Ancient Grain Granola Cereal, Blueberry HempAncient Grain Granola Cereal, Blueberry Hemp855140002168A healthy, energy-boosting, and delicious way to jumpstart your day! This salty-sweet blend of granola clusters, juicy blueberries, nutty hemp seeds, and milk-soaked puffs is guaranteed to be love at first (and every) bite. Baked with coconut oil containing medium-chain fatty acids that get used as energy rather than stored as fat. Sweetened with coconut sugar, a low-glycemic, unrefined sweetener (meaning no spikes after eating).12 oz bag
Very nice - by Great granola
delicious - by Love all the Purely Elizabeth products I've tried. this is sweet without being over the top sweet.
Salty - by If you like salty granola this one is for you!
Great - by Delicious. There’s more sugar than I realized so I’ve been going for the Living Intentions brand instead but still a healthy option. Clean product.
super good but lots of sugar - by It's delicious but should be listed as a dessert
Purely Elizabeth
Purely Elizabeth

Ancient Grain Granola Cereal, Blueberry Hemp

12 oz bag$0.50/oz
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