Flackers - Sea Salt Flax Seed CrackersFlackers - Sea Salt Flax Seed Crackers893615002091Flackers are a delicious, super healthy, gluten free flax seed cracker. The organic flax seeds are sprouted, making them easier to chew, digest and absorb. Flackers are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure that all the nutrients, including the omega-3’s and important enzymes remain vitalized and stable.5 oz pouch
I didn't like them. - by I like flaxseed, but I don't like these. They taste like nothing.
good - by These are not typical crackers, but I do like them. Especially with some hummus or other dip.
Slimy - by I cannot get passed the slimy feeling that happens when I chew these up. I definitely see how people use flax as an egg substitute. I just can’t eat these.
great healthy snack - by satisfies a salty crunchy snack craving with healthy ingredients
Crunchy - by These are very crunchy and dry but they almost turn to a gel-like consistency when it sits in your mouth a bit. I think they are perfect when you just want something to crunch on but just about 2 of them and the mouth feel is a little weird
Doctor in the Kitchen
Doctor in the Kitchen

Flackers - Sea Salt Flax Seed Crackers

5 oz pouch
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