tasty and almost effortless to chew. Plenty of flavor as well.


Mango Perfecto

Absolutely love the dried mangos. Great for on the go snack, after gym workout, or simply in-between meals.
Excellent quality & taste. Yummy!

- Linda

Best dried mango!

It's difficult to find dried fruits that are organic and do not have any added sugar. These are not too dry and not too sweet. We will definitely purchase on a regular basis to have on hand for snacks on the go!

- Lori

Dried Mango

Tasty but too hard to chew. Need to be softer!

- Marilea

kind of too dry

I've gotten dried mango lots of time. I prefer dried mango that is relatively moist and easy to chew. This was dry and difficult to chew. The flavor was good though.

- Ann

Mango Smango

These are okay but I was not impressed with the flavor.

- Kari

Love them!

Delicious and soft enough for dried fruits. What I especially like about these slices is that they are still bright in color. Often organic mango slices have this yellow-greyish strange color. But not these ones!

- Iryna


I love dried mango especially when it doesn't have any added ingredients. These are really good and addictive.

- Kelsey

Love This Dried Mango

I really love this brand of dried mango. Third order of it I think. Not cloyingly sweet. GI and this get along great!

- Shirley

Love at first bite

I am on my third bag of these mangoes. They do have a bit of a "chew" and there are some pieces that taste like the mango rind. They give me a little boost of energy.

- Tiffany

Dried mango

The fruit is very good.

- Jean

Too good

I love dried mangoes. Trader joes, costco, simple truth, it doesn't usually matter to me. But THESE....heavently. Perfect firmness- not too chewy and not too soft. No added sugar? My only complaint is that they don't come in 50 lb bags!!

- Zoey

Yummy Healthy Fruit Snack

This is a bit dryer and chewier than the sugar coated variety, but it tastes better and more fresh in my opinion.

- Bethany


We were pleased, we have bought other brands, some taste sweeter than others in each bag, good chewing exercize. If you want them softer just sprinkle a little hot water and microwave a few seconds.

- Jj love

Awesome Mango!!!

This is absolutely the best Mango snack i have ever had!!!! I couldn't stop eating them, my husband only got one because the next day I finished it off. Next time I'm going to have to buy several bags.

- Melissa

Delicious snack food

Taste natural and makes convenient snack food.

- Christine

Very good

My son and I both liked them, but they are a little on the chewy side of things.

- Jennifer


These were yummy, chewy and good. I loved finding the super sweet pieces that were just perfect.

- Cavetta


Surprisenly very good! It's a great treat when you're looking for something sweet after dinner :)

- Lindsay

I love these TOO much!

Honestly I keep looking at the ingredients...I can't believe these aren't bad for me. I had to buy three bags to keep in the house.

- Farah


These were very good.

- Conni

Love 'em!

Absolutely love the dried mangos. I live in an area where good fresh mangos are hard to come by, these satisfy my mango cravings with no added sugar.

- Jennifer


These are very delicious, couldn't stop eating them!

- Sheree


Delicious and fresh! Love that it's organic, non-GMO and fair trade. AND taste fantastic. My only complaint is that they were so good, I ate them in 2 sittings. :)

- Nicole V

Best dried mango ever!

Love this dried mango! This is dried mango, pure and simple. Without the added sugar that most dried mangoes have the wonderful mango flavor shines. I don't think I can ever go back to the other dried mangos!

- Corey


I loved the mango in my first order. They were so chewy. This second order they were hard to chew. Old maybe? Not sure.

- Om

Super good and sweet!

Love these dried mango slices! They are so sweet and like natures candy. A perfect treat.

- Becky


Love this! It's like fruit jerky. A little tough, but great flavor!

- Muriel

Dried Mangos, Organic!!

These are delightful! No sugar! Naturally nice and sweet, however! They are out of stock right now, and I'm counting the hours before I can again order them! They certainly are delicious!

- Pam

Amazing Mango

These are awesome! I love that they are organic and there is no added sugar in the ingredient list. My husband loves them so much I have to keep stocked in the pantry and he's asked for one for the office, too. All the flavor and nutrients without the sugar!!

- Annastasia

Love these

I eat fruits all day until dinner time so these are a nice snack to have during the day or keep in your purse if you need to munch on something. They are chewy kind of like fruit leather and so delicious. They are perfect.

- Brittany

Mango-go! Go!GO!

i devoured this bag and immediately ordered more for myself and my friends (because, well, I shared a little and now they're hooked, too!)

- Kimberly

Best Dried Fruit!

This dried fruit is amazing, not too hard on the teeth, and full of flavor!

- Emily


I can't keep these away from my teenager! They're really good, dried nicely, and very tasty.

- Gina


Delicious mango! Tasty treat, although I finished the bag way too soon!

- Brenda

Really good

I really love the flavor, taste and convenience of the Organic Mango. I always try to eat/take a healthy snack with me so I am not tempted to go in the wrong direction. You will also love the flavor and taste of the Mixed Tropical Fruit.

- Jodi

Organic Dried Mango

Great snack to avoid bad sugar snacks.

- Kate

Dried Mango Delight

Delicious snack with no extra sugar; way better than I expected it to be.

- joan

Mavuno Harvest Mango


- Laura

Very tasty

It was surprisingly tasty. Very healthy snack. My husband loves it so do I. I'm very happy to know that this fruit is not going to waste and we get to enjoy it all year? Hopefully Thrivemarket will have it
all year.

- Marisela


Not too sweet <3 Just enough

- Luella

Very tasty fruit

Love this dried mango product. I will continue to purchase this., plus it's been marked down quite a bit, so it's a win win all the way around.

- Shirley


These mango slices are sooo good. Planning to order more!

- cdsmith

Organic dried mangos


- Karen

Mmmm Mango!

Very delicious and sweet treat. It is chewier than I expected, thought they would be more like raisins but no worries. Really like supporting small business farmers in Africa and the fact that it is organic. Score!!!!


Mangoes are the best!

Finally dried mango that's not covered in sugar! These were so good! I'm also a fan of the brand and their back story.

- Ella

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