Z Bar Protein Chocolate Mint BarsZ Bar Protein Chocolate Mint Bars722252354037Kids can get a protein boost too with Clif Z Protein Chocolate Mint Bars. These whole grain, gluten-free snack bars contain organic rolled oats and 5 grams of protein to help support growing bodies. Your little ones will love the minty flavor with chocolate crunch and you’ll love that they are free of high fructose corn syrup and are non-GMO.10 bars (1.27 oz each)
My son loves them... - by ...and I love that he's getting some protein in with his yummy snack!
Loves them - by Daughter loves them
My favorite treat - by Although these are marketed for kids, I buy them for myself as a easy on the go treat. Full of protein, gluten free and satisfies my chocolate cravings!
Great Snack Bars for Gluten Free - by These are perfect for my daughter to keep in her backpack for days she stays after school for activities.
A favorite - by These are my daughter's go to quick snack - especially the mint flavor!
Clif Bar
Clif Bar

Z Bar Protein Chocolate Mint Bars

10 bars (1.27 oz each)