Organic Seaweed Snacks, Sweet OnionOrganic Seaweed Snacks, Sweet Onion671635703477Give snacktime a savory twist with our Organic Sweet Onion Seaweed Snacks! To make them, we harvest sustainably farmed seaweed off the coast of South Korea and press it into thin sheets. Then, we lightly roast the sheets with sunflower oil and savory spices like onion & garlic powder. The end result is vegan, gluten-free, and perfectly crispy.4 count (0.35 oz each)
Love!! - by This was such a good flavor. I normally get salted but this was way tastier
Too sweet - by I know they say sweet on the package, but that doesn't mean that it has to have added sugar. Does it? There are such things as onions that are sweet in a natural way.
Gross. So so gross. - by If you’re into seaweed, you might like these. However, to my entire family, they just tasted like they were plucked right out of the ocean. Lol sooooo gross!
Love this flavor - by My daughter and I both love these type of seaweed snacks and this flavor is by far the best!!
An acquired taste… - by The ones with a lot of seasoning are not bad but they go gooey and chewy very quickly and gives an end texture of soggy kale
Thrive Market
Thrive Market

Organic Seaweed Snacks, Sweet Onion

4 count (0.35 oz each)
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