Flackers - Rosemary Flax Seed CrackersFlackers - Rosemary Flax Seed Crackers893615002015Flackers are delicious, super healthy, gluten free flax seed cracker. The organic flax seeds are sprouted making them easier to chew, digest and absorb. Flackers are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure that all the nutrients, including the omega-3's and important enzymes remain vitalized and stable.5 oz pouch
eh... - by I was disappointed to not really taste the rosemary in these... the seeds themselves have such a strong flavor, and one that takes some getting used to. Like others, I was hoping these would be cracker-like, but they are like a bunch of seeds glued together. They do have a nice crunch that lends itself to smearing some creamcheese on there and having at it, but not sure I'll order them again.
Surprisingly amazing - by I was wary of these but they are so yummy!! I usually only have 1 or 2 at a time, they’re really pretty filling and they take a while to eat so the bag will last forever. Will buy again & look for other flavors
Yuck - by Just not good. Nice crunch but too chewy and the flavor is nothing like a cracker. You’re basically eating seeds.
Would not recommend - by It was very bitter
Great taste but small pieces - by Taste good but if you’re looking for whole crackers this isn’t great.
Doctor in the Kitchen
Doctor in the Kitchen

Flackers - Rosemary Flax Seed Crackers

5 oz pouch
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