Non-GMO Hemp Beverage - Unsweetened Original

32 oz carton

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32 oz carton

Why You’ll Love It

Pacific Foods Unsweetened Original Hemp Beverage has a smooth, creamy texture and irresistible nutty flavor that is an incredible source of plant-based nutrition, including Omega-3s and Omega-6s and essential amino acids. Hemp is a tough little plant that’s resilient and needs very little water. Plus, farmers can grow it anywhere. See More
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About This Brand

Fresh farm thinking, Pacific Foods believes in foods that are clean and simple, using only natural and organic grains, meats, and veggies. Knowing where our food comes from is important to us. The way plants are grown and how animals are treated affects the quality of the ingredients we use. By sourcing all our ingredients from farms we respect, we know we’re getting the best quality possible. Making food taste good is only half the equation. We’re here to make food we feel good about bringing into the world.
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Hemp Nut Base (Water, Whole Hemp Nut [Shelled Hemp Seed]), Natural Vanilla with Other Natural Flavors, Tricalcium Phosphate, Disodium Phosphate Gum Arabic , Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B12

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 cup (8 fl oz) 240 ml Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving

Calories 70 Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 140mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 0g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 10%
Vitamin C 0%
Vitamin D 30%
Calcium 30%
Iron 10%
Riboflavin 30%

Why You’ll Love Non-GMO Hemp Beverage - Unsweetened Original

When it comes to non-dairy milk, nowadays the options are endless. Not only are there the staples of soy milk and almond milk, but cashew milk and coconut milk are gaining popularity, and the list only keeps growing. While all of these have their own benefits and unique flavor, one that really stands out is hemp milk. Pacific Foods Unsweetened Original Hemp Beverage has a smooth, creamy texture and irresistible nutty flavor that is an incredible source of plant-based nutrition, including Omega-3s and Omega-6s and essential amino acids.

What is hemp?

Hemp has been misunderstood for decades because of its relation to marijuana, which distracts from its purpose as an incredible agricultural crop. While both hemp and marijuana are byproducts of the cannabis plant, the hemp is merely harvested from the stalk, which is full of fibrous and nutritious properties. Marijuana, on the other hand, comes from the buds and flowers, that create concentrated amounts of THC (which is only found in trace amounts in hemp). Simply put, the only thing these two substances have in common is their origin.

In actuality, hemp has been classified as an agricultural crop, allowing farmers to grow it anywhere without issue and both the agricultural and health benefits of the plant are tremendous.

The agricultural benefits of hemp

Before understanding the number of health benefits that hemp imparts, it’s also important to acknowledge why it’s such a great choice for farmers and the environment.

First, growing hemp doesn’t require constant attention during the farming process. This little plant is tough and needs very little water, making it an earth-friendly crop that’s easy for farmers to manage. Because of its resilience, there is no need for pesticides, which means that it’s truly organic. On average, it takes hemp 120 days to grow in almost any type of soil—providing the opportunity for more harvests and therefore more opportunity for farmers.

The health benefits of drinking hemp milk

Aside from being an excellent source of plant-based nutrition, hemp is filled with fiber, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as all 20 amino acids, all of which are important to overall health and well-being.

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: While fat is generally thought of as something that’s bad, it’s actually an essential part of the human body and, without it, we would cease to exist. Omega-3 fatty acids help to lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Too much can lead to issues such as a stroke or heart attack, so it’s important to have a regular healthy intake. Omega-6 fatty acids also contain GLA (or gamma linolenic acid), which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help battle both acute and chronic inflammation.

  • Amino acids: There are 20 different amino acids, 11 of which are produced by the body and nine of which have to be obtained through food. Because hemp has all 20, eating the seeds or drinking hemp milk provides a complete source of protein, especially important since it’s a non-meat version for vegans and vegetarians, too. Protein provides the essential building blocks for the human body, existing in everything from skin, hair, muscles, and ligaments. It’s responsible for the growth and repair of tissue, and without it, the body would fail to heal properly. Consuming protein also supplies a boost of energy, which is why it’s recommended to have it throughout the day.

  • Fiber: This plant-exclusive compound is especially well-known for its help with digestion. Because fiber passes through the body without being broken down, it cleans out the intestines and keeps bowel movements regular. Although fiber takes longer to digest, it’s a good thing since it allows the body to retain a satisfied feeling long after a meal or snack and cuts down on overeating. So whether Pacific Foods Unsweetened Original Hemp Beverage is consumed with breakfast in the morning, or enjoyed in the afternoon, it can always keep hunger at bay.

Pacific Foods Hemp Beverage is also packed with vitamins A, D2, B2, and B12, which are great for eye health, bone structure, and conversion of food to energy. Because of the small list of ingredients used and minimal processing, this drink is also certified organic, non-GMO-verified, kosher, and vegan.

Recipes to try with Pacific Foods Unsweetened Original Non-GMO Hemp Beverage

Because Pacific Foods beverage is made from hemp, it has a naturally nutty flavor. Try it in a few of these favorite Thrive Market recipes that normally call for dairy milk, and taste the wonderful difference:

Hidden Greens Blueberry Smoothie

Full of farm fresh ingredients and a number of essential nutrients, this refreshing smoothie calls for hemp seeds for a pop of protein. For an extra kick of nutrition, opt for Pacific Foods Unsweetened Hemp Beverage instead of coconut water, which will also make it extra rich and creamy. It will taste so delicious that kids won’t even suspect this drink has spinach in it!

Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is an incredibly easy breakfast option, and with no artificial flavors or additives, it’s also healthy. This batch is customizable and easy to take on-the-go, making it an energizing option in the morning or serving as a wonderful snack in the afternoon. When heating up, use a half cup of hemp milk per serving for an extra rich and slightly nuttier flavor.

Kale-Hemp Pesto

Try out this kale-hemp pesto that has mild flavor and tastes wonderful on just about anything. Serve with warm bread, homemade pasta, roasted vegetables, or even fresh salad. It’s richer and heartier than basil pesto, giving meals a little more oomph. Sub out the olive oil and add in the same amount of Pacific Foods Unsweetened Original Hemp Beverage for a creamier version that will work especially well with ravioli or linguini.

Reviews For Non-GMO Hemp Beverage - Unsweetened Original

Based on 20 Reviews

Perfect alternative to dairy!

My girl can't drink animal milk because of the proteins. This milk is pretty similar to the nutritional makeup of regular my pediatrician recommends this as well! It taste similar to a nut milk, like almond, so it's actually pretty good!

- kchNscarlet

Pacific hemp milk

The unsweetened is very good. I've been buying it for a while and will continue to do so. I would recommend it.

- Lin

Great product!

My daughter has a milk protein sensitivity and cannot drink cows milk. This milk is a delicious and healthy alternative! I also love that it is shelf stable so I can order in bulk! Hemp milk tastes like a nut milk, so if you like almond milk, give this a try! The nutritional content is the closest to regular milk when compared to other non-animal milk options!

- kch-n-scarlet

Overall Good!

Gave 4 stars because it has carrageenan which can cause inflammation in intestines.

- Cynthia L

You must try it!

My favorite milk! I always have a carton on hand. It has a mild, complementary flavor that has worked well in everything I've added it to (cereals, smoothies, baked goods, sauces, beverages, etc.). A must try for any milk drinkers!

- Abigail


I'm not a big fan of whole milk, nor am I a fan of the taste of whole fat coconut milk but I do like the creaminess of it. Hemp milk is GREAT to drink by itself but I mix it with coconut milk for shakes and it is the creamiest and tastiest of shakes or smoothies I've ever had. Love Hemp milk!

- Amy

Hemp milk

Carrageenan? Yikes. No can do. Bad bad bad for colon health. That is all

- Patty

Just alright

The main use I have for milk is to add to coffee. This milk did not mix with my coffee, it would separate which is not the most appetizing sight. Other than that, it had a creamy texture and tasted good.

- Issa

Yummy Health Beverage

I bought one box of Hemp Beverage to try. My family drank it up so fast. Next order I bought three boxes. This is good on cereal. A cup of Hemp drink with added cinnamon and little honey is yummy and healthy, too.

- Sandra

Tasty milk!

Hemp milk is mild and creamy and one of my favorite milks as it's flavor isn't too strong to overpower a dish.

- Abigail


This is the only hemp milk I've tried. So, I can't compare it to other brands. But it is delicious.

- Coral


I would highly recommend this product.

- Benjamin

Not For Me

I did not care for the flavor of this hemp milk. I tried using it on granola and was bummed. I also tried putting a bit in my tea and ended up dumping it. I might try using it up in pancakes or something else that will cover the flavor a bit. It isn't gross, I just like almond and coconut milk better.

- Lindsey


I had intended this as a coffee creamer when I ordered it....but it doesn't really 'lighten' my coffee the way I'd like, however, it is GREAT on cereal!! I especially love it in the Vigilant Eats cereals! I highly recommend this product! It's got the 'vaguest' of nut flavors, but only after you've swallowed it. Kinda's almost like you ask yourself 'did I just imagine that flavor?' It tastes rather like pecans to me, but like I said, it is almost a 'phantom' taste. TRY IT!

- Paula

Hemp milk for life!

I quit dairy this year for ethical concerns about how we get our milk, and how dairy cows are treated. I tried Soy milk, but then learned that it's not very healthy, especially for men. I tried rice milk, which tasted awful. Almond milk was ok.

Hemp milk, however, is perfect! It's got way more omega 3's than any of the other milk replacements I've tried, and seems to have more nutrients all around! It's heavier than rice milk, but not viscous like soy or almond milk. I put it in my coffee, make smoothies, I even drink it straight! I love that this one is completely organic and non-GMO!

- Willard Davidson

i love this stuff

this stuff is awesome and so good for you

- river

Great Alternative for Non-Dairy Milk

After consulting with my son's pediatrician, we decided to try this as an nut-free, dairy-free alternative. It tastes great, including the unsweetened, great chilled just to drink. Plus is all the omega's, great for liver and easy digestion.

- Brittney

favorite coffee creamer

With a little stir it's the perfect consistency for my morning coffee.

- Jessica

Didn't love the taste

Always looking for the better not-milk. This wasn't it for me.

- Anna Marie

Found It!

I visited my bestie in New York (where they apparently have all of the awesome health foods stores), and she had some of this. I instantly fell in love, but it turns out that my health food stores don't carry it over here in Montana. I'm so excited to find that Thrive carries it! I was thinking about ordering it online, but companies were wanting over $10 for this and shipping, so I'm glad I can just get all of my health food things in one place from Thrive. Thanks!

- Amee G.

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