Chlorella TabletsChlorella Tablets803813010637There's a whole sea of nutrients out there, including the superfood chlorella. This freshwater plant is made up of 66% protein and is a great source of vitamin A and iron while providing your body with an alkalizing, detoxifying food. Sunfood's tablets are made from pure chlorella powder and can be eaten, taken with water, or blended in smoothies. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.456 tablets
Chorella Tablets - by I love Sunfood products. These are great and I add them to my daily vitamin regimen. They can easily be added to smoothies or sometimes I even just chew them right up. Great quality and pricing.
Great addition to smoothies! - by I ran out of spinach, so I threw a few chlorella tablets in my smoothie and it was delicious!!
Nutrition facts in picture inaccurate - by If you are like me and trying to supplement iron, I don't recommend trusting the nutrition information in the product photo or on the page. The bag itself says 12 tablets contain 1.6 mg of iron or 8% daily value. This is quite different than the 40% listed on the product information.
Feel good - by I notice a change after about 30 minutes of taking about 4… nothing too crazy just feel a little more energetic and clear minded.. don’t know if it’s because of these but it seems to always follow taking them
Great value - by Will buy again.

Chlorella Tablets

456 tablets
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