Fluoride Free Natural Watermelon ToothpasteFluoride Free Natural Watermelon Toothpaste854296004675Kids will love brushing their teeth when they get to taste the yummy watermelon flavor of this toothpaste in the morning and at night. Hello’s natural paste is fluoride-free and made with plant-based ingredients that remove plaque and prevent cavities while also strengthening enamel. Without dyes, SLS, or artificial sweeteners. For all ages.4.2 oz tube
My daughter love it! - by Cute picture:)
Not my cup of tea - by I didn't realize the toothpaste was directed to kids, and considering the size was travel-friendly and one of the cheapest options, I bought it. If you're an adult, however, switching from a toothpaste like Colgate, you probably won't be used to it. It's a light toothpaste where I feel like the most cleaning that is being done is from the bristle action of my toothbrush. Because it is light though, some kids or adults with tooth sensitivities may prefer it. I also found out that dentists recommend fluoride toothpastes, as not only is it a proven cavity preventer, but is also natural. Because I don't have sensitivities towards fluoride, I'm going to look for fluoride toothpastes from now on, and avoid toothpastes like this one as it isn't my cup of tea.
Works well until the end - by The tube was extremely tough to get the last bit of toothpaste out. I ended up tossing, the last bit because it was extremely hard. My kids like the flavor though, and often tried to sneak bites because of it.
good - by My 3 year olds favorite toothpaste
Only toothpaste my toddler will use - by I have tried so many toothpaste brands and flavors, and this is the only one my toddler will use. It does taste like watermelon. It is not "minty" at all.

Fluoride Free Natural Watermelon Toothpaste

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