Guilt-Free Chocolate, Peanut Butter DelightGuilt-Free Chocolate, Peanut Butter Delight868089000416This delightful snack from JOJO's Chocolate will satisfy your sugar cravings while delivering 6g of protein per serving. Each bar is made with premium German chocolate and non-GMO peanut powder.7 bars (1.2 oz each)
Healthier than the alternatives, but... - by I love all things JOJO's, but these are a little less lovable to me. I am a huge fan of PB & chocolate, yet these seem on the dry side, and not terribly sweet. The benefit is that I can't eat an entire bar, and just 1/3 of one somewhat satisfies the sweet tooth.
Yummo - by I love how these are not too sweet and have creamy peanut butter in the center.
Yummy! - by These are one of my favorite snacks! Unique!
Someone stop me!! - by I love these so much! They’re not too sweet and I am obsessed with the peanuts on top it’s just perfect! I waited way too long to try these because I thought they wouldn’t be that good, but I was wrong and they’re amazing and one of my go to chocolates now!
Healthy dessert! - by Good for a sweet tooth craving
JOJO's Chocolate
JOJO's Chocolate

Guilt-Free Chocolate, Peanut Butter Delight

7 bars (1.2 oz each)$1.57/bar
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