Organic Heavy Coconut CreamOrganic Heavy Coconut Cream043182002103There’s something about whipped cream that takes a dessert from tasty to pure decadence. For those avoiding dairy, heavy coconut cream is a simple way to make a rich, thick, non-dairy variety. Unlike some of the popular store-bought whipped toppings, using Let’s Do Organic Heavy Coconut Cream means you’re not getting a side of refined sugars, additives, and preservatives. Plus, you get coconut’s beneficial medium-chain fatty acids, which can help your body burn fat. Simply chill a can overnight, mix in a sweetener of your choice and optional vanilla extract, then put it under an electric mixer until peaks form.13.5 oz can
Best price - by The only heavy coconut cream out there without added gums or thickeners or anything else. Just water and coconut. And it’s the best price
thin - by I got this along with the milk ,and this cream was very thin more like the milk not cream and we did not think it has much of a coconut flavor .
The best - by Let's do...Organic, Organic Heavy Coconut Cream
organic coconut cream - by didn't use it yet..hoping to make my own coffee cream or baking goods. I love coconut so I'm sure it will not disappoint me.
staple - by delicious!!! u can put it in ur coffee...make dairy free ice for food....being dairy free is hard this makes it worth it
Let's do...Organic

Organic Heavy Coconut Cream

Let's do...Organic
13.5 oz can
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