Roasted Corn Snack, Salt & VinegarRoasted Corn Snack, Salt & Vinegar855596007168Your favorite roasted corn snack with a twist: tart vinegar and savory sea salt. These vegan and gluten-free morsels are perfect for lunch boxes, happy hours, and even salads.1.6 oz pouch
Corn? Yes. Salt & Vinegar? Yes. Both...? - by I have tried crunchy corn in the past from my late grandpa, and remembered liking it. I wanted to try crunchy corn again in his memory. I knew I liked salt and vinegar chips, and this kind of crunchy corn, but together it just didn't work for me. It was kind of hard to eat (I think it was too acidic for me). My boyfriend had the other packet though and enjoyed it. The package basically comes in a single serving size (1.6 oz), which also doesn't really encourage me from buying any more, because as a result I find the packaging to be kind of inefficient.
A go-to - by These are tasty and light, I like to keep a bag at my desk at work.
Super crunchy! - by These were good! S&V isn’t my favorite Flavor on this snack but it’s definitely not bad. I was afraid they wouldn’t be like the original corn nuts but they are… even better infant with their clean ingredients.
Delicious - by So yummy.
Gross - by Do not like the taste of this product
Love Corn
Love Corn

Roasted Corn Snack, Salt & Vinegar

1.6 oz pouch$1.12/oz
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