Organic Coconut Milk

13.5 oz can

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13.5 oz can

Why You’ll Love It

Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk is made with nothing but coconuts and water: the husk is removed, and the “meat” left inside is grated and pureed with purified water. This product uses organic, fair trade certified coconuts from the Philippines, and without any chemicals or additives, it's one of the most natural products on the market. See More
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Eco-friendly paper, plastic and compostable products and organic, natural food and dog food.We think a healthy lifestyle should be affordable for everyone. To that end, we work hard to find high-quality organic and natural food for you, and purr-fectly dog-licious natural food for your furry family! We are proud of the range of products we offer, from organic tomatoes to natural vinegar. We also have a full line of eco-friendly paper, plastic and compostable products, and are constantly dreaming up (and pursuing) ideas for new products. Check Gary’s Blog often to keep up with the latest news.HistoryJody and I started Natural Value in 1995 with 25 products, and a mission to make natural and organic foods, and environmentally friendly nonfoods, affordable.We grew in size over the years. We added products, lost some. Have close to 200 now. We have 28 vendors as suppliers and we are looking to add 20 more who will supply us with another 150 products.We do business a little differently...
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Organic coconut extract (53%), water.

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size ½ cup (100g) Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving

Calories 200 Calories from Fat 162

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 18g 28%
Saturated Fat 17g 85%
Sodium 19mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 3g
Protein 2g

Why You’ll Love Organic Coconut Milk

The cream of the crop doesn’t always have to come from the farm. Great-tasting and good-for-you coconut milk is also a solid way to make smoothies, flavor coffee, and cook creamy soups without any trace of dairy. Used for hundreds of years in Thai recipes, coconut milk has now taken off worldwide as a popular option for vegan eaters and health-conscious dieters that desire to consume more plant-based materials and obtain more nutrients in food.

How coconut milk is made

Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk is made with coconuts and water—and that’s it. To make the milk, the husk is removed, and the “meat” left inside is grated and pureed with purified water. The resulting liquid looks identical to regular milk, though it may have chunks of coconut meat or form a foamy layer on top from all the healthy fat content inside each 13.5 oz. BPA-free can. Simply stir and/or heat up to dissolve the materials and obtain an even creamier consistency.

Natural Value makes their product using organic, fair trade certified coconuts from the Philippines, which are kept pure with a refreshingly small list of ingredients added to the mix. Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives. There’s no added sugar, no added guar gum, and no added sulfites used to artificially retain the coconut’s white color. With only added water, this coconut milk is one of the most natural products on the market. As such, Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk has been certified organic by the USDA.

Health benefits of coconut milk

In addition to being a delicious and savory treat, coconut milk is also quite healthy. It’s an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including natural reserves of B vitamins (B1, B3, B5, and B6) and vitamin E, as well as stores of selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Together, these nutrients can have a positive influence on health and well-being.

  • Brainpower. Coconut milk is high in calories, but that might not be such a bad thing as it can give your brain the energy it needs to function at its very best. Coconuts have also been seen in studies as a helpful tool in both Alzheimer’s disease and age-related dementia.

  • Weight management. One of the biggest benefits of coconut milk is the high concentration of medium chain triglycerides, otherwise know as MCTs. This healthy fat is an instant energy source that the body can use to increase stamina and physical performance, meaning you can workout for longer periods of time without feeling winded. MCTs are also believed to help reduce joint inflammation and complications with arthritis, two other important facets in remaining active.

  • Blood sugar control. Another benefit of MCTs is better monitoring of insulin levels, which can prevent the onset of diabetes. MCTs help slow the speed at which sugar enters into your bloodstream, which prevents blood sugar spikes.

  • Heart health. Two important components of coconut milk are lauric acid and magnesium. Both have been found to reduce cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. Magnesium in particular keeps the heart’s rhythm in check.

  • Hydration. Looking for a natural sports drink? Have a glass of coconut milk. The electrolytes and trace amounts of sodium will help keep you hydrated and less fatigued. The nourishing hydration of coconut milk can also improve gut health and prevent the formation of ulcers by coating the digestive lining.

  • Fighting infections. Coconut milk naturally contains large amounts of lauric acid, a fatty acid similar to Omega-3 that, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, is a natural antibacterial. This makes the drink an effective way to help rid your body of bacteria and viruses.

Coconut milk is good for your skin and hair, too

The same vitamins and minerals in coconut milk that are great for your health are good for your skin and hair as well.

Try this quick and easy coconut milk facial cleanser that matches up coconut milk with avocado oil, Castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Just whisk together and store in a resealable Mason jar for everyday use that will make your skin opulently soft and provide a phenomenal glow.

Coconut milk can also be used as a deep conditioner to nurture damaged hair. For the best results, apply a good amount from root to tip and place hair in a shower cap where the milk can soak in. Let sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing out. After drying, you should notice luminous shine and added manageability. The lauric acids will also help cut down on dandruff issues that can arise when your scalp is dry.

Coconut milk recipes

Even Starbucks is jumping on the coconut milk trend, providing it as a dairy alternative for espresso-based drinks in coffeeshops around the world. But, with its mild taste and thick texture, there’s plenty more ways to use coconut milk than just in coffee. Here are a few of Thrive Market’s favorite ideas.

Coconut Chicken Curry

Coconut milk is a main ingredient in Indian cuisine, most often used in crafting curries that can be poured over your choice of protein. For this dish, chicken is used, with a curry sauce accented by ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric.

Banana-Chocolate Chia Pudding Parfait

Coconut milk is a fantastic dairy substitute when making sweet treats, too. This tasty dessert provides a triple layer of vanilla, whipped bananas, chocolate mousse, and chia seed pudding.

Coconut Creamed Spinach

Creamed spinach is a fantastic side dish at dinner or even in the morning with a modernist spin on eggs florentine. This dairy-free recipe uses coconut milk as the base with garlic, shallots, dijon mustard, and nutmeg for extra kick.

More about Natural Value

Gary Cohen and Jody Stephens started Natural Value together in 1995 with a mission to create natural and organic foods as well as environmentally friendly products that are high quality but also affordable. They began with 25 products; today, the company offers up to 200 items and has grown with an equally passionate staff. All products are packed into BPA-free cans and are Non-GMO certified. Natural Value also provides a list of the country of origin for each product so consumers can be further informed of where their food comes from, and can instead focus on enjoying it.

Reviews For Organic Coconut Milk

Based on 70 Reviews

Perfect Coconut Milk

Organic coconut milk without emulsifiers in a BPA-free can? Yes please! Love this product - it's perfect!

- Andrea

Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk

Fantastic! No additives of any kind! Great price! Will be re-ordering this wonder milk every month!

- Lindy

Healing Diet

This is the only Organic Coconut Milk that I could find that did not have guar gum. I have SIBO and am on the SCD diet, and cannot have guar gum. I was so happy to find this and it tastes wonderful too!

- Sarah

Why settle for less?

I shop around for quality and price and after trying various options I settled for this brand from Thrive. It meets my needs, is an excellent price and organic to boot!

- Victoria

Great tasting coconut milk!

I use it in my smoothies

- Norka

Love the taste

I use it in my coffee instead of half and half. It's sort of thick and tastes great.

- Robin


This coconut, while it tastes true, is very thin and disappointing to add to my soups, stews, and coffee. I did not read anywhere that this was a "lite" version of coconut milk, but that's what it is.

- S

Delicious and versitile

I love this product. Can be used in practically everything.

- mary

Natural Value Coconut Milk

My favorite coconut milk at a great price!

- Debbie Nava

Great product for non-dairy consumers

This organic coconut milk can be used for a myriad of food entrees. It is not too watery or too thick; I am thankful that it is organic and in a BPA free can.

- Paula Jo


very good coconut milk.It has real taste with no additives and it come in BPA free can!

- sara

Great Coconut Milk

I would give this 5 stars, except that 1 of the cans we ordered was 'off'. Did not taste very good and had a strange consistency. However, that is just 1 can out of the 50+ cans I have purchased from Thrive.

I love that this milk does not have carrageenan and the can is BPA free, especially because I use it every day with my coffee.

- Lisa

The name says it all.....

This is my favorite coconut milk and the only one I buy. It is consistently good quality, it contains no preservatives, no additives such as guar gum, like a few other brands, is organic and a good price. I avoid dairy as my body and skin, don't care for it. So I use this coconut milk and make my own cashew milk, sometimes a blend of the two......recommended!

- Victoria A


Oh wow .... this is the Holy Grail of coconut milk: no gums ... no BPA ....just delicious coconut milk. I don't see my curry binge ending soon-lol!

- kat

No additives- great price

With a son allergic to all the normal additives in coconut milk- this is our favorite! It is always top-notch quality and the price on Thrive is cheaper than our local natural grocery store. Thankful for this product!

- Betsy


but a word to the wise... it will turn sour almost immediately

- Gerarda

best ever

no additives, best coconut milk I have found

- sharon

Flavor is Ok

I love that this coconut milk in the can is BPA free and GMO free! The flavor is ok and consistency is a little grainy. I love the flavor and creaminess of Thai brand but I stop buying from them because it's not BPA free.

- Charity

Natural Value coconut milk

This is my favorite coconut milk and you can't beat the price.

- Debbie

Clean & Excellent

It is one of the cleanest and tastiest coconut milks! Thank for carrying it and offering it at an affordable price.

- Tigist

Excellent alternative milk

This coconut milk is BPA free and an excellent choice for those of us on a pale or autoimmune pale diet. I use it so many ways to make meals delicious.

- CreativeOne

Love it!

I was very happy to find this product, other coconut milks have preservative and this one is just coconut and water. Its perfect to make vegan ice cream and for smoothies. It will be on my list every time I place an order.

- Vianey

Excellent Product

I love this product. It's affordable, has nothing but good old coconut. No guar gum!!! I use it every day!

- Stacey


I was super disappointed when I received this today and realized I had purchased light coconut milk when I only use the original fat content coconut milks. My bad! Won't order this again.

- Jennifer

The best

High fat content, no additives, fair price!

- Pam

Great Coconut Milk

I love that this coconut milk does not contain guar gum and the can is BPA free. The texture is slightly different than other milks that do contain guar gum and so I do not use it in baking or cooking, but it is perfect for my coffee. Great flavor.

- Lisa

Not sure

when I opened these cans, it was solid at the top, and the water at the bottom. I had to blend it in a blender to get a milk. I am not sure if this is typical for organic coconut milk. Taste was good.

- Deana

Help your brain with organic coconut milk

I have been using this product for quite awhile. I use it every morning when making my protein smoothie for breakfast. I learned from a friend who had MS that drinking 1/2 cup of this a day (it contains coconut fat) would help her get rid of MS, and it did! She is completely healthy now. Our brains need healthy fat, and this is super healthy fat in a BPS free can. Wonderful product!

- Tanda


I made ice cream, & for the first time, no stomach pains. I've tried, relentlessly, to make coconut milk ice cream in the past w/ coconut milk that contained guar gum. I would always get terrible stomach pains. I wasn't sure if it was really due to the guar gum or if the coconut was just too rich for me. Well, finally, I find a canned coconut milk w/o guar gum, & I can definitively say it was the guar gum hurting my stomach. I actually feel better after eating this rather than worse. I hope this product is on the market forever. I'll be buying it forever. I love it!

- Shannon


I made ice cream, & for the first time, no stomach pains. I've tried, relentlessly, to make coconut milk ice cream in the past w/ coconut milk that contained guar gum. I would always get terrible stomach pains. I wasn't sure if it was really due to the guar gum or if the coconut was just too rich for me. Well, finally, I find a canned coconut milk w/o guar gum, & I can definitively say it was the guar gum hurting my stomach. I actually feel better after eating this rather than worse. I hope this product is on the market forever. I'll be buying it forever. I love it!

- Shannon

Healthy ice cream!

My favorite use of this coconut milk is to take the top off the can, stir the c milk til it is smooth, then use a quarter to half of it in my Nutribullet with a handful or two... of FROZEN fruit (especially strawberry

- Sheryl

canned coconut milk

best product on the market I have found, no fillers or added ingredients.

- sharon craft

No additives/preservatives!

Just coconut and water, please and thank you!

- Madeleine

Best on the market

Love this coconut milk. Nothing nasty added, just coconut and water. The flavor is great. Can needs a shake before opening but no biggy in my eyes. Would rather that than consuming emulsifiers.

- Anney

Natural Value Coconut Milk

My cans of Natural Value organic Coconut Milk were a disappointment.
Since I've started shopping with THRIVE I've ordered quite a bit of coconut milk.

Nature Value Organic Coconut Milk's taste was okay but not excellent... EVEN with didn't have that creaminess .. the texture and the taste that most canned coconut milk has.. I am sorry to say I was disappointed.
I have had some very outstanding organic coconut milk that I bought through THRIVE in past orders.

- C. G.

Best Ever!

THE best coconut milk I've ever had. I used coconut milk and honey in my coffee and tea. This coconut milk gives them both a rich and creamy taste. Thrive I've been ordering coconut milk online for some time now. This is the first order that arrived without dented cans. Thank you for taking such care in packaging my order.

- Jeanne

The Perfect Substitute

Finally I found a coconut milk that is additive free and a healthy alternative to milk in recipes! It is especially good in homemade ice creams and cakes!

- Eve

Guar Gum Free!

We have looked all around for a coconut milk that does not contain guar gum and this one is great! My husband puts them in his protein shakes because he's re-gaining weight after a severe illness. Love it! (Note that without the guar gum, it comes separated, so shake well! I store what we're not using in a glass jar and shake each time.)

- Leah

Natural Value Coconut Milk

This is a good product because it contains NO GUAR GUM! (Thank you Natural Value!) It's also a BPA free can but I'm not sure what the lining is now. It tastes good. I can drink it because it contains no guar gum -- so I am thankful for that! But WHY can I not add more than 6 cans into my cart? Why can't I purchase more than 6 cans at a time. I'm drinking this every day, which means I would have to order once a week. That's a hassle. I think I'll look elsewhere for this product unless they allow for more than a 6 can purchase!

- HealthAdvocate

Simply the best!

This is the best coconut milk out there, and even better because it's BPA free & guar gum free as well. It's the only coconut milk I buy.

- Terri HarpLady


I love this stuff! The only issue I have is that I am only able to order 6 at a time.

- Shelley

Natural Valur Organis coconut milk

Great for my diet (THE Wahl's Protocol) Nothing added. Just wish I could purchase more at a time as my husband and I use two cans every three days.

- Marty

Great supplement!

My husband and I use this coconut milk every day. The brain and body need healthy fat, and this coconut milk has very healthy fat in it, and it tastes great. We use it in our smoothies along with Almond milk, and it tastes great.

- Tanda

different, but good

No guar gum, no stabilizers. So that is definitely something to get used to. It has a much more coconuty flavor. If you plan on making coconut milk with it, you'll have to heat it first before putting into your container. Once in the fridge, it will separate again. You'll need to shake it really well (it still never really blends completely). Works great for curries, oatmeal and other warm meals.

- Crissy

Appreciate pure ingredient

Since I react to guar-gum, I really do appreciate nothing added a good quality product. I create many things with this coconut milk:)

- Noriko

Coconut Milk for coffee

I use a tablespoon of this with TBLS of coconut oil in my morning coffee. It whips up really great and adds a wonderful flavor to the coffee.

- Margaret

Good Stuff!

I like that this has no additives - even if it means it's not as smooth as other brands

- Koryn

Not my favorite.

I really appreciate the good ingredients (or lack of bad ones) in this coconut milk - it just didn't have a fresh look or taste in my opinion. Not for me.

- Angie

Not good

Hard clump at the top and very watery grayish liquid below. If I blend to homogenize it curdles. The Native Forest is way better tasting and a much more reliable consistency.

- Mary

The best!

Out of the various coconut milks I've tried, Natural Value is my favorite so far. It can be a bit clumpy and not as sweet as some other brands but that is perfect for me considering I typically use it for cooking. I personally love the taste outside of cooking as well.

This milk is not only affordable but it has zero additives, it's BPA free, and organic! I think it's a must try!

- Brian C.

Just the Good Stuff!

I am so happy I found this product! BPA-free can, no additives, and a great high-fat coconut milk! It's a bit thinner than the Thai Kitchen variety, but I'm pretty sure that's because they put Gaur Gum in theirs. I've been weaning myself off of dairy for a few months, and this works as a great substitute as a Coffee Creamer, milk in soups or sauces, and makes a GREAT curry base.

This is absolutely the best Coconut milk you can get, short of making your own. I've even started drinking it straight, you just have to give it a good shake before opening it.

- E. Dunn

Great Tasting Coconut!

Natural Value Organic Coconut Milk is always consistent with great flavor. I use it for everything from soup, cake and just plain cereal.

The consistency may vary with every can which can make it difficult to use with some recipes. But it is always in it's most natural form which can make for the gritty and chunky form.

It also serves as a substitution for allergy prone or individuals with food sensitivities.

- Tricia Carter

Cream of the crop for coconut milk

When it comes to coconut milk, it's kind of a grab bag from brand to brand, and sometimes quality varies even with the same product.
Natural value is by far the best coconut milk I've ever used, and is has been so consistent in it quality from can to can. I love using this coconut milk because I know what to expect, and I can rest easy since there's no preservatives or chemical additives. Super affordable and always fresh. I used to get it at the store, but it's so much more affordable here.

- Bernie B.

BPA Free and No Additives!

This milk is very good for soups, curry and sauces that I make.

The best thing about this product is that the can is BPA free! This is very important to me, as I sensitive to chemicals. Also I avoid preservatives in my food- like guar gum. This coconut milk is thicker than the other brands I use and I drink it straight out of the can, but put it in Thai Tea sometimes.

- C. Buchanan

Oily and Not Smooth - Weird consistency

I wanted to love it since the ingredients are "clean" and "gum-free". However, it doesn't do me any good if it's too gross to use. The consistency was like a clear oily water with some white dots throughout. I used it with an easy recipe (so I wasn't investing a lot of time) and it didn't work. I've made the recipe (a chia pudding) lots of times with Native Forest as well as Thai Kitchen and never had to pitch the result before. I'll go back to Native Forest "Classic" (with guar gum, but in BPA-free cans like this product).

- Diane

No Fillers!

I love using yummy coconut milk to make ice cream, Thai curries, and other recipes. I prefer this brand because it does NOT contain fillers, such as guar gum. Just organic coconut and water.

- Janet

Much thinner than the other brands

Not necessarily bad, but worth knowing... the texture is quite different from Native Forest, Thai Kitchen, etc. It's much thinner -- kinda like an oily coconut "milk" that you'd buy in a box as a milk milk replacement. Probably would work nicely in curries and such, but perhaps not as luxurious for smoothies, pouring over fruit, etc.

- Beah

Only Coconut Milk w/out Guar Gum or BPA lined can!

I like this coconut milk because it's organic, doesn't contain any guar gum, and the can does not have a BPA lining. I don't want anything other than coconut in my coconut milk!!! Tastes great!!

- Dianna

Natural Value Org. Coconut milk

All sounds great but what about the BPA.
I believe they offer BPA versions. thank you

- Rochelle

Best Coconut Milk

Love this coconut milk..not only is it organic and free of guar gum but the can is BPA free too!

- Shelley

Eat it often and no reaction!

We love this Coconut Millk. My family can not eat other coconut milks because of the gums, but this is a staple in my kitchen! Yum!

- Kayln

Thin, gritty & watery

Each week, I open a can of coconut milk, blend it all up & put it into a container in my fridge for creamer. The result is usually a thick-ish cream that's amazing in my morning cup of joe that lasts me through the entire week.

I tried this brand because I heard it was "so great" and recommended by many in Paleo recipes. Never again!

It is a watery mess that has never thickened up and, quite surprisingly, is very gritty.

I bought 2 cans in my last order so I took the 2nd one & put into the fridge - thinking maybe I just had a "bad one". Figured if it separated like it's supposed to, leaving the cream on the top & water below, then I'd forego a bad review.

Nope. I opened it after 2 days in the fridge (without so much as being touched!) and it was barely thickened other than a bit on the can edges.

Complete disappointment!

- Anne

I like it better with guar gum

I did not love this. It just didn't seem as smooth and creamy and sweet as other brands. I think it may have been the lack of guar gum unfortunately. It's my understanding though that guar gum is generally safe (and even beneficial) for most people, but will cause gas in people with certain gut problems. I don't seem to react to the guar gum, so I think I'll go back to other brands.

- Robin

Bad flavor

This is the worst coconut milk I've ever tried. I shook the can before opening, but even so it was very lumpy, not sweet or creamy and not a good flavor or consistency.

- Christy

7 cans organic coconut milk

i love coconut milk

- Bernice


It tastes great and knowing it doesn't have any added gums or fillers, it's a win win! I won't buy anything else ever again! The consistency is very different when compared to the usual stabilizer filled coconut milk (it will harden in the fridge a bit). But who cares! I use it in my coffee, baked goods, smoothies... etc. GREAT product.

- Brooke

Best Coconut Milk I've found!

....because it's organic and has no guar gum. Thanks for carrying it!

- Pamela


I was so excited about getting this product because I can't have the additives. I use Coconut Milk to make delicious "whipped cream". Unfortunately, The cans I got are grainy, grey, and do not whip at all. I tried to use them in a fruit smoothie but the grainy texture is not palatable. I wish this would have worked.

- Amanda


Thanks Thrive for offering a delicious, organic AND guar gum free coconut milk.

- Marc

the only coconut milk worth buying

This is hands down the best real coconut milk on the market. Organic and no stabilizers = a win in my book. It also tastes delicious - we use it in smoothies, baked goods, sauces, desserts, etc...

- Kristin

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