Electrolyte Drink Mix, Chocolate SaltElectrolyte Drink Mix, Chocolate Salt850009273192Elemental Labs LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix combines the richness of chocolate with the power of salt in a convenient powder that dissolves quickly into your water. Every sip is gluten-free, low-carb, keto, and paleo.30 sticks
Nope - by I love LMNT, but the chocolate ones… no. I’ve tried them every way imaginable… in milk, coffee, hot, cold, etc… I just can’t maker or work for me.
Very salty - by These are very salty. I enjoy a bit of salt in my drinks, and sprinkle salt in my coffee, but these are too salty compared to the amount of sweetness and chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor was good and I resorted to using about 1/3 of a pack in my coffee, which tasted GREAT! I couldn't find a balance for drinking it alone that wasn't either too salty or too watered down... sometimes both.
Nobody will want to take it from you-- so more for you! - by Offer anyone your "chocolate salt water" and they'll think you're gross and won't accept it. Lucky for you because this is delicious-- more for you! We specifically chose this flavor because we like drinking this with our morning coffee for morning workouts and the fruity flavors don't pair as well. Salty chocolate is amazing, even if it doesn't sound like it.
By far my favorite electrolyte supplement - by Drink LMNT, Electrolyte Drink Mix, Chocolate Salt
great price! - by TM sells this for less than LMNT!! this is amazing in coffee as a yummy hot cocoa drink!
Drink LMNT
Drink LMNT

Electrolyte Drink Mix, Chocolate Salt

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