Grass Fed Himalayan Salted GheeGrass Fed Himalayan Salted Ghee861555000125Fourth and Heart's grass-fed ghee is very lightly salted and gently whipped to add flavor to just about anything. It’s high in butyric acid for healthy digestion, packed with vitamins A, D, E, and K, and omega fatty acids that reduce inflammation, and loaded with conjugated linoleic acid which increases metabolism. Himalayan salt also has some spectacular benefits necessary for our everyday health. In contrast to table salt, Himalayan salt absorbs better into the body and—just to name a few of its powers—helps regulate water content throughout body, promotes stable blood sugar, and increases bone strength. Fourth and Heart was created to remind ourselves that food is art that art is an extension of life and that we are all in this together. Ghee our anchor product is meaningful in so many ways. It has a rich history is rooted in ancient cultures and was found in the kitchens of most of our ancestors. Cooking with ghee creates a type of connection linking past and present and creates a sense of fulfillment. It’s what gets the fire going. It’s what we add spice to and it’s what makes flavors bloom. Ghee is the foundation of our exploration into this new adventure. It is our muse. Formerly known as Tava.9 oz jar
Quality pantry item! - by Started buying ghee for it's health benefits and although there are many other brands in larger containers, I still love this brand because it's in a glass, not plastic container! I love it so much that I keep repurchasing this brand of ghee and wish there are larger glass container option available as this ghee runs out pretty fast in my home, we love how it makes food taste and smell!
Best Ghee - by This is the best tasting ghee I've ever had. So much flavor that, if I wasn't consuming it for the health benefits and my keto lifestyle, I would eat it just because it tastes better than butter!
Favorite ghee - by This is the smoothest best tasting that I have had.
best ghee around - by I love this and it's amazing for grilled cheese
New replacement for butter - by I live in a house full of fried, breaded, and greasy food lovers. I also love these foods, but am trying out keto. Of course, this means lots of fats, and most of the butter on the shelves in grocery stores near me are “not butter”. Ordered this ghee because of that, and I think I may like it more than regular butter. I used it to cook my eggs this morning, and it was a game changer
Fourth & Heart
Certified Gluten-Free

Grass Fed Himalayan Salted Ghee

Fourth & Heart
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Certified Gluten-Free